Under Cover! Tattoo coverage…

Tattoos are as popular as ever. Not to everyone’s taste, they have transitioned from tribal marks and  jail house stamps to symbolising loved ones, art and anything you want in a personal and creative way. I am a huge fan of tattoo’s and have several that reflect me as an individual and my life’s story thus far. Comments about my tattoo’s don’t phase me and I am very aware that they are with me for life. So just as the bright lips and big hoop earrings don’t tell you about the person I am on the inside, my tattoo’s should not be an excuse to judge me either.

On occasions you may want to cover your tattoo. This again is a personal choice and this post will hopefully show you one of the many ways to do so. I was recently in Florida and wanted to try Dermablend. Their products are known for concealment of bruises, birthmarks, dark circles, scars and tattoos. Their colour range covers the very pale to a deep dark.

There are several products on the market specifically for tattoo coverage and you can also use your everyday foundation make-up. Just ensure it is matched correctly. It is important to prep the skin and think about the area you are covering. Remember…your skin is different tones and indeed textures on different parts of your body! I have chosen to cover part of a hand tattoo for this post. Look for some additional Beauty Holder, Beauty Tips below.

  1. Prep the skin! Ensure the tattoo area is clean and free from dust, dirt and any excess hair. You may not be able to remove the hair and this is ok. The instructions tell you what to do if you cannot remove the hair.  Moisturise the area also so that the skin remains hydrated. Make sure you allow drying time between each step. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: You can trace over your tattoo with a red or orange pencil before you put the primer on to counteract the darkness of the tattoo.
  2. Primer time! The dermablend system comes with 3 steps (4 if you count removal). The primer (seen below) does a pretty good job of covering the tattoo all on it’s own. It’s main function, however, is to provide a base and improve the concealment. Dab on the primer and blend the edges. Do not keep going over the tattoo or you will remove the product. You can use your finger or a sponge if you wish. A small concealer brush could also be used. Allow about 5 mins to dry and set.
  3. Cover up! Now time to cover the tattoo. You may already have covered in enough from step 2 but I don’t recommend skipping this step. The Leg and Body Cover provide full coverage. Apply the product using fingers or tools and gently press into skin. Again don’t forget to blend around the outside. Give this step a little longer to dry depending on the size and amount of product. A little goes a long way! Allow about 10-12 mins. Dermablend recommend 5-8 mins drying time. Beauty Holder, Beauty Tip: If your tattoo is raised, you are likely to still see an outline. There is not much you can do about the texture.
  4. Ready, SET, Go! Once the cover has dried apply the setting powder. Pat on the powder (a puff is supplied) generously to seal the covered area. This will should help eliminate the transfer of the product onto clothes. Wait for about 3 mins and then brush off any excess.
  5. Removal! Dermablend have their own make-up remover. I have used my own as most of the ingredients in theirs was in my own cleanser.

(Picture time! Before and After and products)

As I have only just started to use this product I will not be doing a full review at this time. I can tell you I am happy with the results having tried samples previously. I wore it for more than 12 hours and the transfer was minimal and it stayed put, looking like I never even had a tattoo in the first place. Stay tuned for a full review in a future post.

If you would like to know more about Dermablend and what it can do for you, check out their site here. There are several stockists in the UK also. Just type in Dermablend into your search engine for one that is nearest to you. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you are interested in seeing tattoo coverage with regular make-up or any other requests you may have. Hit me up : @thebeautyholder (twitter) or info@thebeautyholder.com

P.s. As with any product, make sure you discontinue use if you have any irritation or allergic reaction. Check the contents and instructions before use!


TBH! xoxo


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    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed. Gonna drop by your page too! Looks like you have some interesting reads! Hope to see you again! xoxo

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