Summertime Fine…

Sun is shining but then so is your face! No bueno! Ice cream is trickling down your cone and your foundation is sliding down your face! Not a good look! How do you make your make-up stay put even in this heat? Read on for my tips to stay summertime fine!

  • Use a primer or make-up base. This helps make-up stay in place- even in this heat! Some will give the skin a ‘matt’ type finish which is especially great for those with oily skin.
  • Do you really need full coverage make-up? Give your skin a little more room to breathe and maybe try a tinted moisturiser or BB or even CC cream. They are lighter than traditional foundations and the coverage is more sheer. You can even mix your current foundation with moisturiser rather than going out to purchase new products. BB creams and CC creams offer additional benefits to the skin such as fighting blemishes, hydration, covering imperfections and illumination- just to name a few.
  • If you do not have to wear make-up- Don’t. Give your face a little break. Focus on a main area like eyes. I always try and make sure I do brows and lips if nothing else.
  • Blot out oil with blotting tissues/ papers. These little gems are a great way to take the oil and shine away without having to resort to the old school method of using powder. Powder can do the trick if it is a light layer and you are not constantly piling it on. This can make you appear cakey and make the make-up stick in fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Tissues have a habit of sticking to the face and removing make-up at times. You do not want patchy skin.
  • Use a setting spray. They really do work. They will help the make-up last longer. Model in a bottle, Mac’s Fix + are a couple I would recommend.
  • Don’t forgo your usual skin care regime because it is too hot. You skin needs just as much care and attention now as ever. Remember to moisturise and also use SPF if it is not included in your moisturiser. Give yourself at least 20 mins before going out in the sun once you do this.
  • Consider that your tone may be darker in the summer months and you may have to alter your foundation. Make sure that you get a match that matches the rest of your body. It may be a good time to create a ‘go-to look’ that you rock during the summer months.
  • A bronzer is a good substitute for full foundation- dependant on skin type.
  • Try lip butters, tinted vaseline or lip sheen. They add a quick pop of colour and are not as thick or sticky.
  • Oily eye lids or runny eyes/ nose because of allergies? A good waterproof mascara will withstand a Bride on her wedding day so you know it is heavy duty. When applying face make-up go lighter around your nose area and a primer (e.g.Urban Decay Primer Potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance ) for the eyes will keep shadows in place for longer.
  • Stay cool. Stay hydrated!
  • Don’t keep messing with your face. We sometimes think we are shining or our make-up look is sweating off when we are simply illuminating radiant beauty. You are naturally beautiful remember!

Summertime simpleSummertime fine

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments or need any help get in touch.

Enjoy the sun! Actually enjoy the weather- whatever it is!


TBH! xoxo


5 responses to “Summertime Fine…”

  1. Thank you, these are some great tips.

    1. You are very welcome my love. Glad you enjoyed them! xoxo

  2. Great tips love! I try and keep face makeup minimal in this heat. BTW what do you use for your eyebrows? *sigh* I don’t want to pluck my eyebrows or wax them or thread them…I just want to keep my eyebrows but make them a little more noticeable. How do I do that?

    1. Thanks sweetie! Eyebrows, eyebrows! For the full dramatic brow I do pencil and powder. Medium brown. Lighter than my hair. I would say to try powder on its own first with yours. Brush it lightly through the sparse areas in short strokes to mimic the hair already there. Make sure you follow the same direction! I have an old blog on what I do but need to update it! I may do a video and see if that helps! Try the powder and let me know how it works! xoxo

    2. I forgot to say if you do ever decide to wax or thread then only take off stray hair. A reputable beautician will make sure you keep the shape. They should take off more than they have too! Thicker brows frame the face and make you appear younger! xoxo

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