Straight… no chaser! Real Techniques Brush Review!

The following is an honest ( and always humble) review. I have not been paid or endorsed to make this and all opinions made are that of my own! Disclaimer over and out!


I love make-up and tools that are versatile. Value for money is important to everyone and believe me, make-up and all that comes with it can get pricey. If I can find a brush that blends eyeshadow perfectly and does the same for concealer, then I’m interested! If the price is affordable, then we can start talking! Finally, if the product hits mostly all of my ‘necessary/ important’ boxes then it’s extremely likely that my wallet is about to come out. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman ticked all my boxes and is now a huge part of my make-up brush collection.

Tools of any trade are very important. They can be the difference between a good job and an excellent job. A flawless make-up application and don’t leave your house with that make-up on application. I have tried so many brushes. From those that cost £1.00 (some of the elf ones are great) to those that cost £37.00 and more. Yes, there are make-up brushes that cost that much and that is not even the highest. While pricing and affordability are key, it should be noted that expensive doesn’t mean ‘exceptional quality’.

Real Techniques, Real Genius!

Samantha Chapman is the genius behind Real Techniques. A professional make-up artist for more than 15 years, Sam helped design a make-up brush line that was affordable, cruelty- free (brushes are synthetic), ergonomic, and easy to use. To learn more about Sam, click here.

Real easy to use!

The brushes in the collection are colour-coded for easy use. Copper- Flawless base, Purple- Enhanced Eyes and Pink- Perfect Finish. The brushes have a name so you know what they are for but to be honest, they are versatile and you can use them for more than just what they say on the tin!

I love, love, love the buffing brush for applying liquid/ cream foundation on my clients. It effortlessly buffs foundation into the skin creating a true flawless finish. As I have a small lid space and the deluxe crease brush is a little to big for my socket, I use this brush to blend concealer. The angled brow brush now acts as my crease brush. That is what you call getting the most out of your tools. The brushes do the work for me!

Really affordable!

You can buy the brushes in a set or individually. The Core collection ( detailer brush, pointed foundation, buffing brush, contour brush, case and stand) retail in the UK (from Boots) at £21.99. In the US from the Real Techniques online store they are $18.00.

There is also the Starter Set ( base shadow brush, deluxe crease, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush, brow brush, case and stand) for the same prices as above. The brush sets are fantastic as there are not many other places where you can get 4-5 quality brushes at an affordable price.

Individual brushes in the range such as the Stippling brush ( perfect finish) and Foundation Brush ( flawless base) range in price from £9.99 to £11.99 (UK) and $8.00 to $10.00 (US).

Boots are always doing special offers on make-up and tools and you will often find the brushes available in their 3 for 2 offers. A real bargain when it happens as you can get 3 packs of the box sets for the price of 2!

To go to the Boots website, click here.

So do they REALLY work?

Yes! They work and then some. I have been using them for more than 6 months now. Both my clients and I love the way they feel and how soft they are. They are quick and easy to clean and the quality has remained the same wash after wash. I have yet to have one of them shed their bristles and I wash them regularly. They get used a lot!

These ones are my favourite (Top to Bottom: Buffing Brush, Foundation Brush and Blush Brush):


Almost all of the brushes are free standing. Even for those that are not, you have the carry case and stand- which you don’t pay extra for.

Beauty Holder Review Roundup!

Price: 5/5

Whether you get them in the UK or abroad the price is super cheap for brushes of this quality. It really does pay to get the brush sets/ collections in the first instance as this is an easy way to get the flexibility of having more than one brush that does more than one thing!

Packaging: 5/5

The brushes come in a clear box with information about the brush, Real Techniques and Samantha Chapman. The actually style of the brushes is cute and different from others on the market. The colour-coding is a cool touch that makes them easily stand out from the rest.

Product: 5/5

I honestly would not be without these brushes and they are a staple in my kit. They rival some of my loyal long-serving brushes from MAC and other companies. They are soft but durable, free from cruelty, give an even application and finish, flexible, easy to clean and a great price.

With any product if there is something you don’t like then it is so important to say. Some people say that they ‘wish’ there was something bad they could say about something they really like. I’m not like that. I honestly don’t have anything negative to say. I also don’t wish I had something bad to report as I really like these brushes. I like them A LOT!

If you haven’t tried them yet and can pick one or more up, it is a great investment. I am sure you will find them as useful and wonderful as I have. The Real Techniques site has loads of videos of how to use the brushes and expert advice from Sam herself.

Hope you enjoyed this review! I have loads more coming up. If you missed the last one on lipsticks, glosses and the like, you can see it here!

See you soon!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


6 responses to “Straight… no chaser! Real Techniques Brush Review!”

  1. I think I am going to have to get a few of these. They look and sound fabulously versatile!! Thanks for the tip Beauty Holder!!!

    1. They really are great brushes! Boots normally have special offers! You know you need to spend your millions of points! 🙂 xo

  2. where did you buy the box/holder from ?

    1. I got it at an in store appearance when Pixiwoo were launching the brushes.

    2. if you found out let me know! ive been lookin online for about an hour!!

      1. The box brush holder was a gift when they launched the brushes.

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