Protective Hair Style #1: Braid it up!

Back in the day you were either a Brandy fan or you liked Monica. If you had braids it was obvious you ‘wanted to be down’ with Brandy. Those chicks with the short cuts were having ‘one of dem days’ with Monica. I can’t front, I was Team Brandy for a minute and then cut my hair short. Ladies which one were you?

I am back to rocking my braids at the moment as I transition into natural hair. Protective styles are exactly that. Styles that you wear to protect your natural hair from breaking and other forms of damage, such as through heat or wrong products etc. It is still important to care for your own hair regardless of you wearing extensions, weaves or other styles without additional hair. So don’t forget to oil your hair, grease your scalp and wash/ condition accordingly. They should last about 6 weeks or so if you look after them and protect at night. Braids can cause pressure and tension on the scalp, hair and head so be sure to let your stylist know if it is uncomfortable.

The particular style of braids I am wearing at the moment are ‘Ghana Braids’. This is where a hair is continuously added to a single cornrow. Some know this braid as invisible braids, pencil braids etc. They start thin and get thicker as you continue to braid. My style was done by Korell Williams of ZIG ZAG Salon in Baker Street, London. You can contact him on twitter (@cut2williams) and by phone at the salon 020 74862029.

I will try and dig out some of my old braid styles for you. Yes- I was a hair chameleon from as long as I can remember. Share some of your hair styles with me especially the protective ones. I would love to see them!

Braided BeautyBraids, Braids and more Braids!Korell and IKorell and DMBraids all done!



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