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The one with the first (of many) hair cut…

Okay… so I am still on this natural hair journey and I have to tell you, it is not as easy as I thought. My hair has been relaxed for more years that I can remember. My first hair post explains why I am on this journey although when my hair will not cooperate I have to read that blog to remind myself why.

Let me just say that I am still researching and trying to find out what works best for me and my hair and the road is going to be a long one. So far, somewhere on this journey I have lost a little confidence and quite a few inches from my hair. I am not sure if the lack of confidence has come from not having the straight long hair (yes my own hair without the weave) or the opinions of others who imply my beauty comes from having such hair.

Before I got into this industry, I was what I like to call a hair chameleon. That chick that would wear bunches, long hair, short hair, blue black hair, curly hair, Salt n’ Pepa hair. It didn’t matter what the style was, I would rock it. I never needed an excuse to rock afro puffs a la Lady of Rage or Brandy style braids. I am not my hair says India Arie and I have to agree.


It was time for a cut as some of the straight ends are starting to break and damage my hair and I could not stay a redhead forever (hair chameleon remember). I wonder what colour I will be next? Always liked blue hair. Just kidding Daddy!

It can be a challenge having to accept everyone’s critique on the way you look or how you wear your hair. This new career has taught me that everyone has an opinion and they are not always nice. Well, to be fair it was only one person who was not happy that my skin was my skin and feels my ‘no make-up’ looks must be in foundation. I can only laugh and thank God for what he has given me. Why is it so easy to hate and negate rather than empower and spread love?

As I ponder it all and continue to learn of co-washes, protein treatments, protective styles, braid and twist outs, here are some pics of my hair since the first cut. It has been cut again since these pics as of last week. I have to take some recent pictures.

I warn you now. These pics are not glamourous. They are in that New York heat with no make-up and yes…natural hair!

Natural hairIn the shade with natural hair

Here is a link to India’s video also. I am not my hair. Whether you are natural or not. Rock your style with confidence. The hair is not what makes you, YOU make you! (India Arie)

This blog is dedicated to some of my fabulously natural friends, Naomi, Glemma, Gizelle and Elise! You inspire me!




Beauty buys from The Big Apple!

I love being able to travel and source beauty products that you can’t find in the UK. Yes, some products you can order and have shipped here but many times the postage cost and any additional customs charges can put you off. My recent trip to America was a great opportunity to pick up some new products and as always restock my kit with some old favourites.

Back in the day (a very long time ago) when we had a Sephora in Brent Cross, I was not into make-up so I didn’t know it’s worth! I do now and I wish they would bring it back to the UK. Sephora bosses are you listening?? That was the number one place on my list! Along with the beauty supply store, CVS and other drug stores, MAC and Ulta. We do not have an Ulta in the UK either.

For most of my male readers, if you have made it this far past the title, I commend you. Don’t stop now!

The beauty supply store is a great place for lashes and other little make-up and beauty goodies at a really good price. I have said before that beauty does not have to be costly. Your local beauty supply will have more than a wide variety of hair weaves and the big chunky earrings that you know I love to wear (hint, hint)!

I went to MAC specifically for an eyeshadow called saddle (a gorgeous warm toned brown). The closest dupe in the UK is Texture which I use quite a lot. Again, not all MAC stores sell the same products. The drugstore was for Cover Girl Queen Foundations (been wanting to try for so long). I also purchased some products from Target in Florida which are not included in this haul. Mainly brushes which I have used and the foundations.

With the exchange rate pretty low compared to years before, I still got a great deal on these products- even the ones from BH cosmetics which I ordered online.

Not all these products are for me. I am going to be hosting another giveaway, this time on my INSTAGRAM (thebeautyholder) account as a thank you to all my followers. I have been truly blessed and overwhelmed by the support for this new journey I have undertaken and I want to say thank you. Details will be announced via instagram next week so look out! Not to fear if you are not on instagram… there will be another blog giveaway in a couple of months.

I will not be listing the products but if you would like to know a specific colour or more information on a product let me know by leaving a comment. I will also be doing a couple of looks using the products in an upcoming blog!

From Sephora (the bag is a giveaway) 🙂



Mac Cosmetics:



BH Cosmetics (online):

BH Cosmetics


CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade:

Drug stores



Beauty Supply Store:

Beauty supply Store

I did not make it to Ulta and that is probably a good thing!



TBH! xoxo





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The Beauty Holder on location… Breathe Music Video

There is a certain buzz that comes along with doing music videos. You get to meet and work with some great artists, directors, stylists and the like. The creativity of a concept that grows from an idea to a mood board to being captured on moving film is fantastic to be a part of.

I am humbled to introduce another music video that I did Make-up and Hair styling for and also male grooming. Breathe is the new hotly anticipated single by Yomi featuring the gorgeous Allegra Hart (@AllegraHart). Directed by The Sinatra Bros and Co. it is infectious and a bubbler. Nails in the video by my seriously talented friend and nail genius Catherine Taylor (@catnails) a celebrity nail tech, educator and all round lovely lady.

Products used on Allegra:

Mac eyeshadows and concealer, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Inglot Primer and Foundation and lipsticks, Nars and NYX blushes, Maybelline Mascara and Ardell lashes. Simple, Clinique and Bobbi Brown skin care (moisturisers and eye creams).

Hair: Bumble and Bumble, L’oreal, Paul Mitchell. Allegra used her own hair tongs for the curls.

Products used on Yomi:

Bobbi Brown moisturiser, concealer and Mac Mineralised skin finish powder.

Here are some behind the scenes pics- it was a really fun shoot!

Allegra Look 1Alllegra look 1 from beginning On set Look 2 with Allegra Look 4 Allegra Allegra and YomiAllegra Hart and YomiYomi


Finally a link to the video. Hope you enjoy watching it. Let me know what you think! (Breathe- Yomi ft. Allegra Hart)



Don’t forget you can keep up with my antics on Twitter and Instagram (@thebeautyholder). You can also see some of the other music videos I have been involved in there too.



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Absence makes the heart grow…

Hey everyone! You have probably noticed I have been a little quiet. Many of you have been in touch also. Let me explain my absence!

It has been a minute since I blogged because I have been away in America on a working vacation! I don’t know if there is any such thing really! I planned a trip to see family and friends and ended up getting booked to do a couple shoots and weddings whilst in the States! It is always great to meet new people and to have the support for my make-up artistry career so I am blessed and grateful.

It meant that I was not able to see everyone or indeed blog which I had every intention of doing. I do have some exciting things coming your way (see below) and I just wanted to thank you for sticking with me! I may not blog daily or indeed weekly but I am dedicated to bringing you the best beauty blog I can!

In the next coming weeks look out for:

* On location with The Beauty Holder
* Make-up on a plane
* New York make-up hauls
* Summertime Skincare
* Male grooming tips
* How to tutorials
* Bridal Beauty
* Going Natural… The journey continues!

and so much more!

Thanks again for bearing with me! If there is a beauty related question that you need answered or you want advice or anything else then get in touch! Details to the right and on the contact me page!

TBH! xoxo