The Beauty Holder on location… Blue Skies |Devlin!

Hey Loves!

One of the most exciting parts of being a Make-up Artist is helping to bring a creative vision to life. I am blessed to meet some amazing people on this journey and it is even more special when it is someone who you admire. Let’s be clear we all know how I feel about Trey Songz so if I am ever fortunate enough to beat faces for one of his projects… you already know how I am gonna act (the fool).

I digress, as usual, Devlin is one such person and I recently worked on his latest project, Blue Skies. A profound track from his latest album, ‘The Devil In’. Do you choose love or music… which for many, is a love in itself!

Check out this banger, which is also his directorial debut below. Make-up, hair and male grooming by yours truly! We know I am not a music blogger but love music more than I can express and so I am sharing this because I am proud of my work but more so because Devlin is a talent like no other and certainly one that has a perception, which is honest and raw.


You can find out more about one of the UK’s finest and one of my faves here:


Devlin Twitter

Devlin Facebook

Devlin Instagram

Hope that you enjoy the track and don’t forget to check out his album, The Devil In… available everywhere! A huge shout out to everyone involved in the project such a great fun day and experience- especially the lead actor and actress, Sam and Viktoria, y’all were so dope! 🙂 Behind the scenes pics to follow.

Thank you for your support and see you in my next post!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo





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