Foundation Revelation!


Choosing the right foundation still seems to be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to make-up! Truth be told, it doesn’t have to be. I mentioned in a previous blog that there have been great advances in the world of foundation and a match that is right for you is out there! It may not be as simple as one bottle in the perfect shade and may require you to dig a little deeper and get creative! What does that mean? Well, it could be anything from mixing a couple of shades together, adding a block or neutral colour to your foundation (such as white, brown, black, red or yellow) to get something uniquely you!

If I didn’t scare you with the last sentence then you’re ready for the foundation revelation! I have set myself a challenge over the next couple of weeks. I am going to work with some beautiful foundation challenged people. They are people who have not got it quite right with regards to foundation. Fear not- I was one of those people once upon a time! Will I be chasing people down in the middle of the street trying to convince them to let me help them find their best foundation match? Possibly! Those who know me, know this means a very strong YES! Ideally, I will be working with friends, strangers and anyone who wants some help foundation matching.

The real purpose behind this is to encourage people to not be afraid of make-up- especially foundation. Foundation does not equal dollar signs either. Not all foundations are expensive or break the bank. Just need to find something that fits your budget, skin type and skintone at the same time.

Here is the UK especially, there are still major disadvantages to finding the right foundation for women of colour. Most of the major brands (including drugstore brands) still do not stock shades that compliment darker skin. This should not discourage you. I am known to remind companies (via email, letter, face to face etc) that there is a huge beautiful clientele they are missing out on by not creating make-up that compliments our many shades. We will get there…someday! Until then, the option of mixing shades and buying from overseas and much more is still out there.

If I can take the shame and find any pictures of myself wearing the wrong foundation, I will post them. As a start, I have attached one. You may not see it straight away but if you look closely, you will. The shame, as this was one of my favourite facebook profile pics. If any of my friends or you want to send me pics to add to the posts, please let me know. We are going to be liberated through the ‘Foundation Revelation’! *waves foundation bottle in the air*

Want help foundation matching? Just want some beauty tips or help? Then contact me and let’s talk make-up, beauty and more!

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