All About Lips…including NYX Lip Haul!

I was having a discussion with some lovely ladies in Florida recently. All about lips! They seemed surprised that I dared leave the house in a shade of hot pink lipstick that would rival a certain rap star, last name Minaj. For some unknown reason they felt lipstick (especially bright colours) were for performers only or ladies who danced in clubs. No offence taken, if I go to a club, I dance! In any case it got me thinking that I had to right this wrong…and soon!

They obviously had not read my other post about lips and the power of lip products outside of chapstick and vaseline!

You see, since Lil’ Mama came out with her ‘Lipgloss’ song (I refuse to say anthem, unless you were 12 at the time) almost everyone seems to be on a gloss tip. In fact from 2000 and beyond everyone seemed obsessed with clear or pale gloss. The real sticky kind that meant you couldn’t wear your hair in your face unless you wanted it to stick to the gloss and give you the mustache you never had.

Me? I went through that phase but I never lost my love for lipstick and colour, switching between gloss, lipstick and sometimes both! My lips are pigmented so to see the true colour of anything I put on my lips, I often have to ‘mute’ them. I do this with foundation or concealer. This can sometimes have a adverse effect and completely change the colour of the product, so be careful. It is often trial and error. I don’t always do this and in the pics below, it is just my lips, vaseline and the products listed.

With a large and ever growing lip product stash, I switch up my look for lips including the products. Below is my NYX lip products haul all the way from Florida. Fear not UK friends, NYX is available in the UK. To access their site and learn more about an affordable and great make-up line, click here. Don’t forget to look out for Beauty Holder, Beauty Tips!

Keeping your lips moisturised is a given. Kiss the back of your hand or a tissue to take off the excess before you apply colour.

This is a pic of my lips with nothing but vaseline! I have shown teeth so you know these are really my lips! I like to think my gap is unique! *covers eyes*

Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip!

Wanna switch up your lip looks and don’t know how? Wear your lip liner as lipstick! Yes! I said it. Don’t just stop at lining the outside of your lips, fill in your lips with the liner and rock that look! You can add a clear gloss/ vaseline  if it seems a little dry, if not then just keep as is.

The NYX liners are a little creamy and can be used alone. Also really pigmented against my dark lips. Below are the colours on my lips rather than just swatches on my hand.

NYX Lip Liner 817 HOT RED

NYX Lip Liner 803 BURGUNDY

NYX Lip Liner 816 FUCHSIA

Personal Fave!

NYX Lip Liner 809 MAHOGANY

NYX Lip Liner 813 PLUSH RED

NYX Lip Liner 801 AUBURN

NYX Lip Liner 836 BLOOM

I also purchased a couple of NYX lipsticks.

503 Medusa/ 513 Electra/ 521 Chloe/ 523 Ulysses/ 526 Hestia/ 531 Syclia 

All extremely creamy and full of vibrant colour. They are a selection of nudes, pinks and orange toned reds. Hand swatches of lipsticks and liners below.

Finally, here are some of the lip liners and lipsticks combined…just for fun! 🙂

NYX Bloom lip liner and Chloe lipstick:

NYX Auburn lip liner and Medusa lipstick:

NYX Hot Red lip liner and Electra lipstick:

Apologies that the lighting varies in some of the pics. I am afraid they were taken with my lowly iPhone! No special lighting, filters or editing. Although I am tanned having come back from Florida, some pics look a little too orange?

Hope you enjoyed this post and start daring to wear more colour on your lips. This is especially true for the many beautiful women of colour out there. Embrace your ethnic tones and try colours you wouldn’t normally!

Don’t forget you can find me on twitter @thebeautyholder and

Besos (with lipstick) TBH! xoxo


10 responses to “All About Lips…including NYX Lip Haul!”

  1. I am so loving your beauty tips! Thanks a million! We met in FL @ Hair Illusions! You are awesome.

    1. Thanks Tia! I sure remember the lovely Rihanna look alike I met! Although you are more beautiful! Sorry I didn’t get to see you before I left but I will be back! If you need any help with anything you just holla! xoxo

  2. Great post. Makes me wanna go back to wearing lipstick. Think I just might.

    1. Yay! You know I think you should! These lipsticks were at a local beauty supply store for like $2.99! Bargain! xoxo

  3. I love this! Im venturing toward bolder colours now but am still a little nervous as I dont know which colours suit my complexion well……hmmm. Well done TBH! xoxo

    1. You would look gorgeous in most colours! Pinks, oranges just getting the right tone! I will be more than happy to help you when you’re ready hun! xoxo

  4. Hey D. Well done on these blogs! You know i am gonna follow these tips. Thanks girl. Sam x

    1. Pleasure sweetie! Glad you’re enjoying! Let me know if you need anything else! Hope you’re well! xoxo

  5. I’m not really a lipstick wearer myself as I’ve always felt as though it doesn’t really suit me but you’ve inspired me to try it out! Thanks!!!! ❤

    1. I’m really glad to hear that Twin! Even if you start out with nudes and work your way up to more colour! It makes a huge difference! Gwen Stefani wears red lips all the time! That’s what I’m talking about! 🙂 xoxo

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