Hey Loves,

Last night at around 2.34am that little blogging voice inside me started shouting… “you gotta be kinder to yourself… and you need to share this message”…there was a little bit more still, but I wanted to leave that with you. Maybe that message was for me or maybe it was for you, maybe it was for the both of us. Should I ask, are you being kind to yourself?

I wish I could say that I absolutely am, all the time, with extra measure and without a question but that would be a lie. I pick myself apart daily on some of the smallest things and other times I’m in that mirror giving myself one of those pep talks like you will have seen in 90s teen high school movies.

Yes! We all do it. We find ways to be extra harsh and extra self-critical on ourselves (and others). It seems easier to neglect all of the ‘daily wins’, such as waking up in the morning, saying a prayer, making the bed, anything…because it seems insignificant in comparison to what we think are the ‘lifetime struggles’, you know, career goals, the perfect body or finding the one. Ultimately, making sense of what is important to YOU, not someone else is the way to make those ‘daily wins’ count and more meaningful. I wanted to re-share, redirect you to a post I wrote last year during Mental Health Awareness Week! I hope some of the tips shared will be helpful in some small way.

Thinking of you… yes, even at 2:46am. Look after yourself. Love yourself and allow yourself to be loved!

See you soon.

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo

5 thoughts on “Be Kind to YOURSELF! Late night thoughts… πŸ’­

  1. We could all do with a gentle nudge, it’s so easy to get carried away with life . Thank you for sharing x

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