Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!

Hey Everyone!

I love reviewing products and being able to give you my honest opinion on what I think of a product. My Straight! No Chaser series is where I tend to do a full review. It is very in-depth and I wanted to explore doing something quick and easy for you.

So, welcome to my Loves and Loathes! The super short but always honest review of products I have tried and tested and ultimately ones that I either Love or Loathe!

First up is the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer!

LA Girl Pro Conceal

Cheat Sheet! This is an amazingly affordable concealer that rivals some of the best high end products on the market. It provides fantastic coverage for even my dark circles (without corrector) and lasts for hours. It comes in a wide range of shades from fair skin to dark skin. It is has a gorgeous consistency and sets beautifully! I have experienced very little creasing sometimes none at all. The closest thing for me to compare would be the Kat Von D concealer and I have that on order.

Verdict! Love! It is like your favourite concealer but better and that is the truth. It outperforms my MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and costs so much less (approx $5). If you live outside the US there are loads of on lines stores where you can get it. I picked mine up from BeautyJoint.

It is great on it’s own without foundation if you like but make sure to set it with powder.

Fawn covering my tattoo Fawn set with Ben Nye Powder Fawn set with Ben Nye Powder 2

Have you tried it? Do you Love it or Loathe it? Let me know…



TBH! xoxo



4 responses to “Loves and Loathes! LA Girl Pro Conceal!”

  1. I have not tried their concealer but I just recently bought their eyeliner marker and I LOVE it. It was so affordable and it works better than any other marker I have used. I will keep my eyes out for these 🙂

    1. Yes girl! LA Girl are not playing. These concealers are everything and more. The eyeliners are amaze balls too! xoxo

  2. Liliana preciosa Avatar
    Liliana preciosa

    Hey beauty holder … I would love to try this product . Any idea where I can get hold of this in the uk ?

    1. Hey Lils! You can get it online only. Amazon and eBay have some also! I will bring you some of my shades to try if you want before you buy them! How does that sound?! xoxo

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