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Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Pria!

Hey Loves!

Welcome to another Friday edition of Beauty Is… Apologies for my absence last week and most of this week. I was pretty under the weather and am finally getting that sparkle back. When you’re not well it gives you a little more thinking time and that is sometimes a good thing! More about that in another post!

Excited for this post as it features the very beautiful Pria! She is a very good friend of mine and radiates such true beauty from the inside out. So what is beauty to Pria? Read on to find out!


1: Do you wear makeup?! If so, when did you start?
— when I was 15 I started to wear foundation and eyeliner. Foundation mainly to cover up teenage spots.

2: How would you describe your makeup style?
— all about the eyes. Contoured eyeshadow, false long lashes and black eyeliner

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)
— mascara

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?
— mainly at night. Mini 5min facial pot by Eve Lom, also by them spot cream if needed on spot. Then very hydrating anti wrinkle face cream. Estée Lauder advanced repair serum. I also think I should use a good eye gel now too.
Morning, anti wrinkle moisturiser in morning under makeup

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon
— Priyanka Chopra

6: Makeup nightmare
— doing on others and it goes wrong

7: Any tips or secrets?
— you don’t need a brow palette, a good Matt eyeshadow is just as good

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?!
–beauty to me is from within that then comes out in a great smile! Everyone should smile, laugh and stay happy, make the best of any situation

Thank you Pria! I love how you share your ideal of beauty and that it is not what society says it should be! You are truly beautiful and I thank you for sharing it with us! And yes…get an eye cream! I’m sure we have had that discussion before lol!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Don’t forget that you can take part. Just get in touch if you’re interested. I will be publishing them on the last Friday of every month from now on!

Have an awesome weekend loves!

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Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Felicity!

Hey Beautiful People!

Friday greetings to one and all! I am so excited to be back with another instalment of Beauty Is… my new feature that highlights what beauty means to YOU! We all view beauty differently and have routines and secrets that have been passed down through the generations. This is your opportunity to share a little of your beauty wisdom with the world.

This week I am pleased to introduce the very beautiful (definitely inside and out) Felicity to you. She took some time out with me to talk beauty…

Hey Felicity! 👋


1: Do you wear makeup?! If so, when did you start?

Yes! Pretty much every day since I was about 15.

2: How would you describe your makeup style?

Natural-looking, simple, fresh!

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)

Oohhhh I can’t choose… mascara or something for my lips – gloss or just blistex.

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?

I have to use a foaming cleanser because anything gel/cream-based clogs up my pores and I break-out. I use St Ives Apricot Scrub and have been addicted to it daily for 10 years!!
I use a light moisturiser, then for every day I wear foundation, concealer, blusher, mascara and lip gloss. I also use an eyebrow pencil and curl my eyelashes.
For weekends and evenings I wear a shimmery eye colour and use a highlighter, benetint and the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.
At night I use micellar cleansing water to remove my make-up, and a toner.
My skin is definitely clearer since I started cleansing properly last year rather than just using make-up wipes.
I occasionally use a clay mask which is great for my oily skin.

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon

Julia Roberts, Blake Lively and Beyoncé.

6: Makeup nightmare

White lipstick!!!! I bought it from The Body Shop when I was about 14. Absolutely awful.

7: Any tips or secrets?

Remove your make-up properly!!
To look fresh when you’re really tired, line your lower lash line with white/nude eyeliner to open up your eyes.

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?!

Beauty means knowing who you are and learning to accept yourself inside and out. It also means being a selfless, compassionate, genuine person who lives life thinking of others beside themselves.

I love your makeup nightmare. I am sure I own some white lipstick somewhere. Oh the shame! Your inner beauty is inspiring as well as your outer gorgeousness. Thank you so much for taking part Felicity! You doll!

So there you have it! Another instalment of Beauty Is… | If you missed the very first one with Rosie Rockets, click here.

Why not share what it is to you. We would love to hear from you. Email me for more information

See you on my next post which features a little of my current fashion obsession as well as glitter!

Have a wonderful weekend Loves!

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Straight…No Chaser! Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette Review! 📝

Hey Loves!

Hope you’re all doing awesome! A big hello to any new readers/ followers to my blog! Thanks for popping by! It’s great to have you here and I hope you decide to stay a while!

I have some great reviews coming up for you in the next couple of weeks/ months. If you are new, you can find two different reviews on my blog. Straight…No Chaser! is a more in-depth review of a product. Everything from price, packaging to the product itself. Loves and Loathes are the basic, need to know info of a product I either, love or loathe. Just before Christmas I was in Boots (UK Drugstore) and noticed this Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette. I thought to myself I had to give it a try! Was it the right decision? Read below to find out!

Sleek Highlighting Palette Front Sleek Highlighting Palette (back)

Before I begin, I know I say this in every review and in all types of ways but all opinions are my own. I have not been paid or endorsed to write about this product. If a product is sent to me for review, I will always let you know and it will still ALWAYS be MY HONEST OPINION! So without the drumroll, Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals.

What I like about Sleek!

Quite simply, they make quality, affordable makeup. They have a great range of products from fair skin to brown. Gorgeously pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks that I obsessed over with every shade. They cover everything from brows to foundation with even more in between. They were one of the first drugstore ranges that I knew about that catered to black women. Some products of theirs I have been hit and miss with such as the foundations but all in all as a brand…I like them! Did I like this product? Read on to find out!

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 5/5

There is no way I could give this any other score. The price point is amazing. You get 4 highlighting powders for different areas of your face for £10.00. For just one highlighting powder you can pay that price or more so the fact you get a palette and a mini brush means this is an option if you don’t have bank to buy some of the more popular celebrity endorsed ones.

Packaging: 4/5

Palette comes in a box with a pic of the product on front with Sleek’s logo etc. On the back it has directions for use as well as the ingredients. The palette itself comes in a toughened plastic grey mirrored type case (gotta love my descriptions lool). Inside has the 4 (four) shades as well as a mirror and brush. Names of the shades on a plastic sheet inside. It does feel a little cheap and I personally wish the logo wasn’t so large on the front but hey ho… it’s no big deal. Small and compact for your purse or makeup bag. Beats having to carry a couple different products around all for the sole purpose of highlighting.

Sleek palette Back Sleek palettewith name insertwithout insert

Product:  3.25/5

There are 3 creamy shades and one powder. I warn you now, it has shimmer and shine and a lot of it. I love the powder but the creamier shades are a tad bright for my skin if not fully blended in. Platinum (the iridescent white shade) is for the brow bone and to be honest, I would use one of the other shades such as Renaissance Gold there. With such a creamy formula it feels like I could be shining brighter than a diamond and not necessarily in a good way. Royal Gold on my nose just looked like a stripe of glitter down my nose and I was not feeling that. I would happily use them a eye shadow bases. Important to note when taking pictures that flashback is present. It doesn’t have a lot of staying power and can smudge easily as so creamy. On a whole I don’t mind this product. For my fairer clients and even medium to olive tone it is certainly workable. For myself and my tone I would have to use it in conjunction with other products so the score reflects that. At the moment this is the only shade the highlighting palette comes in and I am hoping that they will be bringing out more. I am not writing it off and am gonna play with it a little more and see how it goes.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567

I know that highlighting is very popular. What should be noted though is that it goes hand in hand with contouring. One does not have the same effect without the other. I applaud Sleek for putting together a multipurpose product. It is something that is affordable and to be honest will be suitable for many. Pigments are strong and if you want your highlight to be seen then I am sure this is something that may be up your street. It says that it compliments all skin tones. I can’t say that I agree with that especially if I use it exactly the way they said to. But one of the joys of being a Make-up Artist is being creative and I will certainly use this palette…just not exclusively for highlighting.

Have you got this palette? What do you think? Have you been looking for a highlighting palette or product? Do you highlight? Let me know! For more about Sleek, just type the name into your search engine.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Don’t forget you can let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or anything you wanna know in general that is beauty, skin or hair related, men that includes you!

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Don’t forget a new instalment of Beauty Is comes out on Friday! As well as a little fashion on the weekend!

Lots of sparkly kisses until next time!

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Purple Wings! Makeup of the Night! 💜

Hey Everyone,

A super quick look at last night’s makeup! I wanted to try out my new Sleek Highlighting Palette and decided to rock some of their other products too! The full look is not all Sleek. I will have a review coming up tomorrow on the highlighting  palette so don’t forget to check back for that!

I am a huge fan of using coloured shadows for a smokey look. Not everyday, neutral. Below is this look with a hot pink look and with nude lips! Still growing out my brows too! One of my eyes is more hooded than the other and I tend to stay away from doing winged liner looks. Even with a thin line it sometimes takes away from the look. This is still something simple and hopefully encourages you to be a bit daring with colour!

Purple Wings

💜Product Info💜

Black Opal True Color Foundation in Nutmeg/ Sleek Candy Collection Eye Shadow Palette both purple shades (Parma Violet and Flump) Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals/ Sleek Lipsticks in Liqueur and Barely There / Inglot Eyeliner Gel in 77 / Ben Nye Luxury powders in Banana and Topaz/ Inglot Freedom Palette -Darker shade HD Sculpting Powder 512 and Blush 124/ Ardell Lashes 106 (not pictured below) Duo Eyelash Adhesive (not pictured below)/ MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Painterly (not pictured below- used as shadow base)/ MAC Spiked Eyebrow Pencil (not pictured below)/ Rimmel 20 lipstick- hot pink shade (not pictured below)/ no name beauty supply clear gloss not pictured

I love creating custom lip shades and used the two below to get a cute peachy pink look. When you can’t quite get a shade you know you’ll love then try it! Works wonders!


Flash used to capture above picture so colours may appear darker\ lighter.

Are you a fan of Sleek shadows or any of the products above. What about rocking a coloured look? If you recreate this please tag me! I would love to see your looks!

Coming up next on the blog the Sleek Highlighting Palette review and an Outfit of the Night look!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Beauty Is… ❤ featuring Rosie Rockets!

Hey Beautiful People!

Happy Friday (or whatever day you end up reading this post). I have been thinking about how I can connect with you more. I know you have heard me say a thousand times how much I love interacting with you and talking to you. I enjoy being able to share what I know about beauty whilst appreciating it means different things to everyone. It was whilst asking myself what Beauty is to me that I decided that I wanted to know more about what it is to YOU!

I’ve compiled a list of 8 beauty related questions and every Friday I will feature a different reader telling us what Beauty Is… to them! I’m so excited about this new series and hope you will enjoy it and take part. Find out how later!

Say hello to the beautiful Rosie Rockets! Our first Beauty Is… feature!


1: Do you wear makeup?! If so, when did you start?

Yes!! I started dabbling when I was a late teen, not really knowing what I was doing. This continued on into my 20s when I really got interested in make-up. I started wearing it full time/every day when I was about 25.

2: How would you describe your makeup style?

Simple, there’s nothing too complicated about my every day look.

3: What product can you not live without? (Skincare or makeup)

It’s a three way tie between liquid liner, mascara and lipstick

4: Breakdown your beauty regime?

In the morning I wash my face with either Cetaphil or QV (both are gentle for the skin).

I then moisturise and depending on how my skin is I’ll use a primer.

Next is foundation and concealer on all my red bits/under eye bags, followed by some blush. Finish off with lashings of liquid liner and mascara and lipstick.

In the evening I wash my face with a gentle face wash that targets dry and combo skin. I think tone with witch hazel and liberally apply rose hip oil. Once a week I will deep cleanse with my faux Clarisonic and when I remember I use a hydrating face mask.

5: Who is your Beauty Inspiration or icon 

I have several and it changes all the time, but the founding members are Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Drew Barrymore.

6: Makeup nightmare 

There are too, too many to mention. The first one that springs to mind is wearing dark eye shadow all the way up into my brow line and not blending – I looked hideous!

7: Any tips or secrets?

Always take your make-up off before bed, and don’t just use a make-up wipe, they just smoosh the make-up around your face without taking it off properly.

8: In a sentence or two, explain what beauty truly means to you?! 

Beauty to me means being confident in your skin and loving what’s inside as well as what’s on the outside. Also being a beautiful and caring person, if you’re a mean spirited being then there is no beauty in you!

Thank you so much Rosie for taking part! You’re truly BEAUTIFUL from the inside, out!

Want to find out more about Rosie?! Well check out her awesomely awesome blog

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you would love to share what beauty is to you then please email me your answers to the above questions to | please also send a picture or two! Looking forward to featuring you on The Beauty Holder soon!

Have a great weekend!


TBH! xoxo


Loves and Loathes! The Original BeautyBlender!

Hey Everyone!

You ready for another instalment of my super short (yet always honest) reviews? Loves and Loathes were extremely popular last year, Thank you! I am so glad that you enjoyed them and hope they continue to be useful. So what are we talking about this week? In short a pink (although they come in different colours now, but they started out as pink) egg shaped latex beauty sponge that claims to modernise the way you makeup! Read on to find out if I LOVE or LOATHE

The Original Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender

Cheat Sheet! The beauty sponge of most Make-up Artists. The apparent Holy Grail of beauty sponges that seem to have left the old white wedge sponge looking for a way to get a little love and attention. If the opening credit of the brand’s website is to be believed, this product will have you looking like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist. Not saying I am major (yet 😄) but that’s a major claim! Yes, it was created by a Make-up Artist. This sponge- yes, let’s call it what it is, is all about giving a seamless application. A no edge sponge created specifically to give you every advantage at creating a streak free makeup look. It has become so popular that it now comes in different sizes and colours as mentioned above. You know what they say about imitation and flattery so know there are dupes and copies of this products practically everywhere you look.

Verdict! LOVE… But not in love!

Collective gasps heard around the world! It is an amazing product, I will not deny that but I don’t always reach for it on myself or in my kit. I love that the shape makes it easy to reach hard to reach areas such as under the eyes. I love that when used damp (best way to use it) and bounced into the skin it can give you a softer finish. I very much appreciate that it is latex free and if you want you can send if off Stateside to be recycled. In the UK it costs around £14/15 approx. You can clean it with warm soapy water but after a while some of those stains set in if not washed soon after use, especially with liquid foundation. You can, however, purchase the same brand cleanser. It can be a little tricky to work with powders but again when damp and once you get the hang of it, it’s great. It is soft, durable, comes with a little leaflet on how to use and you gotta admit the colour is appealing. Unless you hate pink. There is black, purple, green and so on.

It hasn’t fully convinced me to stop using brushes or my hands. In fact I still make sure those old triangular sponges get some love too but all in all, I reach for my beauty blender on a regular basis! It is a good  investment and seems to last longer than most of the competitors.
The Original Beauty Blender on the side     unpackaged and with instructions

Beauty Holder Beauty Tips!

  • Always use it damp. Wring out most of the water in the sponge before using.
  • Apply a little product to the sponge at a time.
  • Bounce and roll or stipple with the blender- just be gentle! It’s your friend!
  • Wash thoroughly after use to avoid staining, germs, infection and all that great stuff!

Do you have the beauty blender? If so, what do you think? Would you buy it or a dupe? Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed this mini review. If there is something you would like me to review then get in touch!

New blog feature out this Friday called ‘Beauty Is… check back then to find out more!

Besos 💋

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My Blog in Review! 2014 on rewind!

Hey Everyone!

Happy First Blog of 2015 and more importantly if I haven’t said it to you already, Happy and healthy 2015. Wishing lots of fun, laughter, love and multiple blessings! As I type this I feel as if I am back at the beginning of 2014 doing the same thing. To think that another year of blogging has flown by seems crazy. I was not as active in 2014 as I was in the years prior but I had a great time expressing myself through this forum. I’ve done a little brainstorming and a lot of soul searching and really want to push myself more. The only thing holding me back is me…so no more excuses! Warm up is over! It’s GAME time y’all!


You guys are a driving force for this blog. I love being able to interact and talk to you. You have given me a renewed spirit and confidence and helped me come out of a comfort zone. Thank you for reading and sharing. For taking time to comment, to request looks and reviews. For laughing at my not always funny jokes. There is so much to be grateful to you all for and I am. I do not do this for the applause or the ‘likes’. I learnt to not take someone hitting the like button personally. Just the fact that it is viewed as many times as it is means enough. So a huge THANK YOU with lots of pink kisses. It will only get better from here.

What blogging trouble (good, of course) did I cause in 2014? Here is a snippet!

  • 45 blog posts (there were 81in 2013).
  • Viewed more than 24,000 times (not bad considering I blogged a lot less than the previous year)
  • April showers could have been the reason for my busiest day. One Make-up Look, 3 Rocking Hairstyles– rocked!
  • We worldwide- 159 countries viewed my blog last year.
  • Most referrals from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and my lovely blogger friends and   (thanks ladies). 
  • Make-up looks and product reviews were the most popular!

Outside of my blog, I continued to cause trouble. Some of that included

  • It was a busy year for weddings and events with more than 7 weddings and double that in major events.
  • Published in a couple of Urban magazines and websites.
  • 5 page spread published in Black Hair and Beauty Magazine!
  • Worked with US Recording Artist Jeremih and his dancers at the MOBOs which was televised.
  • Expanded into children’s Face painting and worked a great event with my Twin and fellow MUA Donna Oliveiro.
  • More music videos and advertising campaigns.
  • Countless photoshoots and beating faces!
  • Increased my client consultations and so much more.

So what can you expect in the coming year…

Group workshops and more 1:1 beauty sessions

More videos on my YouTube Channel

3 new blog posts per week




Hair and Makeup


Reader features and LOTS more.

I seriously am just getting started so I hope you will continue on this crazy journey with me! It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Celfie game can only get stronger in 2015! Below is like 25% of the looks of 2014 so you can only imagine! *covers eyes but peeks through*

selfie game selfie game 2

Besos loves!

TBH! xoxo