Face of the Night (Throwback Edition)!

Throwback to December…

Hey Everyone!

I have been slipping on posting details of some of the looks I put out there. Back in December 2013, I posted this look from my Bestie, Solvita’s birthday night out. It was a very simple look but one that lasted all night and then some. Products used are below.

The wife, Solvita and I!  At the beginning of the night At the end of the night, after dinner and everything!



I am still transitioning from relaxed hair to natural so opted for a ponytail. My bangs were achieved with a flat iron and no chemicals.

I have used and listed these before in other posts. The foundations were mixed together but the Armani one is the truth!





2 responses to “Face of the Night (Throwback Edition)!”

    1. Thank you, I am a sucker for a bright lip! The brighter, the better! xoxo

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