Don’t give up… πŸ’«

Hey Loves,

Thank you for being here every night checking out my small contribution to the blogging world. I wanted to close out the week with a quote that I often remind myself of when I doubt what I have left to give.

I once had a friend who would always comment that no-one sees my posts or that they don’t get much likes. She would make a big deal about it and I would in turn doubt whether I should continue. I won’t lie and say that sometimes it doesn’t get discouraging because you put so much work into what you do and you don’t always get feedback. But then God always has a way of reminding me that we don’t give to receive and no matter if one person reads this… that is plenty.

Don’t let the voices of others or those inside your mind hold you back. Don’t let someone make you believe you don’t have what it takes. No matter you passion in life, don’t give up! I am truly grateful for the many blessings past, present and still to come. So stay strong, stay focused and keep that passion burning bright, you never know whose spark you could help light. πŸ’₯

Thank you for being you!

Have a great evening Loves!

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH! xoxo


2 responses to “Don’t give up… πŸ’«”

  1. Some say quality over quantity. I love reading your blogs and would miss them if you didn’t write any more. Thanks for your contribution. Much love, besos xo 😍

    1. Thank you my love… always! For everything! xoxo

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