Welcome to ‘VEGANUARY’ 2022🌱

Hey Loves! Happy 2022 πŸŽ‰ and the season of YOU! I hope that this new year brings you inner peace, light, and nourishment for your soul. I stopped making resolutions a while ago and lean more towards intentions. That is my word for the year: ‘intention’. If you want to know more about why that word is so meaningful to me, then check out my last post.

I have been a proud vegan since January 2016, when I decided to take a leap of faith and move away from my short-lived vegetarian/ pescatarian diet. A close friend of mine was veggie at the time (s/o to you Nyomi) and I decided to give it a try. That was only the beginning as later I decided to embark on a full-plant based diet. I thought this would only be for ‘Veganuary’ but I continued to learn more about veganism and never looked back. It transitioned from a ‘diet’ to a lifestyle. I am vegan for the animals, planet, and of course my health. But there is so much more to being vegan, as I shared in this post about my personal journey.

I often find the first thing people want to know is what do you eat! A lot! The options available now, worldwide in 2022 compared to when I first became a vegan are immense (so you can only imagine what it was like years before). We don’t just live off kale, chickpeas and tofu. Coming from a strong Caribbean heritage where animal-based/ by-product dishes are a staple in our culture was hard at first, but certainly not impossible.

This post is not to try and convert you but instead signpost you to more information, answer any questions you may have and support you if you do decide to sign up for ‘Veganuary’. So what is ‘Veganuary’? During the month of January people sign-up to a plant-based diet. That’s the simple version a challenge where you eat vegan for the month. Some people choose not to sign up to the networks/ groups etc., and you don’t have to but I will say there are some great community spaces designed to help and encourage you during the month- you are not alone! You can learn more about ‘Veganuary’ and sign up here. Here is also a short video with more information.

Please hit me up if you have any questions or maybe want to take-part in ‘Veganuary’ but don’t want to sign up. I am happy to support anyone who wants it- it is not just a UK thing- we international y’all. I am no expert but am certainly passionate about this journey. It starts with the first step…

See you in the next one!

Vegan Besos πŸ’‹ TBH xoxo


2 responses to “Welcome to ‘VEGANUARY’ 2022🌱”

  1. This was so insightful… I loved how there was no pressure about becoming a vegan. But it really made me think about my own lifestyle choices and how I can cut down my meat consumption and become more plant based. I am looking forward to starting off my month with less meat consumption and kick starting my cleaner eating and positive well-being

    1. Love this! Starting a lifestyle is such a personal journey and something people shouldn’t force on others. Glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your support x

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