Don’t give up… 💫

Hey Loves, Thank you for being here every night checking out my small contribution to the blogging world. I wanted to close out the week with a quote that I often remind myself of when I doubt what I have left to give. I once had a friend who would always comment that no-one sees … Continue reading Don’t give up… 💫


Being Beauty Confident…

Beauty Confidence is a mindset that comes from within. It’s about changing our vocabulary and thoughts with regards to the way we describe and feel about ourselves. It takes time and real belief in self.  I hope, no matter how big or small, that you can take something away from what you read below and … Continue reading Being Beauty Confident…

My Make-up Story: Finding myself through Make-up!

I was recently asked how I got into beauty and make-up. Most people will say they have always had a passion for it. I can't say that is true of my journey as my passion came after...after make-up helped me rediscover ME! Apologies in advance as this is likely to be one of the deepest … Continue reading My Make-up Story: Finding myself through Make-up!