‘Blogmas’ day 3πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Ideas 2021 | Health and Fitness Edition

Hey Loves,

I’m on a roll! Welcome to day 3 of ‘Blogmas’, where I am celebrating some of the small businesses/ brands/ concepts run by my homies. Why? Because they deserve the shout out and support. These posts are not sponsored and are just my very small way of signposting you to amazing people and their products and services. All opinions are my own (regardless of friendship status- I’m tough on the homies for sure). If you are looking for some unique gift ideas for your friends and family this holiday season, please consider checking out one/ all of the many small brands featured in these posts. I stand ten toes when I say you won’t be disappointed. If you missed the beauty and media editions click the above links.

Many of my recent blogs over the last 2 years have featured heavy on self-care and wellbeing. It is so important to look after all aspects of your health: mental, physical, and emotional. I have been open about some of my own struggles and while it isn’t easy, we need to start prioritising self. What a blessing it has been for me through the years to be able to lean on some inspirational people for different aspects of my ‘health-care’. A huge part of that journey was my lifestyle change and weight loss, which wouldn’t have been possible without my best friend Aaron (@aaron__gram). God continues to bless and watch over me with the people he puts in my life and Aaron is one of my favourites. He is now working hard on a new gym venture overseas and while he does not feature here in this post (he is still training me from across the waters), if any of my readers in The Cayman Islands want the best PT/ human in the world, holla at him and tell him DM sent you 😊

Much like the beauty edition it is not possible to fit all of the fab people I know in one post. So here is part 1 of health and fitness!

Nathalie Noor @nathalie_noor_malik – Apart from Aaron above, I wouldn’t trust my fitness journey to anyone else besides Nathalie. We became friends as makeup students but she has always had a passion for fitness. She is an exceptional fitness coach who specialises in female transformation. Nathalie listens to your wants and helps you focus on your goals in realistic and sustainable ways. She understands what the body needs internally and externally and crafts individual fitness and nutrition plans that will truly transform your life. She makes working out fun (but won’t hold back) offering pre, post mom and baby classes and so much more. Look out for a more personal feature on Nathalie and her work next year. I have not met many people as driven and passionate about fitness as Nathalie. I love her enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration, her clients do too. The new year is the time we all start to think about fitness but nothing changes unless we do… let Nathalie help you!

Image Credit: @nathalie_noor_malik

Keeley Taverner @Key4Change – Therapy or seeking help still seems to be an unspoken action in many circles, groups, cultures, and households. Not with Key4Change. Keeley is a Psychotherapist breaking through the silence and barriers creating real, sustainable change in emotional healing and wellbeing. She is an empath and narcissist expert who has a meaningful and honest approach to therapy. Her lived experiences translate far beyond ‘textbook’ therapy- yes, she truly does ‘get it’. Just check out the many testimonials from clients who have found real and lasting benefit in her accessible courses and sessions. Keeley has always been a listener … someone who really hears you and cares (ever since college). She is an accomplished author and speaker who may be able to help you begin to break down some of the barriers holding you back and find your voice again. It starts with a call, DM or message on the link above or through her website.

Image Credit: @key4change

Grace Graham @workspa – Need some wellbeing in the workplace? Then you need WorkSpa. Grace is committed to helping organisations foster a happy, healthy, and mindful culture for all employees. Wellbeing at work is much more than a couple of stress balls or free coffee and WorkSpa has a variety of purposeful services designed around employee wellbeing. These services include ‘on-site massage’, ‘rejuvenation yoga’, ‘away days’, and ‘MindSpa’. They also create bespoke packages. HSBC, NHS, and RBS are among some of WorkSpa’s satisfied and happy clients. We are all seeking ways to rejuvenate, relax, and release and our place of work should not be exempt. Call on WorkSpa to show your employees some love or let your employers know your wellbeing is a primary concern and tell them about WorkSpa. Your workplace wellbeing won’t wait any longer. WorkSpa is supported by The Prince’s Trust so you know they the business!

Image Credit: @workspa

Nyomi Gray @nyomisounds -My love Nyomi is no stranger to my blog but this is spotlight is not about her amazing vocal or songwriting ability. Nyomi Sounds is intuitive healing sound therapy. Honing in on her vast musical background and intuition, Nyomi embraces pure sound frequencies to heal, connect and create balance. She is a sound healer! Whether through sound baths, meditation or more, her holistic approach to therapy through sound offers a unique experience and opportunity to free yourself from life’s distractions and limitations. She has fully embraced this journey of fulfilment on a personal level and through Nyomi Sounds can help you unblock unwanted energy and find your inner peace, balance and enlightenment. So what are you waiting for?

Image Credit: @nyomisounds

And just like that day 3 is over! I hope you will connect with these amazing women in some way and support their inspiring services. Be an advocate for self-care and wellbeing…YOU are important and no-one can look after you like you can.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Can you guess what’s coming up?


Besos πŸ’‹

TBH! xoxo


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