Paging The Beauty Holder!

I have only gone and launched a Facebook page -Eek!

I wanted to share my behind the scenes make-up and hair experiences in a slightly different way. The personal touch? Well all pics are taken by me on my iphone 4s. Up close and personal! One or two of me may have snuck in the batch so be warned! Is it really glamourous? What is in that huge make-up suitcase? What are models and Brides really like? Come and find out.

Blog posts, tips, videos and much MUCH more. I would love it if you took a look. Would love it more if you LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the page also. Interact with me too. It makes me happy to hear from you. Stop by soon…I’m expecting you!

My page


TBH! (now on Facebook- eek!) xoxo

p.s. It is gonna be weird posting this on my new Facebook page!


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