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Can you tell the difference? Price this look!

So the question is simple!

Using the poll below, tell me where you think I sourced products for this look! Did I spend an arm and leg at the department store or go cheap and cheerful at the pharmacy?

Price this look!

I am wearing- eyeshadow, brow products, concealer, foundation, blush, mascara, false lashes, lipstick and lipgloss!


Details of all the products used in this look will be out on Friday!

Good Luck!


TBH! xoxo


Favourite Brow Products- Pencil Edition!

As a follow up to my updated brow routine post earlier this week, I wanted to do a separate one about the products that I use and love. I am starting with pencils.

I explained that I used a mixture of powders and pencils for my brows currently. I previously used a brown gel liner which I will also show (this is pretty popular method with YouTube beauty gurus).

There are loads of pencils on the market specifically for eyebrows. To be honest you can use an eyeliner pencil if you want. I don’t like ones that are too dry as they do not grab the brow hairs. Colours are also important if you want it to look as natural as possible. When my hair was red, it was a struggle to find the right shade to compliment my brows. On occasion I was mixing a red lip pencil into my brow powder to make it a little more authentic.

There are old fashioned styles that you sharpen (yup! like a standard writing pencil), the twist up, retractable ones and more.

♥ Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow (medium brown shade)

Define a Brow- Mabelline

This is a dual function product with a small brow comb on one end and a twist top pencil at the other. Make sure to only twist up what you need as it does not retract.  Comes in 4 shades from light blonde to dark blonde. It is not waterproof so if you sweat a fair bit or have oily skin and are prone to wiping the forehead, make sure to seal it place. It says it is smear proof, but I find it does move. This is the case with most of the products. I have dry skin and it is pretty long lasting. I purchased this product in Florida when I was last in town. I have yet to see it in the UK but you never know.

√ Shades to match almost all hair colours- apart from redheads.

√ All in one tool.

√Comb is great if you have thick brow hairs. Just glides through the shorter fine hair.

√ Drug store price (approx $6)

♥ Eyelure Shape and Shade Brow Pencil and Tamer 

Eyelure Shape and Shade

This comes in 3 shades and I have all of them. I use them on my clients and myself. Dependant on my hair colour, I use shades 2 and 1 (Medium Brunette to Dark Blonde/ Dark to Medium Brunette). Shade 3 is Medium to Light Blonde. Another all in one product with a spoolie at the end this time and the pencil at the other. I don’t seal this product when I use it and think it is more long lasting that the above. It is my go to brow pencil time and time again. All that is missing is one for redheads. Starting to see a common theme here.

√ Long lasting and resistant

√ 3 suitable shade choices

√ All in one tool

√ Waxy enough to make it stay in place without to much shine

√ Colour does not get lost in hairs

√ Drug store price point approx £5.99 (UK)

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

NYX Eyebrow Pencil

An amazing 8 shades including auburn. I was excited about this shade but it wasn’t an auburn red but more than a really light brown. In any case, they are pretty good products. I am all about value for money so another product with more than one purpose. It has a brush at the end. The pencil is retractable in both directions. My only gripe is that that are a little dry and you have to be a little more heavy handed to make the product work and show up. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: Rub the pencil on the back of your hand to warm up and then use an angled brush to apply. You can also soften it with a touch of olive oil.

√ 8 amazing shades

√ Durable

√ Cheaper than drug store £4 beware p&p though

√ Firm brush to tame those hairs

I would probably use this more if when retracted it stayed in place. The point also breaks easily. I find it easier to use this product with a brush.

♥ MAC Eyebrow Pencils (Spiked and Strut)

MAC Eyebrow Pencil

Moving out of the drug store range to department store. This is a very popular product. Mechanical pencil. 6 shades including Strut- which is super amazing for redheads. Probably the most long wearing without adding anything else to aide it.

√ Self sharpening

√ Great definition

√ Fabulous colour

√ £13 (UK) but a little goes a long way

This does not come with a brush or tool to help finish off your look.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz (Brunette)

Anastasia Brow Wiz

I purchased the Anastasia No Brows, No Problem Kit at Sephora in New York. It comes with a Brow Enhancing Serum, Brow Wiz Pencil and Clear Brow Gel to seal it all in place. Retailed for $59 and as far as I know was an exclusive. If the price does not put you off, it is a pretty special product. If you have no brows, this product will make you look like you have the most amazing ones. It shapes, defines, colours and makes them come alive. I will be doing a more in-depth review on this with a tutorial soon.

√  3 shades

√ Bolder, more noticeable brows

√ Serum to help grow brows

√ Clear gel to set product and help stay in place

√ Super resistant

Although it may seem crazy to spend this money on your brows, I see it as an investment. I will explain more in the review.

As always, these are products that work for me and on my lovely clients. I have even been known to use a cheap, no name pencil from my local beauty supply store for a quick fix. Try products out to find the best one for you. If you would like a more detailed review on any of the above, please let me know. Let me know what your current brow regime entails.

Coming up: Favourite Brow Products- Powder Edition! 

Just think, I haven’t really started on waxes, brow gels  and all the other products for brows out there.

Hope you enjoy!

TBH! xoxo

p.s. If you want swatches of shades let me know.


The brows have it! How I do my brows (updated)!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your day no matter what the weather!

I have recently changed the way I do my brows! Nothing too spectacular but I wanted to share it with you. The very beautiful Etta from Etta’s Threads (please check out her amazeballs blog) this is for you! xoxo

One of the first posts I did was about my brows. As I wear glasses daily, if I do not do my brows, then I tend to look a little flat. I normally do not leave the house without brows and lips. Brows and lips! My brow technique varies from time to time but I generally stick with either a ‘natural‘ brow or ‘defined ‘ brow.

My brows are threaded by my beautician every 5-6 weeks. She only removes new hair and leaves regrowth. My brows are very sparse and before getting into make-up, I would only have them threaded and that is it. I can see the difference a little powder or pencil makes to my brow and now cannot imagine going back to my old ways. My brow hair is really fine and light. Read on for more about the way I ‘create’ my brows. My fave brow products in the next post.

Natural Brow: 

  1. Starting with a freshly threaded brow (or allowing for slight regrowth), I brush the hair using a spoolie, brush or mascara wand. I brush them up and across in the direction of growth.
  2. I then take either a pencil or powder (not both) and lightly fill in the sparse areas. Making short strokes to mimic hair. Again only on the area where needed. With powder I find a flat end brush or angled brush works well.
  3. Powder is a couple shades lighter than my hair colour or a medium brown.
  4. The end! 🙂

That is it. No pomp and circumstance just simple brows as seen below. If I find that I have a lot of regrowth that my highlight shade (normally a matt or shimmer neutral colour under the highest point of the brow) cannot hide then I use a little concealer. This, however, is reserved for my defined brow. My natural brow look works just as well as the defined one with little to no make-up on me. Everyone is different and you have to work to find a brow look that works well for you.

Natural Brow being filled in with pencil Step 1.

Natural Brow look filled in with pencil Step 3.

Natural Brow DM - rare pic

Defined Brow:

The difference with this brow is that I use both pencil and powder and also concealer. This brow is what I tend to rock with a full face of make-up and lashes.

  1. Start as above with step 1.
  2. Take your brow pencil and draw a line at the bottom of your brows from top to tail. If you do not have an end to your brows- create one. You will also be defining your arch at this stage so it could be a stretched out C shape or elongated V shape. Entirely up to you.
  3. Now draw a line at the top of the brows- connecting the tail.
  4. Take the pencil and in the same style as in step 4 above fill in the brows. As I am going for more definition, I then use a powder on top of the pencil so they are completely filled in. Beauty Holder Beauty Tip: If you want the gradient effect on your brows where they go from light to dark then consider using a lighter colour powder at the front of the brows.
  5. Take your brush or spoolie to brush off any excess products.
  6. Using a clean angled or flat brush and your concealer, make your brows sharp and stand out. Tidy up just underneath the bottom brow line.
  7. Blend out the concealer with your finger or brush.
  8. Continue with your eye make-up as normal.

Brow with no products Step 1.

Pencil line at the bottom of the brow Step 2.

Top connecting tail  Step 3.

Pencil, Powder, Concealer Steps 4, 5, 6 & 7.

With my defined brow…

Defined Brow DM  Defined Brows DM IMG_3829

As I said above, you will find the best way to do your brows. Sometimes I work my brows around my hair. Sometimes around my make-up. If you have naturally full brows then you do not have to do too much. With anything, trial and error will lead you to where you need to be. Don’t forget the next post will be my brow products and tools.

Sorry some of the pics are not as clear as I would like them to be. I love taking selfies but this was a struggle! 🙂

Have a wonderful evening!


TBH! xoxo

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11 Questions Tag!

Yay! I have been tagged! Almost like ‘Tag, you’re it’! The only difference is that I have to answer a couple of questions and then pass the tag along. Thank you to fellow beauty blogger, the lovely Luchessa, of Beauty Expressions by Luchessa for tagging me. I loved the questions she chose and hope when I tag some of my other bloggers they will enjoy it as much as I have!

Here goes!

11 questions tag

The above image is courtesy of Luchessa’s tag.

These are the breaks- well the rules!

Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger asked you, then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people [ or how many you feel like ] and link them to your post
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

1. When you turn off all technology, what do you enjoy doing the most when you’re alone? It would have to be writing. I love to see my thoughts, ideas, emotions etc take on a life of their own on paper. When they are out of my head, they take on a life of their own and start me on a different journey than the one just in my head. 

2. If you had the chance to contribute to a charity of your choice, who would you help? The National Autistic Society. Although I donate it is never enough. My 10 year old Son is Autistic and he has changed my world for the better. I wish that there was more education and awareness about Autistic Spectrum Disorder and how life is for those who are affected by it, including families, friends, teachers, support workers and more. 

3. What’s in your purse (travel bag, beach bag) that you’re embarrassed about? Absolutely nothing! 

4. A show you’ve always wanted to watch, but you never did? Lala’s Full Court Life! I love her style!

(Photo credit: google images)

5. What is the best advice that you have been given? To not chase love. If the person truly loves and wants you, they will know how to find you. 
6. A beauty product, that you’re dreaming of, but still haven’t gotten yet? Candy Yum Yum lipstick by MAC | It seems to be permanently sold out!

(Photo credit: haute -google images)

7. Which blogger or youtube vlogger had the biggest impact on you so far and why? Beautiful Kayekie (blogger). When I first started blogging, she was my first follower. She gave me lots of encouragement and support as a newbie simply by reading and commenting on my posts. Her blogs are always inspiring, fresh and engaging. She is an absolute doll. 

8. What is the worst thing to say on a first date? (personal experience?!) “My ex used to do that! Needless to say comparisions to the ex didn’t lead to a second date! Oops! 

9. A beauty fail: What’s the high-end product that you’re disappointed about? It is more disappointment at many of the high-end brands still not catering to women of colour with foundations. They either have a one colour fits all or no colour at all. It frustrates me to know that there is a large market being overlooked. 

10. What is your personal “fashion no – go”? (a style that came back & you still don’t understand why) Culottes or pants that stop just under the knee. Choose a length- any length, just not that length! I cannot shake my head any more. 

11. What would you say to a newbie in the blogosphere? Any tips? Be yourself! Don’t feel that you have to compete with the number of posts people put out or their content. Blog about what you are passionate about and don’t be discouraged about numbers of followers of likes. Be proud of what you do and that will shine through! Good luck, we can’t wait to hear from you!

There you have it! My 11 questions and responses.

Here are my totally random questions with the bloggers I have tagged immediately below.

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. Can you describe your blog in 3 words?
  3. What is your go to make-up look? Please post a picture!
  4. If you were a superhero, what would your name and special power be?
  5. What are you most passionate about?
  6. Did you follow your childhood dream? If not, what led you to where you are today? (please share your childhood dream)
  7. Where do you look for inspiration?
  8. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
  9. What is your favourite book?
  10. Is there a song that you would not admit to owning?
  11. Does your name have a meaning?

I Tag the following:

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If I haven’t tagged you please forgive me. Go ahead and do it anyway. I have now tagged you in spirit and would love to see what you come up with!


TBH! xoxo

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Bridesmaid Beauty…

I am truly honoured when I work with a Bride or members of her party. To be asked to do someone’s make-up for one of the most important days in their lives is a feeling I cherish and am so very grateful for. You don’t ever forget a Bride from the trial to the actual day being part of a memory that lives on forever leaves me humbled every time.

This season has been particular busy with weddings not just in the summer months but all year round. Here are the details of the Bridesmaid look I did for the gorgeous Fusnara. She requested a very simple, natural look and one that would compliment her beautiful turquoise dress. It was also important for the make-up to be long-lasting especially because of the current heatwave we are having in the UK!

Beautiful Bridesmaid Fusnara-


INGLOT Freedom Palette- Brows (Dark Brown shade)

MAC Conceal and Correct Palette- Medium Deep (brow tidy)

Benefit Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

MAC Wedge, Mylar and Ricepaper eyeshadows

INGLOT Gel eyeliner in 77

Ardell Lashes 101


INGLOT Under Makeup base (primer)

MAC Conceal and Correct Palette- Medium Deep for under eye area

Ben Nye Banana Powder to set Under eye

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Dark and Dark

BH Cosmetics Blush Palette- Rose pink shade

NARS Albatross as highlighter

INGLOT Mattifying Pressed Powder

MAC Fix Plus Setting Spray


MAC Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil

Custom lip colour using Orange/ coral lipsticks from my collection


TRESemme Volume Curls 32mm tongs

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum (original)

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray (Normal Strength)

Hair pins

*Hair was washed and blow dried prior to using tongs to curl. Hair was then pin curled whilst make-up was applied. After pins removed and finger combed to form loose beachy waves.*

Bridesmaid Beauty

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It’s getting Hot in Here… Male Summer Skin Tips!

Hey guys! Hey to all my ladies who are checking this out too!

It has been a while since I blogged specifically for you and I am back. Thanks for sticking with me! My last post was for all the lovely ladies out there and how to stay fine in the summertime. Now it is your turn for some tips that will keep your skin looking good in the heat.

Most guys (women too) continue with the same regime regardless of the season. It seems pointless to change your skin care when the weather changes, right? Wrong! Here’s the thing, you do not have to change all of it but you should consider including the following:

  • Be Sun Smart: Use sun screen to protect yourself from UV rays. Unless it says so (and even then check the ingredients and see what the Sun Protection Factor  is)  your regular moisturiser alone will not do enough. You need additional protection throughout the day. This is especially important if you are working out in the sun. Reapply as often as you need to and wash off and continue with regular skin care regime at night.
  • Your skin needs moisture: You should already be using a moisturiser in the morning and night. So this is not new. You may want to go for a lighter one in the summer months that can offer the same benefits as a heavier one. So a ‘gel’ rather than a heavier ‘cream’. Maybe even a lotion or oil. Take heed, however, putting your every day lotion on without sunscreen is like stepping straight into an oven. Although a golden glow is popular- being burnt to a crisp is still not in fashion.
  • So Fresh and So Clean (clean): We all wanna stay cool. Have a refreshing shower at the end of the day to wash away all of dirt, oil etc.Exfoliate, at least twice a week to get banish that dead skin and unclog those pores. Your skin will appear fresher and more revitalised.
  • I just wanna make you Sweat: Pumping iron or sweating because it is hot? Try and wash the sweat off as soon as possible. If not, all over, at least on your face.
  • Make-Up Males: If you are wearing make-up don’t forget your primers and setting sprays. Where possible consider a switch to a lighter foundation or concealer, maybe even a tinted moisturiser. Check out my last post for more on that.
  • H to the 20: I can only imagine how much a nice cold, beer quenches the thirst on a sunny day. Water does it better. You know if flushes out the junk and hydrates from the inside out. Are you drinking enough?

See! Not that much to change/ do! As always I am not telling you to run out and spend loads of money. It is not necessary. Just don’t neglect your skin because the sun is up!

Male Skin care with Shane Holmes  ABSolutely Fantastic! Shane Holmes, PT

Thank you to my very handsome model, Shane Holmes (Twitter: @holmzymaestro / Business: 07429 461 159 )  who has taken my advice and has been following a skin care regime/ plan. Shane is an amazing Personal Trainer in the London area- check out those abs!  Contact him for a consultation.

Men? What do you do to look after your skin in the heat? Let me know your tips and tricks.



TBH! xoxo

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Summertime Fine…

Sun is shining but then so is your face! No bueno! Ice cream is trickling down your cone and your foundation is sliding down your face! Not a good look! How do you make your make-up stay put even in this heat? Read on for my tips to stay summertime fine!

  • Use a primer or make-up base. This helps make-up stay in place- even in this heat! Some will give the skin a ‘matt’ type finish which is especially great for those with oily skin.
  • Do you really need full coverage make-up? Give your skin a little more room to breathe and maybe try a tinted moisturiser or BB or even CC cream. They are lighter than traditional foundations and the coverage is more sheer. You can even mix your current foundation with moisturiser rather than going out to purchase new products. BB creams and CC creams offer additional benefits to the skin such as fighting blemishes, hydration, covering imperfections and illumination- just to name a few.
  • If you do not have to wear make-up- Don’t. Give your face a little break. Focus on a main area like eyes. I always try and make sure I do brows and lips if nothing else.
  • Blot out oil with blotting tissues/ papers. These little gems are a great way to take the oil and shine away without having to resort to the old school method of using powder. Powder can do the trick if it is a light layer and you are not constantly piling it on. This can make you appear cakey and make the make-up stick in fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Tissues have a habit of sticking to the face and removing make-up at times. You do not want patchy skin.
  • Use a setting spray. They really do work. They will help the make-up last longer. Model in a bottle, Mac’s Fix + are a couple I would recommend.
  • Don’t forgo your usual skin care regime because it is too hot. You skin needs just as much care and attention now as ever. Remember to moisturise and also use SPF if it is not included in your moisturiser. Give yourself at least 20 mins before going out in the sun once you do this.
  • Consider that your tone may be darker in the summer months and you may have to alter your foundation. Make sure that you get a match that matches the rest of your body. It may be a good time to create a ‘go-to look’ that you rock during the summer months.
  • A bronzer is a good substitute for full foundation- dependant on skin type.
  • Try lip butters, tinted vaseline or lip sheen. They add a quick pop of colour and are not as thick or sticky.
  • Oily eye lids or runny eyes/ nose because of allergies? A good waterproof mascara will withstand a Bride on her wedding day so you know it is heavy duty. When applying face make-up go lighter around your nose area and a primer (e.g.Urban Decay Primer Potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance ) for the eyes will keep shadows in place for longer.
  • Stay cool. Stay hydrated!
  • Don’t keep messing with your face. We sometimes think we are shining or our make-up look is sweating off when we are simply illuminating radiant beauty. You are naturally beautiful remember!

Summertime simpleSummertime fine

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments or need any help get in touch.

Enjoy the sun! Actually enjoy the weather- whatever it is!


TBH! xoxo