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So, you’ve booked your Makeup Artist or are doing your own makeup on the day and want your skin to be picture perfect…

Want to know how to get your skin ready for one of the most amazing days of your life?

How to keep blemishes and stress from taking its toll on your skin?

What to do if you have a ‘beauty emergency’ on your big day?

Read on below for The Beauty Holder’s tips on wedding beauty and how to be photo ready with gorgeously glowing skin! Wedding

  • Know your skin type. This way you will get the right products for you. Not sure? Ask at your local beautician or department makeup counter.
  • It is never too early to start a skin care regime! Ideally 3-6 months before your wedding you should have a regular routine in line with your skin type or any skin conditions.
  • CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURISE! These 3 words are more important than ever before. This should be done twice daily or thoroughly once.
  • Serums are a worthwhile investment to the above 3 step programme. They revitalise and give new life to dull skin. Use a serum under your moisturiser! I have a review on an amazing one from Clarins this week.
  • Eye Creams/ Eye masks and eye care in general is important. Stress, lack of sleep and so much more show under the eyes. They will need a little more than the usual TLC. Pamper them some more. A great eye cream or homemade remedy, see one I use here, will work wonders.
  • Eight glasses of natural beauty please! A not so secret weapon that truly is a miracle worker. Drinking water- and lots of it- will help flush out those toxins and give your skin a healthy glow (from the inside out). It really does make a huge difference to the way your skin will look and feel.
  • Exfoliation is not a bad word! At least once a week, scrub away those dead cells on your face and body. Don’t use anything that will scratch the skin and damage that delicate canvas. You can try a homemade one, using your cleanser and some baking soda. Gentle enough to get the job done.
  • Tame those brows! Don’t go crazy and start plucking your brows a couple of days before the wedding. Decide on the shape you want and get a professional to thread them. You can then visit them to take away the strays at least a week before your big day- or sooner if your hair grows back quickly.
  • Vitamins are good for you! Think about a supplement to support your skin, hair, nails and overall well being. Weddings are on the list of most stressful periods in one’s life. Don’t let it take over and wear you down.
  • Head, Shoulders, Hands and Feet! Manicures and pedicures are generally on the list of things to do for the wedding. They need a little more tender care that just polish. Keep those hands and feet moisturised. They are doing a lot of work right now preparing for the big day and need some love too.
  • Facials. Money in the budget for a facial? If so, think about how often and what you want to achieve. Then visit a specialist beautician who fits the bill. No money left for luxuries? Then DIY! You can pamper yourself at home with over the counter potions and lotions or make ‘em yourself masks and treatments.
  • Quality Time...Make some time for beauty with your fiancé. He wants to look as handsome as he can for you on the big day. Think about starting (and continuing) a regime together. Don’t worry grooms, you have a dedicated post tomorrow!
  • Is that a pimple? Eeek! I see a spot! I never get spots! If it is a spot! Don’t panic or pick at it. This could just be that stress working its way out of your system. Leave it alone or treat with relevant medication.

Wedding beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. You don’t have to spend a fortune on looking right for one day if you prepare early and continue with things that work for you.

Makeup will enhance your natural beauty and so it is more important to spend that extra time in developing a skin care system that works best for you. Decide on the features you want to play up and invest in products that will assist with this. Most brides I have worked with or spoken to want flawless skin. The perfect foundation for your look is out there. Whether you want your skin to shine through or want full coverage is up to you.

It takes time to get it right and you should ask as many questions as you want so that you can be confident and comfortable with your look. Don’t be forced into someone else’s vision but share your ideas and be open to suggestions. When what at you’re doing currently works for you- there is no need to change it.

I absolutely love WEDDING SEASON, which is really all year round and not just for the Summer months anymore. I am excited for the weddings I have booked this year as Brides are truly some of my favourite clients!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I will be sharing some simple bridal make-up looks for my ‘Kate Middleton’ type bride (i.e. do your own make-up) in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow, Let’s hear it for the boys… Grooms, it’s all about you!

If you have any questions please get in touch. I love hearing from you!


TBH xoxo

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