The Beauty Holder… on location! Ny- Trophy Boy!

Super excited to blog about my second music video experience. My last on location post was for Sydney Jo Jackson’s London Streets video. It was just the taste my creativity was craving. Music video make-up artistry is a whole new forum that I am¬†very¬†excited about!

Ny (Nyomi Gray) is for me, the UK Mariah but without all the diva tendencies and extra bit of extra. She¬†has a voice that sounds like it is made of silk and roses.¬† One of the nicest, most genuine people I have met in this industry, she instantly makes you smile when you meet her. Down to earth, funny, talented and naturally beautiful are simple adjectives that don’t truly do her justice. She has been around for some time and is starting to get the recognition she deserves. With hits such as ‘Music’ and ‘Be With You’ under her belt she is¬†the kind of ¬†musical talent that will not be moulded. In these times of manufactured music, this will be a welcoming and refreshing change.

Fresh¬†from tour with Plan B,¬†Ny is set to release her first studio album in October 2012, entitled ‘Who Is She?‘ The first track for release is ‘Trophy Boy’. I feel like this song is for the ladies. An anthem, like Destiny’s Child’s -Independent Women.¬†She speaks confidently of finding a trophy boy, “someone to ride in the passenger side”. It is a song for women of all ages that sends a positive encouraging message ¬†and I was glad to be a part of bringing the visual alive.

The treatment for the video and Ny’s make-up look was simple. Classy, elegant and sexy. Simple! There were around 5 make-up changes in conjuction with styling, nails and hair. We started with a simple subtle look that enhanced Ny’s gorgeous skin and facial features and moved on to more ¬†statement changes such as a strong blush with nude glossy lips and natural eyes to a smokey look with red lips. As a make-up artist it can be¬†a challenge¬†to make someone more beautiful than they are. This being the case for Ny. Staying in constant communication and working with the glam squad made it easier for us all to bring the concept together.

A quick run down of the products used. Inglot YSM foundation and lipsticks. NARS blush in TAOS, Dolce Vita and highlighter in Albatross, MAC eyeshadows Naked Lunch, Vanilla, Mulch, Carbon, Texture and more. MAC mineralised skin finish and Make-up forever powders to finish and set.

The very handsome Matty Ivey (@mattyivey)¬†was the ‘Trophy Boy’ lead. His grooming involved light foundation (INGLOT) and powder. Very minimal make-up was¬†needed for ¬†Matt. Look out for a post in the coming weeks featuring Matty’s grooming regime.

As with most music videos it was an early call time and long day. Time restraints and weather conditions meant that we had to be ready to move quickly and change looks in near enough no time. This being said, there was a lot of space to work with and a fun, friendly vibe on set which made us all relax. I can feel my confidence growing with each video and can see the growth in my work.

To find out more about Ny check out her website (¬†and twitter (@nyofficial).¬†Trophy Boy is available for pre-order on itunes now. For album release dates check Ny’s website above or contact her Manager Scott Richardson (@scottyritchie).

Glam Squad: Talitha Cohen (Ny’s stylist)¬†@talithastylist / Cat (Nail Technician and Educator) / @catnails / Jason Brookes (Hair stylist extraordinare) @jay_brookes / Make-Up Artist Donna-Marie Holder (@thebeautyholder).

Some  are behind the scenes pics. Pics by Scott Richardson and I.

Here it is the Trophy Boy video! Enjoy!

TBH! xoxo


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