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The Beauty Holder caught ‘red handed’ on location!

If you do ever ‘catch’ me red handed behind the scenes, I am always doing one of 3 things…

  • Beating faces! It was I am there to do!
  • Taking behind the scenes pics- photographer in the making and I love capturing the goofy moments you don’t see!
  • Singing along to Trey Songz/ Talking about Trey Songz/ Daydreaming about Trey Songz… (all comes under one Trey umbrella)!

My homie Cashtastic called me to work on the first video ‘Red Handed’ from his new mix tape ‘ALARM CLOCK’. This tune is a banger- so remember I told you. Video shoots are always loads of fun and working with Cash is always a pleasure. He is an amazingly talented UK artist who is humble, generous and sweet. He goes hard and has a serious work ethic for such a young man. You can order his new mix tape is available for pre-order on iTunes (doesn’t let me add link- sorry) and it is available 9th February 2014.

Male grooming for Cash is easy as he has great skin. Having worked with him a couple of times before I know what he likes and can get to work quick and easy. He always comes up with great concepts for his visuals and lets me pretty much be as creative as I wanna be. The very beautiful Lauren and Amina were the female leads. Lauren was adored with a blue smokey eye with black diamond face detail and Amina the green glitter eye with red and green face detail. They were such dolls and a real joy to work with. Look out for more of these beauties!

Make-up Products:


Here are a couple of BTS shots for you and a link to the video. I advise now for my younger readers there are explicit lyrics! 

Beautiful Lauren Stunning Lauren

Lauren and Cash Stunning Amina

Amina Cash and Genius Director Quason Matthews

Amina and I blowing kisses Lauren and Amina on set

Shout out to the whole crew on set for Red handed. Directed by Quason Matthews and the Cool World Order Team. Shout out to CO5 Management Team who always show me love!

I missed my Saturday Selfie look this week due to school assignments. So look out for a look tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think!


TBH! xoxo


#SelfieSaturday *Simple Saturday…

Hey Everyone!

My skin has been having a good run since returning from Florida so I have been trying to not overdo it with make-up. This Saturday was also a chill out day at home with my munchkin. This face took a couple of mins to beat. I only used brow powder, shadow stick, black eyeshadow, concealer, mascara, blush, lipliner and gloss.

This kind of look is easy enough to rock on the daily with minimal fuss. You can also switch your lip and darken the eyes for a date or catch-up with friends. Simples…



Products used:

Kryolan Special Teint Palette/ NARS Exhibit A blush/ Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara/ NYX Natural lipliner / No name lip gloss/ Anastasia Beverley Hills Duo Brow Powder/ MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

I have a review coming up on this hair that I am wearing through my transition stage from relaxed hair to natural. Stay tuned for that!

Have a restful weekend y’all!


TBH! xoxo


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The Beauty Holder on location… 7 Deadly Sins by Cat Nails!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday ready for the weekend. I know that I am. It seems to have been a slow week but I am not complaining as time is going by faster than normal and I certainly want to enjoy it.

The very talented CatNails, who I get to call one of my close friends, recently had a photo shoot for her new website. Stylist, Fashionista and another great friend, Talitha Cohen came up with the concept as well as clothing, accessories etc. As easy as the ‘7 Deadly Sins’ sound, it has been done before and we needed to make it stand out. With hair by the Fabulous  Tulay from Barnett’s Hair Salon and her team and Photography by Dee Favourite, we all worked together to create something visually spectacular.

CatNails is known for her nail art (as well as everything else NAILS). She is creative and has a real passion for her craft. Look out for her interview with me in a couple weeks. She had very clear visions on what she wanted for this shoot but also allowed all of the team to put forward ideas and suggestions which she happily took forward.

We were all excited and pumped for the City shoot and had some gorgeous models to work with. Everyone was upbeat and focused and the day went without a hitch.

Below are some behind the scenes shots from the day. Can you instantly recognise the sins from the pics? I will give you a hint… gluttony and wrath are missing! 🙂

Me, applying gems to the lips! Rhinestone cowgirl Blowing gemmed kisses

Glitter party! All I see is $ signs

Pink lady Green eyed beauty Blue Bomshell

Pretty Peacock Pretty Peacock

Cat working her magic Cat working her magic!

Green with... Nails and Nails


Make-up Products used:



Special Thanks to CatNails again for letting me be a part of this creative team. The wonderful Talitha, Tulay and Darwin. You all were amazing. Mus from Ceris and the team from Barnett’s Hair Salon. Abuk J. Ara and Harry from Jump Off Studios and finally our amazing models who did what they do so well including my girl, Ny- prettiest Peacock in all the land!

Twitter Contacts: @catnails  07506833952| @talithacohen | @deefavourite |@cerishairuk (Mus and Tulay)

Hope you enjoyed! More on location coming soon!


TBH! xoxo



December Baby!

My Birthday look this year was nothing compared to the glam looked I rocked last year! Maybe because it was low key although still fabulous. I went for a real subtle ‘wearable anywhere’ type look, which is pretty easy to replicate.

You could probably say this is my go-to glam look. I used all the same items that I did for my Face of the Night look for my Bestie Solvita’s birthday (look, Solly- you’re still famous) except for the lipstick. Lipliner is Vino and lipstick is Viva Glam Nicki 2 both by MAC cosmeticsNo blush in this look!

Birthday Girl Birthday Girl 2Birthday PoutBirthday Side Pose    MAC-Viva-Glam-Nicki-2-Lipstick

A lot of people find this lipstick hard to wear as it is so bright. If you line it with a dark liner it makes it look a lot less intimidating! I purposely didn’t blend the liner and lipstick for ombre as I wanted an old school 90’s look.

Yes! My birthday was cause for a mini photoshoot…but to me everyday is my birthday!

Sending you love, hugs and besos!

TBH! xoxo




Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

Hey Everyone!

I love reviewing products and being able to give you my honest opinion on what I think of a product. My Straight! No Chaser series is where I tend to do a full review. It is very in-depth and I wanted to explore doing something quick and easy for you.

So, welcome to my Loves and Loathes! The super short but always honest review of products I have tried and tested and ultimately ones that I either Love or Loathe!

First up is the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer!

LA Girl Pro Conceal

Cheat Sheet! This is an amazingly affordable concealer that rivals some of the best high end products on the market. It provides fantastic coverage for even my dark circles (without corrector) and lasts for hours. It comes in a wide range of shades from fair skin to dark skin. It is has a gorgeous consistency and sets beautifully! I have experienced very little creasing sometimes none at all. The closest thing for me to compare would be the Kat Von D concealer and I have that on order.

Verdict! Love! It is like your favourite concealer but better and that is the truth. It outperforms my MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and costs so much less (approx $5). If you live outside the US there are loads of on lines stores where you can get it. I picked mine up from BeautyJoint.

It is great on it’s own without foundation if you like but make sure to set it with powder.

Fawn covering my tattoo Fawn set with Ben Nye Powder Fawn set with Ben Nye Powder 2

Have you tried it? Do you Love it or Loathe it? Let me know…



TBH! xoxo



#SaturdaySelfie * White Lines

Hey Everyone!

When I first got into make-up the one thing that I hated doing was winged liner! I hated it with a passion. When I did them on others they looked ok but on my hooded lids they looked a mess. I would dread if a shoot called for it but I was determined to not let it beat me. I would practise as much as possible until I had it down. There are still times when it tries to get the best of me but we have a little understanding, winged liner and I! 🙂

I decided to do this one with white liner as it is more visible and offers something a little different. It also makes me think about the struggle I had with it in the past. I am no where near perfect but I know I got this. Served up with a red lip or black lip just because!

Products Black and White

Red lips


You know I love some Inglot products because they are affordable, long lasting and great quality. This eyeliner gel is number 76 and not the same consistency as the black one so you need to go over it a couple of times as it is thinner but it dries quick. The lip pencil is also Inglot number 35 and I have a lipstick to this before everyone started to go crazy over the MAC one.



TBH! xoxo

Tomorrow and Monday:

My Birthday Look!

Love or Loathe!


Face of the Night (Throwback Edition)!

Throwback to December…

Hey Everyone!

I have been slipping on posting details of some of the looks I put out there. Back in December 2013, I posted this look from my Bestie, Solvita’s birthday night out. It was a very simple look but one that lasted all night and then some. Products used are below.

The wife, Solvita and I!  At the beginning of the night At the end of the night, after dinner and everything!



I am still transitioning from relaxed hair to natural so opted for a ponytail. My bangs were achieved with a flat iron and no chemicals.

I have used and listed these before in other posts. The foundations were mixed together but the Armani one is the truth!