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Motives Cosmetics is an American brand by Loren Ridinger. Their objectives seem simple, to make affordable quality make-up for women of all ages and skin tones. They also have a skin-care range that not only has products for the outside but for the inside too (their ‘Ultimate Aloe’ drink is great). When a company is delivering a triple threat like this I am always excited to try it and get involved.

For many of my clients, make-up quality is paramount but it goes hand in hand with price, reputation and more. It can be a little overwhelming looking for the right products for you when there is so much competition on the market. If you’ve read any of my make-up posts before, you know that I am passionate about any tone/ complexion being able to find makeup for them- especially foundation. Whether you have the fairest of skin or a gorgeous darker tone, you should have no trouble finding a variety of cosmetics that enhance and compliment you.

I remember a photo I saw of LaLa Anthony in a fierce hot pink lipstick over a year ago and that caught my attention. It was by Motives, for which she has her own collection- Motives for LaLa.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an intimate Motives Collection Preview last week. The preview showcased their Top 10 products and also some of their huge product range. Several members of the amazing Motives UK team (Tanesha, Gavin and Roxy) as well as a fabulous trainer from the US (Lisa) talked to us about the brand and it’s values. We had demonstrations on how easy the products and tools are to use (even for non- make-up artists) and what they have in the pipeline. The brand has been in the UK for a little over a year now and is doing big things. Not all of the range is available in the UK. I would advise that you check out the American site also especially for some of the foundations. For all my UK followers and friends who are interested in products, get in touch with me.

A great chilled out evening, without the hard pressure sell. It was interactive, informative and engaging. I’ve tried some of their lipsticks and eyeshadows before and have been pretty impressed. You will definitely see more from Motives in blog posts and make-up looks to come.

With my lipstick obsession which you all know about, I order some new products. Ordered Thursday and came on Saturday.

Pigmented, vibrant and flattering shades of lipstick gorgeousness are below as well as a blush 🙂

Swatches are in order of pics!

Box FreshLipgloss is poppin'...It is all in the name...

lip gloss swatches


Gossip, La Reina, Flirt and Trend Setter!


lipstick lipstick swatches


Naughty, Fire and Times Square (can you guess my fave)?

Blush it to me...blush swatches



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Luck of the Irish…Green eye look!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I posted this look on Instagram last week and promised to blog details of the products used. As it is a green look (one of my favourite colours as it compliments brown eyes and red hair very well) it also fit’s nicely with St. Paddy’s Day!

I tend to get requests to simplify my looks so that anyone can do them. This is one of those looks. Remember you don’t have to use the same products that I used. In fact, you can use any colour and products that you want, it is more about the blend.

Products used:

Eyes: NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk, NARS Night Series Palette (limited edition) Night Porter (dark green with gold flecks the colour may still be available without the palette), MAC Chrome Yellow, Humid eyeshadows and WetnWild Blue had me at Hello. MAC Blooz in the waterline, Lancome Hypnose Mascara and Ardell Accent lashes.

Brows: MAC Spiked Brow Pencil, Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Dark (to clean under brows) and Arena as highlight (I rarely use anything else).

Lips: MAC Fresh Brew lipstick with Revlon Nude Lustre gloss.

Face: No foundation on the face in this look. Instead I used the Black Opal liquid foundation in Hazelnut as my concealer and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 30. Cheeks are MAC Sweet as Cocoa. Concealer set with Ben Nye Banana Powder.

Green with no scarf :)Green eye fortune teller


Best of both

The lid looks lime green as this is the mix of the Chrome Yellow and Blue. See what colour combo’s you can come up with if you mix shadows.

Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip! Try making your brush damp also to change the texture and colour of your shadows.

Earrings are from New Look (I think) a couple years old!



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My skin care routine…

One of the questions I am asked the most is what I use on my skin. What is my skin care regime and how I look after it. How I look after my skin varies according to a couple of factors, such as time of year, how my skin is feeling and more. I didn’t have a regime until at least 2 years ago. Up until that point, I was using water, witch hazel and a body moisturiser. Oh how much I have learnt.

What I hope you will take away from this is the importance of a routine or process of skin care. Even if you have dry skin like I do, it doesn’t mean my regime will work for you. My advice would always be to speak to a specialist (i.e. dermatologist) or beautician. You can also check out some of my other skin care posts, such as Quick Skin Type Fixes, Male skin needs love too and Layering your skin care products.

If you know me well, you know that skin care is very important to me. Much more so than make-up. I love make-up but I maintain it is there to enhance the natural you. Yes, even if you have acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and more. I know that make-up affords some confidence at times but that confidence is within you, not in any make-up product. I hear alot of people refer to their skin as ‘good skin’ or ‘bad skin’. Yes, I have an opinion on that too. As long as you are looking after any skin conditions or issues then you are doing the best for you skin. That is what is important. What’s truly important is knowing your skin and treating it well.

You are likely to find me on a daily basis with no make-up (apart from filled in brows and lipgloss/ stick). I make sure I follow my regime religiously night and day. Even if I come home in the early hours of the morning after a shoot, I always make sure my skin is clean and moisturised.


This post will include my bare face- with some cheesy grins of course! They will not be pictures of me with full foundation claiming it is my skin.


  • Daily cleanse with Simple Moisturising Facial Wash or Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (love this product! It is an oil, gel, and the milk). I do this in the shower.
  • I exfoliate at least 2 times a week with St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. I sometimes use porridge oats and moisturiser.
  • Simple Toner to ensure all products are removed from my skin and to balance and soothe the skin.
  • I talk alot about the darkness around my eyes. I use my homemade eye cream day and night and once a week (not pictured).I also use my Clarins Eye Contour Balm when I have it (at least every 4 months or so). I find my homemade cream is extremely hydrating.
  • Clarins Double Serum is my most expensive skin care product. It retails for £55 approx here in the UK. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it. I am finishing up a review on that for next week. I do have to co-sign on it though. It is amazing.
  • Moisturiser is also Clarins Multi Active Day.
  • Vaseline for the lips (not pictured). I do a sugar scrub for the lips at least every 2 weeks.

Skin care products


  • Simple Face wipes to clean my face of any product, dirt, oil eye make-up.
  • I use the face wash or cleansing gel as per point one above.
  • Eye cream.
  • Clarins Serum.
  • Night moisturiser and vaseline.

Important to note the following:

  1. I leave each a gap of at least 5-8 mins between products
  2. I use luke warm water- never hot. Sometimes I use cold water to refresh the skin and wake me up in the morning.
  3. With the serum I always squirt the product in my hands and rub together to activate rather than play connect the dots with it on my skin.
  4. I try and sleep on my back so as not to rub off the product with the pillow or pick up hidden dirt and oils from your pillow case.

Picture time!

All moisturised up after my regime, shining bright like a diamond (thanks Rihanna)!

All moisturised up...

How I leave my house…with brows and lips! Brows make a difference for sure.

brows and lips...

The top pic is inside the house and the other is a car pic in the daylight so the lighting differs. No camera tricks. My face is a little red in the top pic as I went through the whole regime in quick time for this picture- sorry! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions about starting a regime or skin care questions in general- get in touch. I’m very social, look…

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Big clean skin besos!


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It’s my anniversary…

My blog anniversary that is! What a difference a year makes…

The first post was published on the 6th March 2012 and that was a simple introduction. The next day on the 7th, I officially ‘blogged’ and I have loved it ever since. Check out that first post here.

I have to admit that nostalgia can sometimes make you wonder what if… and wish for different outcomes but I am truly happier than I have been in a long time and is something to be said about following your dreams.

This time last year, I was looking at my team and trying to figure out how I was going to tell them I was leaving. How I was going to say to some of the people who were more like family that I was giving up my job to become a Make-Up Artist and Teacher. I went back and forth with the decision in my mind for so long that I almost chickened out. In the end I said nothing until a couple of days before I left.

It is crazy how life tries to choose your path and priorities for you. I had a successful career with a huge salary but I was not happy. I was betrayed by people I thought were friends and I didn’t see my family. My son was growing up right in front my eyes but I was missing it for work. I was doing 14 hour shifts, never saw my real friends and family and hated looking in the mirror. I thought the team I managed needed me. In the end, I needed myself to be happy, healthy and strong and I needed to be a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Girlfriend and more. I just needed to be me.

This blog was the first footstep on the road to me. I remember talking to my best friend Aaron (Best Personal Trainer in town- follow him on Twitter @Mr_Froelich) saying that I was too old to change careers, that I was scared and the like and he reassured me by just being honest. He told me, it may be hard and it may new but give it your all. Do your best. The simplest of words but so effective.

I lost some special people in my life, some through choice and some not, who have not seen how happy I am since I did what my heart told me to. Some who don’t know that within 2 weeks of leaving my old job, I was able to toilet- train my then 9 year old Autistic son. Some who have missed the highs and lows and the smile on my face every day I wake up knowing, I am following my dream. I have made mistakes and I am not the best out there but I am the best me I know how to be and I am super ok with that!

I am now a Professional Make-Up Artist as of last year May and am working as a Teaching Assistant. I am headed back to University to become a Teacher also. My son is happier and I am happier knowing that no matter how hard it seems, it gets better. It is not selfish to put you first!

I will always try and thank everyone personally and if I haven’t in this blog, please don’t be offended. I love you with all I am.

From the beginning: Daddy, Troy, Dace and Carlene… Teresa, Daddy Ernest (RIP) PK (although you may never read this), Glemma, Aaron, Solvita… Liliana, John Barry, Bilsi and Jade… Tim, Naomi and Rochi-Boo, Korell, Adrian, Mario…

New friends: Nathalie, Pamela… Sydney, Ny, Cat, Jodes, Char, Fabian…

There are so many of you who have played a role in my new beginning whether through reading/ subscribing to this blog, allowing me to do your make-up or just your words of encouragement. I thank you and thank you some more.

Life isn’t about the money or the fame, the applause or attention. I know that now more than ever! Maybe you have a dream you want to follow…maybe now is your turn. I pass the baton on… it is never too late!

Thanks for reading this post!


TBH! xoxo