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All About Lips…including NYX Lip Haul!

I was having a discussion with some lovely ladies in Florida recently. All about lips! They seemed surprised that I dared leave the house in a shade of hot pink lipstick that would rival a certain rap star, last name Minaj. For some unknown reason they felt lipstick (especially bright colours) were for performers only or ladies who danced in clubs. No offence taken, if I go to a club, I dance! In any case it got me thinking that I had to right this wrong…and soon!

They obviously had not read my other post about lips and the power of lip products outside of chapstick and vaseline!

You see, since Lil’ Mama came out with her ‘Lipgloss’ song (I refuse to say anthem, unless you were 12 at the time) almost everyone seems to be on a gloss tip. In fact from 2000 and beyond everyone seemed obsessed with clear or pale gloss. The real sticky kind that meant you couldn’t wear your hair in your face unless you wanted it to stick to the gloss and give you the mustache you never had.

Me? I went through that phase but I never lost my love for lipstick and colour, switching between gloss, lipstick and sometimes both! My lips are pigmented so to see the true colour of anything I put on my lips, I often have to ‘mute’ them. I do this with foundation or concealer. This can sometimes have a adverse effect and completely change the colour of the product, so be careful. It is often trial and error. I don’t always do this and in the pics below, it is just my lips, vaseline and the products listed.

With a large and ever growing lip product stash, I switch up my look for lips including the products. Below is my NYX lip products haul all the way from Florida. Fear not UK friends, NYX is available in the UK. To access their site and learn more about an affordable and great make-up line, click here. Don’t forget to look out for Beauty Holder, Beauty Tips!

Keeping your lips moisturised is a given. Kiss the back of your hand or a tissue to take off the excess before you apply colour.

This is a pic of my lips with nothing but vaseline! I have shown teeth so you know these are really my lips! I like to think my gap is unique! *covers eyes*

Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip!

Wanna switch up your lip looks and don’t know how? Wear your lip liner as lipstick! Yes! I said it. Don’t just stop at lining the outside of your lips, fill in your lips with the liner and rock that look! You can add a clear gloss/ vaseline  if it seems a little dry, if not then just keep as is.

The NYX liners are a little creamy and can be used alone. Also really pigmented against my dark lips. Below are the colours on my lips rather than just swatches on my hand.

NYX Lip Liner 817 HOT RED

NYX Lip Liner 803 BURGUNDY

NYX Lip Liner 816 FUCHSIA

Personal Fave!

NYX Lip Liner 809 MAHOGANY

NYX Lip Liner 813 PLUSH RED

NYX Lip Liner 801 AUBURN

NYX Lip Liner 836 BLOOM

I also purchased a couple of NYX lipsticks.

503 Medusa/ 513 Electra/ 521 Chloe/ 523 Ulysses/ 526 Hestia/ 531 Syclia 

All extremely creamy and full of vibrant colour. They are a selection of nudes, pinks and orange toned reds. Hand swatches of lipsticks and liners below.

Finally, here are some of the lip liners and lipsticks combined…just for fun! 🙂

NYX Bloom lip liner and Chloe lipstick:

NYX Auburn lip liner and Medusa lipstick:

NYX Hot Red lip liner and Electra lipstick:

Apologies that the lighting varies in some of the pics. I am afraid they were taken with my lowly iPhone! No special lighting, filters or editing. Although I am tanned having come back from Florida, some pics look a little too orange?

Hope you enjoyed this post and start daring to wear more colour on your lips. This is especially true for the many beautiful women of colour out there. Embrace your ethnic tones and try colours you wouldn’t normally!

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Besos (with lipstick) TBH! xoxo


Under Cover! Tattoo coverage…

Tattoos are as popular as ever. Not to everyone’s taste, they have transitioned from tribal marks and  jail house stamps to symbolising loved ones, art and anything you want in a personal and creative way. I am a huge fan of tattoo’s and have several that reflect me as an individual and my life’s story thus far. Comments about my tattoo’s don’t phase me and I am very aware that they are with me for life. So just as the bright lips and big hoop earrings don’t tell you about the person I am on the inside, my tattoo’s should not be an excuse to judge me either.

On occasions you may want to cover your tattoo. This again is a personal choice and this post will hopefully show you one of the many ways to do so. I was recently in Florida and wanted to try Dermablend. Their products are known for concealment of bruises, birthmarks, dark circles, scars and tattoos. Their colour range covers the very pale to a deep dark.

There are several products on the market specifically for tattoo coverage and you can also use your everyday foundation make-up. Just ensure it is matched correctly. It is important to prep the skin and think about the area you are covering. Remember…your skin is different tones and indeed textures on different parts of your body! I have chosen to cover part of a hand tattoo for this post. Look for some additional Beauty Holder, Beauty Tips below.

  1. Prep the skin! Ensure the tattoo area is clean and free from dust, dirt and any excess hair. You may not be able to remove the hair and this is ok. The instructions tell you what to do if you cannot remove the hair.  Moisturise the area also so that the skin remains hydrated. Make sure you allow drying time between each step. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: You can trace over your tattoo with a red or orange pencil before you put the primer on to counteract the darkness of the tattoo.
  2. Primer time! The dermablend system comes with 3 steps (4 if you count removal). The primer (seen below) does a pretty good job of covering the tattoo all on it’s own. It’s main function, however, is to provide a base and improve the concealment. Dab on the primer and blend the edges. Do not keep going over the tattoo or you will remove the product. You can use your finger or a sponge if you wish. A small concealer brush could also be used. Allow about 5 mins to dry and set.
  3. Cover up! Now time to cover the tattoo. You may already have covered in enough from step 2 but I don’t recommend skipping this step. The Leg and Body Cover provide full coverage. Apply the product using fingers or tools and gently press into skin. Again don’t forget to blend around the outside. Give this step a little longer to dry depending on the size and amount of product. A little goes a long way! Allow about 10-12 mins. Dermablend recommend 5-8 mins drying time. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: If your tattoo is raised, you are likely to still see an outline. There is not much you can do about the texture.
  4. Ready, SET, Go! Once the cover has dried apply the setting powder. Pat on the powder (a puff is supplied) generously to seal the covered area. This will should help eliminate the transfer of the product onto clothes. Wait for about 3 mins and then brush off any excess.
  5. Removal! Dermablend have their own make-up remover. I have used my own as most of the ingredients in theirs was in my own cleanser.

(Picture time! Before and After and products)

As I have only just started to use this product I will not be doing a full review at this time. I can tell you I am happy with the results having tried samples previously. I wore it for more than 12 hours and the transfer was minimal and it stayed put, looking like I never even had a tattoo in the first place. Stay tuned for a full review in a future post.

If you would like to know more about Dermablend and what it can do for you, check out their site here. There are several stockists in the UK also. Just type in Dermablend into your search engine for one that is nearest to you. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you are interested in seeing tattoo coverage with regular make-up or any other requests you may have. Hit me up : @thebeautyholder (twitter) or

P.s. As with any product, make sure you discontinue use if you have any irritation or allergic reaction. Check the contents and instructions before use!


TBH! xoxo


Meet Kate… From Kate’s Beauty Blog!

Hey Everyone! I have the great pleasure in introducing one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Kate! All the way from across the pond in Canada, Kate is a beacon of knowledge on all things beauty. She is a beauty blogging (try and say that quickly 3 times) genius  who makes the subject easy and fun. She has certainly inspired me in the short time that I have been blogging and I always look forward to my notifcations that she has has a new blog post out. Want to know more? Then read on for my interview and an insight into all things Kate!

  1.  What’s your ‘can’t live without’ beauty product? Foundation or tinted moisturizer. Flawless skin is the foundation to any makeup look, and gives me the most confidence out of any feature. I don’t wear makeup every day, but I typically wear at least a tinted moisturizer when I’ll be out and about. My current favourite foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation and for tinted moisturizer I like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.
  2. How did you get into beauty blogging? I’ve developed a love for beauty products (especially makeup!) over the past few years and wanted to become involved in the conversation versus simply bring an observer. I’ve always enjoyed writing and saw blogging as a creative outlet to bring my passion to life by sharing it with others.
  3.  Lipstick or lipgloss? Blush or Bronzer? Eyeshadow or Eyebrows? Lipgloss – easier to apply when you’re in a hurry, and I love the glossy finish. Blush – my favourite beauty item by far! It can really bring life to the face and complete a look. Eyebrows – they play a big role in adding polish and make the eyes pop.
  4. Have you any beauty secrets that were passed down from your family? Experiment with different beauty products until you find the one(s) you like. My mom and I are both maximizers in that sense – we look for the best products to meet our needs, even if it means trying out multiple options!
  5. Most extravagant beauty/ make-up purchase? Probably my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation which retails for about $40-50. The NAKED and NAKED 2 palettes are also pricy, but they include multiple shadows so they feel less extravagant. 🙂
  6. Ever gone to sleep with your make-up on? Not anymore! When I was younger, I would occasionally go to sleep with makeup on, but since becoming more into skincare and makeup, I’m religious about washing my face every night.
  7. Do you have a beauty Icon? Everyday women I see in my day-to-day life. Whether it be a pretty eyeshadow look or a bold lip colour, I find inspiration around me.
  8. What is your guilty pleasure? Reading trashy celebrity magazines – especially by the pool in the summer with a glass of pink lemonade!
  9. Do you have any pet peeves? If so, what are they? Poor spelling and reckless driving.
  10. What must-have beauty items do you keep in your purse? Lipstick and gloss, lip balm, hand cream.

Go on over to Kate’s blog to read my interview with my new Canadian friend.

Here’s where you can find Kate!

Blog: http://katesbeautyblog




Stay tuned for further collaborations between Kate and I. We have some exciting things coming up!


TBH! xoxo


The Beauty Holder… on location! Ny- Trophy Boy!

Super excited to blog about my second music video experience. My last on location post was for Sydney Jo Jackson’s London Streets video. It was just the taste my creativity was craving. Music video make-up artistry is a whole new forum that I am very excited about!

Ny (Nyomi Gray) is for me, the UK Mariah but without all the diva tendencies and extra bit of extra. She has a voice that sounds like it is made of silk and roses.  One of the nicest, most genuine people I have met in this industry, she instantly makes you smile when you meet her. Down to earth, funny, talented and naturally beautiful are simple adjectives that don’t truly do her justice. She has been around for some time and is starting to get the recognition she deserves. With hits such as ‘Music’ and ‘Be With You’ under her belt she is the kind of  musical talent that will not be moulded. In these times of manufactured music, this will be a welcoming and refreshing change.

Fresh from tour with Plan B, Ny is set to release her first studio album in October 2012, entitled ‘Who Is She?‘ The first track for release is ‘Trophy Boy’. I feel like this song is for the ladies. An anthem, like Destiny’s Child’s -Independent Women. She speaks confidently of finding a trophy boy, “someone to ride in the passenger side”. It is a song for women of all ages that sends a positive encouraging message  and I was glad to be a part of bringing the visual alive.

The treatment for the video and Ny’s make-up look was simple. Classy, elegant and sexy. Simple! There were around 5 make-up changes in conjuction with styling, nails and hair. We started with a simple subtle look that enhanced Ny’s gorgeous skin and facial features and moved on to more  statement changes such as a strong blush with nude glossy lips and natural eyes to a smokey look with red lips. As a make-up artist it can be a challenge to make someone more beautiful than they are. This being the case for Ny. Staying in constant communication and working with the glam squad made it easier for us all to bring the concept together.

A quick run down of the products used. Inglot YSM foundation and lipsticks. NARS blush in TAOS, Dolce Vita and highlighter in Albatross, MAC eyeshadows Naked Lunch, Vanilla, Mulch, Carbon, Texture and more. MAC mineralised skin finish and Make-up forever powders to finish and set.

The very handsome Matty Ivey (@mattyivey) was the ‘Trophy Boy’ lead. His grooming involved light foundation (INGLOT) and powder. Very minimal make-up was needed for  Matt. Look out for a post in the coming weeks featuring Matty’s grooming regime.

As with most music videos it was an early call time and long day. Time restraints and weather conditions meant that we had to be ready to move quickly and change looks in near enough no time. This being said, there was a lot of space to work with and a fun, friendly vibe on set which made us all relax. I can feel my confidence growing with each video and can see the growth in my work.

To find out more about Ny check out her website ( and twitter (@nyofficial). Trophy Boy is available for pre-order on itunes now. For album release dates check Ny’s website above or contact her Manager Scott Richardson (@scottyritchie).

Glam Squad: Talitha Cohen (Ny’s stylist) @talithastylist / Cat (Nail Technician and Educator) / @catnails / Jason Brookes (Hair stylist extraordinare) @jay_brookes / Make-Up Artist Donna-Marie Holder (@thebeautyholder).

Some  are behind the scenes pics. Pics by Scott Richardson and I.

Here it is the Trophy Boy video! Enjoy!

TBH! xoxo