Favourite Brow Products… Powder edition!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for checking out my previous blog posts on brows. Last time I told you about my favourite brow pencils and now a quick post on the powders I use and love.

♥ Anastasia Beverley Hills  Brow Powder – Medium Brown

Anastasia Medium Brown

One thing that Anastasia knows is brows. Her powders are pigmented and when applied well give a natural finished look. She has a range of brow products but I do always seem to come back to her powders.

√  Great colour payoff

√  7 duo shades from Blonde to Auburn

√ 2 FOR 1. Powder comes with a light and darker shade for the perfect brow.


♥ WETNWILD On Cloud Nine Palette


I only use this palette for the matt brown shadow which is gorgeous for darker brows.

√ Drug store price point. I got this in NYC for abour $4

√ A little goes a long way.

√ Colour doesn’t fade nor does it look ashy.


♥ MAC Expresso eye shadow

MAC Expresso

Mac have a range of matt shadows that are perfect for your brows no matter what the colour.

√ More than one purpose. Use on your eyes and brows. Save on money.

√ Long lasting and durable. Staying power is great especially with a brow set or clear mascara.

√ Cost is £12.50 but is worth it

Here are some Beauty Holder Beauty Tips when working with powder.

  • Short like strokes. Mimic hair and always go in the direction of growth
  • Use powder that is at least 2 shades lighter than your hair colour. Yes! Even if your hair is red or black.
  • Any matt powder will do. So you don’t have to break the bank. 
  • You can be daring if you want to and use coloured eye shadows on the brows especially if you have bright pink or blue hair.
  • Use a light hand. Add more powder to the middle and the tip and be gentle at the front.
  • After applying gently brush off loose powder that may be sticking to the hair making it darker than it is or appear to ashy.

Oh! The gel liner I used to use was a brown liner called Dip down by MAC.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Coming up tomorrow…

Pounds vs. Pennies

Reviews and more reviews!


TBH! xoxo






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