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Hey Everyone,

Really short post with a sneak peek at a project I am working on entitled Amnesia! Director/ Cinematography / Editor: Ash Riley. Styled by Naomi May with assistance from Arayner Aisha. Photographer Helen Boast and Hair by Charlie Mac.

Make-up by me!

Coming soon!



#SaturdaySelfie * Pink, Purple and Red Valentine!

Hey Everyone,

****This was scheduled to be published last night but for some reason it didn’t happen! Sorry about that!***

This edition of the #saturdayselfie is the look that I rocked for Valentine’s Day. I have included it with a selection of different lips just because! You saw a snippet in my natural hair blog out yesterday with nude lips (a rare sight from me) so I hope you enjoy!

Pink  Purple... red lips... Nude...

I worked with a no name palette of shadows from a Beauty Supply Store and just used a dusty rose pink, matte brown and lilac in the inner corner that’s it. On my face is Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 35 and foundation 355! MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Dark Deep with NYX Dessert Rose blush!

Lipsticks below! Click on the pictures for the names.

Milani- Teddy Bare and Violet Volt Mac Plum lip pencil and Chatterbox lipstick

Maybelline Pleasure me RED

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines or just another Friday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Review of Mary Kay products coming out later this week!


TBH! xoxo


Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair!

Hey Everyone!

So I have been natural now for a little over a month and I am starting to get into a groove. I knew that returning to my natural hair would be a change for me and I won’t lie, I didn’t think I could do it. Now that I have I seriously wish I had done it sooner.

I hated washing my hair before as it was a process that was so long winded and boring. Now I look forward to wash day. I love the way my hair feels and have to force myself to keep my hands out of my hair. When I think back to my hair when it was relaxed I realised that I loved it only when it was freshly done as when it was longer it was very always in a ponytail.

At the moment as I learn to care for my hair my focus is to protect it as much as possible from not only the elements but harsh products, too much manipulation (styling, daily washing and basically just doing too much to your hair that can cause damage) and more. I am protective styling.

So what am I doing to avoid putting too much stress on my hair everyday? Braids, cornrows and twists! Which become braid outs and twist outs respectively! I have not used heat on my hair since I cut it as the front has suffered from a lot of heat damage. I ensure that I lock in moisture, sealing it with oils and lotions. I pay specific attention to the ends also and take my time with my hair. I really am enjoying it. Now I am no expert as I am really a newly natural in every sense of the word but it has unleashed an excitement I have not known about my hair. Two strand twists are a favourite and I try not to do them every day as that adds to the manipulation. I put them in after wash day and make sure to moisturise and oil daily and then go about my day. Once in a while I will rock a ‘wash and go’ which is  not as simple as the name suggests and details of that will be out in another blog.

Wash and Go  Flat Twists  Two strand single Twists

I have noticed what seems like 3 (three) very distinct curl patterns in my hair. Very tight coil patterns at the side and front of my hair, in the middle a loose wave and at the back a looser coil spiral type curl. My hair dries quickly as soaks up moisture like it has been dehydrated for years. I can leave the shower with my hair drenched and soaking wet and it  starts to dry out in minutes.

curl pattern

There is no specific shape to my hair at the moment and I have taken to cutting straight ends of myself as I learn to care and encourage healthy hair. At the moment it seems to go into a Vanessa Huxtable type style and I ain’t mad as that was my girl back in the day and she was fly. If you don’t know the character that made Tempestt Bledsoe a household name then allow me to help.



Tempest Bledsoe aka Vanessa Huxtable

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

My confidence is on the rise also as I am looking at myself without my own long hair as a comfort or even the addition of weaves and extensions. I know for some people they see me as less beautiful and that’s ok with me as it shows they don’t really know me if they feel hair made me beautiful. I had to find my beauty away from my hair and I think I have. Honestly I didn’t think that I had the face to carry off this natural hair. I thought I would have to change my makeup looks and start wearing more. Big misconception but that is where the lack of confidence came in and where I am showing it the door! I can’t front though, all this hair makes me ensure my brows are always on point.

Are you natural? Relaxed? Transitioning? Let me know more about your hair story! I have been finding great inspiration on YouTube and blogs from Mo knows Hair, Naptural85, Curly Nikki and so much more. Think I will have to do a little blog on that too.

I will be letting you know about some of the products I am loving at the moment for my hair in another post as well as some of the hair goodies I have found at the local pound shop! Yep! I said it! 🙂

Have a gorgeous saturday!

Coming up! #SaturdaySelfie!


TBH! xoxo


NYX Butter Lipstick!

Hey Everyone!

I am a straight sucker for lipstick and these new joints from NYX are seriously feeding the addiction. When Revlon launched their lip butters I practically bought out the whole drugstore. The colour payoff on some of them was disappointing ,however, NYX’s Butter Lipsticks do not have that issue. Just look at the swatches below. 

Swatches lip buttersNYX Butter Lipstick



From L to R : Mary Janes, Hunk, Razzle, Licorice.

I could rave on and on but it is simple!

  • Affordable! I got these in Ulta for about $7. In the UK? Check out the NYX site. 
  • Amazing colour payoff
  • Moisturising- lips feel amazing!
  • Long lasting
  • Great variety of colours
  • Dupe for Revlon Lip Butters
  • Don’t stain the lips
  • Shiny but not sticky
  • No unpleasant smell but no super sweet smell either
  • Cute names like ‘Mary Janes’ and ‘Licorice‘- yes the name can put me off! 🙂

NYX lipsticks take up more than 25% of my collection. That does not include glosses. They have an awesome range of cosmetics that honestly rival some of the more ‘expensive’ brands. Great Customer Service, deals and offers on all the time. 

All in all the above are a welcome addition to my ever expanding, intervention needed (again) lippie collection!

If you are not familiar with NYX, get familiar. In the US you can even find them at beauty supply stores as well as drug stores. Here in the UK get online and check out your nearest stockists!

Lip Butter Besos!

TBH! xoxo

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Pout Along! Sleek Pout Paint!

Hey Everyone!

Had a couple of friends here in the UK tell me they could not get their hands on the OCC Lip Tars! So here is an affordable dupe! Sleek Pout Paint. Just like the lip tars a little goes a very long way. Available at Superdrug (where I got mine) the colour payoff is great. I am still a fan of the OCC range but I am not mad at Sleek for this. Seriously they are a good buy!

Sleek Pout Paint


You can mix them to create custom colours which I have done a couple of times also. They can be a little drying so make sure those lips are moisturised and kissably soft!


TBH! xoxo


Love Me Do! Valentines Look #3 : Goldilocks

Hey everyone!

Here’s the breakdown on look numero tres! I love golds and think it compliments me better than silver or grey shadows. With my new hair I wanted a wearable gold look and as always something simple enough for you to recreate. Again not too many products used and please remember you do not have to go out and get these specific products. Use what you have available!

Goldilocks Products

Products used:

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 355 and Concealer in 30 (not pictured) and 35 / MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Dark Deep/ Ardell Wispies Lashes / Sleek Mystic Matte lipstick/ NYX African Queen lipgloss/ Too Faced Smokey Eyes Palette- Cloves, Smoking Hot and Up in Smoke shadows

 Goldilocksphoto 3

If you have more lid space than me (I have hooded lids) you really see the gold when your eyes are open. Follow the same steps as per my previous post remembering the emphasis is on blending for a seamless transition! I used the concealer as my shadow base also. If you want the gold to pop more you can use a gold, white or black base. I like the simple pretty of this look- you know the lips are my thing though. Don’t forget to let me know if you try it!

A request received for a pink look next- coming up in the next couple of days along with my Mary Kay skincare review, hauls and some other goodies! Woo hoo!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to check out my new video with info on my hair! Natural baby!

Got a request for a look? Get in touch! All my details are in the ‘contact me’ section above!


TBH! xoxo



Big Chop! Newly Natural Hair!

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been talking about going natural for some time now! I have been transitioning fully for 10 months (period of no relaxer) and I have now done the big chop!

big chop

There is so much I wanna say about this big change but the main thing is that I am glad I did it. I took my hair for granted for years and whilst I did pretty much any and everything to it, I did not give it the same love and care it needed. There is a lot of heat damage- mainly to the front and so it is shorter there but it is a work in progress and I will be nursing it back to health!

Check out my latest video to find out more.

Hope you enjoy! Are you natural? Thinking about it? Do you love your relaxed tresses? Let me know. I wanna hear all about it!

To all my natural friends who inspire me and support me… I DID IT! 🙂


TBH! xoxo