The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

If you do ever 'catch' me red handed behind the scenes, I am always doing one of 3 things... Beating faces! It was I am there to do! Taking behind the scenes pics- photographer in the making and I love capturing the goofy moments you don't see! Singing along to Trey Songz/ Talking about Trey … Continue reading The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

#SelfieSaturday *Simple Saturday…

Hey Everyone! My skin has been having a good run since returning from Florida so I have been trying to not overdo it with make-up. This Saturday was also a chill out day at home with my munchkin. This face took a couple of mins to beat. I only used brow powder, shadow stick, black … Continue reading #SelfieSaturday *Simple Saturday…

The Beauty Holder on location… 7 Deadly Sins by Cat Nails!

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Friday ready for the weekend. I know that I am. It seems to have been a slow week but I am not complaining as time is going by faster than normal and I certainly want to enjoy it. The very talented CatNails, who I get to call … Continue reading The Beauty Holder on location… 7 Deadly Sins by Cat Nails!

December Baby!

My Birthday look this year was nothing compared to the glam looked I rocked last year! Maybe because it was low key although still fabulous. I went for a real subtle 'wearable anywhere' type look, which is pretty easy to replicate. You could probably say this is my go-to glam look. I used all the … Continue reading December Baby!

Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

Hey Everyone! I love reviewing products and being able to give you my honest opinion on what I think of a product. My Straight! No Chaser series is where I tend to do a full review. It is very in-depth and I wanted to explore doing something quick and easy for you. So, welcome to … Continue reading Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

#SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Hey Everyone! When I first got into make-up the one thing that I hated doing was winged liner! I hated it with a passion. When I did them on others they looked ok but on my hooded lids they looked a mess. I would dread if a shoot called for it but I was determined … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Face of the Night (Throwback Edition)!

Throwback to December... Hey Everyone! I have been slipping on posting details of some of the looks I put out there. Back in December 2013, I posted this look from my Bestie, Solvita's birthday night out. It was a very simple look but one that lasted all night and then some. Products used are below. … Continue reading Face of the Night (Throwback Edition)!

Coming Soon…

Hey everyone! Want to know what you can expect from me in the coming months? Read below to find out more! Below is some of the exciting things that are coming soon! Friends and Family Appreciation Make-overs and Consultations! Top 5 Favourites Videos (Foundation, Blush, Lipstick and more) The Beauty Holder on Location Update on … Continue reading Coming Soon…

#SaturdaySelfie * Lakers in Heat Country!

I can't take the word hashtag for granted anymore thanks to Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Wanna know why? Check this out! Yes, it is true #selfie has now been added to the dictionary and I love a selfie like nothing else so a new addition to the blog will be my Saturday Selfies! … Continue reading #SaturdaySelfie * Lakers in Heat Country!

Haul in the USA!

Hey Beautiful People! I have been in Florida for the past week visiting family and never miss an opportunity to restock or purchase items for my kit. Let me not pretend it is all for my kit as we all know my lipstick obsession can get a little out of hand. I will apologise now. … Continue reading Haul in the USA!