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All eyes on the Groom…

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Grooms! Listen up! That old ‘soap and water’ routine won’t cut it for your big day. Your Bride to be is already working on her skin care, now it’s your turn.

If you don’t already have a skin care regime, then read on below. If you do, then here are some additional tips that may be of some use.

There doesn’t really have to be a huge difference in the regime that you and your fiancé follow. The likely difference is going to be with the products that you use. For a more in-depth regime, check out my bride-to-be. They just need to be tailored to you!

Exfoliate, scrub, or polish! Whatever you choose to call it, you need to revive dead skin and nothing does this better that exfoliation. At least 2-3 times a week. Skin on the face is delicate, so a gentle exfoliant is best. There are some great ones on the market that do different things. Exfoliating is also a good way to help protect against razor bumps. I tell you more about that here.

Dry? Oily? Sensitive? Huh? You may already know what you skin type is but if not, then now is a great time to find out. You may be putting any and everything on your skin and it may be doing more harm than good. Check out my blog on skin types, here. Once you have an idea, start using products designed for your skin type. You don’t have to dump what your currently using but read up on it first. Then only buy what you really need.

Wash your face at night before you sleep! Most men go to bed without cleansing the skin, let alone anything else. Imagine all the clogged up dirt and grime (just on the surface) that has accumulated since you washed your face this morning. Don’t believe me? Borrow a wipe from the other half, baby wipe will do, (ok! flannel) and wipe your face. The gunk that comes off, works it’s way into the skin as you sleep.

Grease that skin! Moisturise and lotion your face in the morning and at night. Help put some moisture back into the skin. Your skin will repay you by looking fresher, younger and brighter. Actually, don’t just do your face, the hands, feet and whole body will love you for it.

Flawless Face! There are many men who choose to wear foundation on their Wedding day. Whether for coverage due to scars, skin conditions or wanting a flawless face in pictures. Make-up is not just for the women and it is time we all accept this. We don’t have the right to judge. If you are planning on make-up think about a trial and know what products do- especially if you will be applying the make-up yourself.

That wasn’t too hard now was it? Of course there are additional things we can all do for our skin such as cutting back or giving up alcohol and smoking. Drinking more water and exercising will also benefit our skin and not just for upcoming nuptuals… but always.

Hope you enjoyed this post. You can always get at me if you have any questions, queries or just wanna talk make-up, skin, beauty and more.

Until next time…


TBH! xoxo

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Here comes the Bride…

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So, you’ve booked your Makeup Artist or are doing your own makeup on the day and want your skin to be picture perfect…

Want to know how to get your skin ready for one of the most amazing days of your life?

How to keep blemishes and stress from taking its toll on your skin?

What to do if you have a ‘beauty emergency’ on your big day?

Read on below for The Beauty Holder’s tips on wedding beauty and how to be photo ready with gorgeously glowing skin! Wedding

  • Know your skin type. This way you will get the right products for you. Not sure? Ask at your local beautician or department makeup counter.
  • It is never too early to start a skin care regime! Ideally 3-6 months before your wedding you should have a regular routine in line with your skin type or any skin conditions.
  • CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURISE! These 3 words are more important than ever before. This should be done twice daily or thoroughly once.
  • Serums are a worthwhile investment to the above 3 step programme. They revitalise and give new life to dull skin. Use a serum under your moisturiser! I have a review on an amazing one from Clarins this week.
  • Eye Creams/ Eye masks and eye care in general is important. Stress, lack of sleep and so much more show under the eyes. They will need a little more than the usual TLC. Pamper them some more. A great eye cream or homemade remedy, see one I use here, will work wonders.
  • Eight glasses of natural beauty please! A not so secret weapon that truly is a miracle worker. Drinking water- and lots of it- will help flush out those toxins and give your skin a healthy glow (from the inside out). It really does make a huge difference to the way your skin will look and feel.
  • Exfoliation is not a bad word! At least once a week, scrub away those dead cells on your face and body. Don’t use anything that will scratch the skin and damage that delicate canvas. You can try a homemade one, using your cleanser and some baking soda. Gentle enough to get the job done.
  • Tame those brows! Don’t go crazy and start plucking your brows a couple of days before the wedding. Decide on the shape you want and get a professional to thread them. You can then visit them to take away the strays at least a week before your big day- or sooner if your hair grows back quickly.
  • Vitamins are good for you! Think about a supplement to support your skin, hair, nails and overall well being. Weddings are on the list of most stressful periods in one’s life. Don’t let it take over and wear you down.
  • Head, Shoulders, Hands and Feet! Manicures and pedicures are generally on the list of things to do for the wedding. They need a little more tender care that just polish. Keep those hands and feet moisturised. They are doing a lot of work right now preparing for the big day and need some love too.
  • Facials. Money in the budget for a facial? If so, think about how often and what you want to achieve. Then visit a specialist beautician who fits the bill. No money left for luxuries? Then DIY! You can pamper yourself at home with over the counter potions and lotions or make ‘em yourself masks and treatments.
  • Quality Time...Make some time for beauty with your fiancé. He wants to look as handsome as he can for you on the big day. Think about starting (and continuing) a regime together. Don’t worry grooms, you have a dedicated post tomorrow!
  • Is that a pimple? Eeek! I see a spot! I never get spots! If it is a spot! Don’t panic or pick at it. This could just be that stress working its way out of your system. Leave it alone or treat with relevant medication.

Wedding beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. You don’t have to spend a fortune on looking right for one day if you prepare early and continue with things that work for you.

Makeup will enhance your natural beauty and so it is more important to spend that extra time in developing a skin care system that works best for you. Decide on the features you want to play up and invest in products that will assist with this. Most brides I have worked with or spoken to want flawless skin. The perfect foundation for your look is out there. Whether you want your skin to shine through or want full coverage is up to you.

It takes time to get it right and you should ask as many questions as you want so that you can be confident and comfortable with your look. Don’t be forced into someone else’s vision but share your ideas and be open to suggestions. When what at you’re doing currently works for you- there is no need to change it.

I absolutely love WEDDING SEASON, which is really all year round and not just for the Summer months anymore. I am excited for the weddings I have booked this year as Brides are truly some of my favourite clients!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I will be sharing some simple bridal make-up looks for my ‘Kate Middleton’ type bride (i.e. do your own make-up) in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow, Let’s hear it for the boys… Grooms, it’s all about you!

If you have any questions please get in touch. I love hearing from you!


TBH xoxo

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The Beauty Holder… on location! London Fashion Week!

I have been neglecting my on location series for a while so with a recent experience at London Fashion Week, it’s back!

Souzounushi was showcasing her new collection at the YES Fashion Show held at the Hilton Hotel in Holborn as part of LFW shows taking place all over the capital. I was the personal Make-up Artist to Ny, who was the special guest model closing the show. You will no doubt remember Singer/ Songwriter Ny Gray, from some of my earlier posts. I worked with the super talented Catherine Taylor (aka ‘Cat Nails’) who is a Celebrity Nail Technician and educator who has recently set up her own business ‘YOU LOVE NAILS‘. She regularly does nails for Ny, Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa to name a few and is passionate about all things nails. I have worked with Cat several times now and was an honourary part of her fabulous team for the day.

The brief for Ny’s makeup was simple. Smokey eyes, golden skin and red lips. Products used: MAC Carbon, Texture and Arena on the eyes, MAC Loose powder in NC45 on her face as well as Gold Deposit as a highlight on the cheeks, neck and decollatage. Also used, their Black Track fluidline, and Smoulder eye liner. INGLOT Brow powder and red lipstick from their freedom palette collection. The gold look was to compliment her dress and the blinged out gold nails by Cat. Sleek, high ponytail courtesy of Tulay and Mus from Ceris Hair UK. Cat and her genius ladies, Charli, Jazz, Jade and Tenika painted, polished and adorned the models nails for the show.

Back stage fashion shows are busy, loud, exciting and pressurised. There is skin on show, hair in hands and people running about in every direction. All in all it is extremely exhilarating and a rush like no other. The show was a huge success and we all had loads of fun. I even met some lovely ladies from Mary Kay (yep! I am always on the make-up look out).

Here are a few behind the scenes pics! Look out for the behind the scenes video which will be out soon. Shoutout to @deefavourite who was our resident photographer and videographer for the day. His pics will be much better than mine.

The beautiful Cat Nails and I...Cat and her team (Jazz, Cat, Charli and Tenika)


Dee favourite getting a quick mani before we head to the showNail geniuses Jazz and Charli


Beautiful Ny (photobombed by Tulay from Ceris Hair)

Hope you enjoyed this post. To find out more about any of the people above, check out below.

Cat Nails: Twitter @youlovenails / @catnails | Facebook: catnails | Website | coming soon |Instagram: youlovenailsofficial

Ny: Twitter @nyofficial/ YouTube: nyofficial| Facebook: nyofficial| Website | |Instagram: nyofficial

Ceris Hair: Twitter @cerishairuk | Website: |Instagram: cerishair


TBH! xoxo

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Liliana Preciosa, whose birthday dinner I missed due to being at Fashion Week and a later photoshoot. Happy Belated Birthday babe! xoxo

Don’t forget to follow my movements on Twitter and Instagram @thebeautyholder | You can also subscribe to this blog- details in the side bar of this post!


Love Faces: Valentines Request Look 3…

Happy Valentines Day! May your days and heart be filled with love, not just today but always!

So here it is, today’s look. Most of the requests I received were from followers and friends who stated they wanted to look ‘pretty’ and ‘gorgeous’. That is a simple enough request. You don’t have to look like a bombshell to be one. You just have to feel it. It is all about confidence and how you feel inside. I’ve worked with a nude lip for the other two posts so it was only right to have some bold lips. I tried the look with a bright pink lip.

Apologies in advance for the off lighting. I ain’t mad at my iphone4S though as it takes all my pics 🙂

Products used:

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in New Orleans, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in New Extra Deep, NARS blush in Taos, NARS Highlighter in Albatross, MAC Pro Conceal and Correct palette in Dark, MAC Up the Amp lipstick. On eyes- Urban Decay Naked Palette (Naked as brow highlight/ Toasted on the lid and just above/ Buck as transtion blending colour/ Creep in the crease and outer corner) Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero,  Lancome Hypnose mascara,  Eyelure Double lashes 205 and Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Coco Tan.

Valentines Day Love FaceClosed eyes Valentines day facewith glasses


This blog post is dedicated to Ernest Canion, who passed away 6 months yesterday. Today would have been his 60th birthday. He was like my second Father as he had a hand in raising me when I lived in Florida. Ernest treated me like one of his daughters and always supported and guided me. I miss him more than I could describe in a blog and dedicate this to his memory. Happy Birthday! I love you Daddy Ernest and we miss you everyday!


TBH! xoxo

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Love Faces: Valentines Request Look 2…

This look was pitched to me as the ‘Anti-Valentines’ look! It had to have black eyes, no lashes (someone please request lashes… I love lashes) and no bold lip colours. Love how y’all are real specific on your looks (yay)! The request was also to make this a very simple look for a beginner as smokey eyes are difficult to do. So I did not use loads of colours and basically used a black eyeliner as a base and a black shadow with a gold toned highlight and brown to blend.

For anyone having trouble with a smokey eye look, the key is to blend out any harsh lines. Take your time blending with a fluffy brush. You want to gradually diffuse the colour as you blend.

So following the request above, here is the look. Hope this is what you were looking for my ‘I’m single and loving it‘ follower who wants to remain anonymous.

Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: You can blend as high or low as you want with a smokey look. I blended quite high due to my hooded lids as I wanted to be sure you could see it.

Products used:

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Shade 355/ Mac Pro Conceal and Correct in Dark/ Sleek True Colour lipstick in Liqueur / Lancome Hypnose mascara/ Elf Single Eyeshadow in D21/ Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette – Black shade Smokin’ Hot/ Mac Texture Eyeshadow/ Eyeko Big Fat Eye Stick in Black/ NARS blush in Dolce Vita

Anti Valentines Look...With glassesClosed eyes...

Final Look tomorrow… what will it be?

Happy Valentines Day to all those who celebrate it and to the ladies singing ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce and ‘I need a Girl’ by Diddy or my fave the Trey Songz version! Have fun either way!





Love Faces: Valentines Request Look 1…

This is for Kelly and Jennifer who wanted a subtle green and gold look from the WetnWild ‘Comfort Zone’ palette from my last haul post. I paired the look with a nude lip and no lashes as the request was to keep it simple and not be too bright! Camera washes it out a little and I am still trying to find the best lighting set-up.

I have had some great requests for looks, so keep them coming. Need inspiration? Check out some of the ideas I came up with. Another look out tomorrow!

Products used: L’oreal True Match Foundation in N8 Capaccino, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer New Extra Deep, Revlon Mink lipstick with Nude Lustre lipgloss. Mac Spiked on eyebrows, Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Dark, Milani Blush in Fantastico Mauve, Lancome Hypnoise Mascara.

Love Faces- Subtle green and goldSubtle green and gold valentines lookGreen and gold...


Here’s an outtake… just for you! Enjoy!

no words!



TBH! xoxo


Love Faces… Valentines inspired looks chosen by you!

Yes, that is indeed a Trey Songz song (I promise not to mention him in every post)… this is not about Trey this time. It’s all about you!

I am getting loads of requests for valentines make-up looks. I don’t tend to do specific looks for holidays as most are versatile enough to rock whenever you want to. But what the people want, the people get (sometimes)!

So you get to tell me what look you wanna see next. I am going to use the products from my last haul post and some others in my collection. Looks may be on me or one of my friends or both! Volunteers please?

Do you want a bombshell smokey look? Natural girl next door look? Video Vixen look? Single Girl rock look? You decide!

You can comment on this post, tweet me (@thebeautyholder), email me ( or call/ text me!

Pink lips Green eye smokey lookSame look with red lips...

Can’t wait to hear from you!


TBH! xoxo