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Beauty tips through the ages…

I’ve spoken about starting a skin care or beauty regime in previous posts. The importance of looking after your skin is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

No matter your age, colour or skin type, you can experiment, explore and express yourself. Skin care is the foundation that allows you to build on this. Make-up can be the flair you add to it!

This post will talk about beauty for men, women, teenagers and is split into make-up and skincare.

Colourful Teens!


Get crazy-creative! You can really go as wild as you want. Dare I say that in your teens you can basically get away with any and everything. If not, blame it on your youth and curiosity. I wish I did! Use bright colours, blush as lipstick and vice versa. Turquoise mascara, purple blush, the possibilities truly are endless.Those freebies that you get from the magazines will be the start of your collection. Raid Mom’s or your Sister’s collections. Don’t worry about brushes and expensive tools, use you fingers. Practice on your friends to see what looks good. Just go crazy…it will have a different meaning as you get older!

Skin is in…

Now is a good time to start fully cleansing your skin and using a moisturiser at least twice a day. Gently exfoliate at least once a week. At this stage, prevention is certainly better than cure.

Teen Boys!

The above applies to you also. Don’t just use your body soap to wash your face. Try a cleanser to get at the dirt and oils. If you’re outdoors a lot or play sports and exercise, exfoliation will do good to remove the dead layers and recharge the skin. It is also very important to use products with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to absorb or reflect some of the sun’s UV rays. The number you use will depend on skin type and colour. Even if you don’t see it, we all need protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

In your teens, Acne starts to become an all too familiar visitor. Adult acne is becoming more common too. Treatments should be according to skin type and severity. Seek guidance if you want to start a treatment. Most people think alcohol-based products are great. Take care as they can be very drying and can be too harsh for the skin, which could lead to scarring.

Tip-Top Twenties!

You will probably want to be referred to as a ‘young woman’ or ‘gentleman’ at this time in your life. Your ‘grown and sexy’ time is now and you want the world to know it.


Natural looking make-up that oozes sophistication is your brief. Soft colours on the eyes with a neutral flow by day. Daring, smokey eyes with bright gloss or bold lips for the night. Ideally dependent on what you do for work, you may switch this around accordingly. Confidence with colours that reflect personality and compliment your complexion are your ‘go to’ looks. Someone in your family is a ‘beauty inspiration’, get some tips from them that you can make your own!

Skin is in…

If you started a regime early on in life, those good habits should continue now. Tone, cleanse and moisturise in the morning and at night. Exfoliate twice a week. If you’ve had a late night and feel too tired to do all of the above, at least remember to take your make-up off and free your skin (all ages). Wipes that cleanse and tone are a 2 in 1 bargain. Investing in a good eye cream is a welcome addition at this stage. It is one of the first places that shows signs of ageing.

Young men or Gentlemen…

Looking after your skin in your twenties should not be looked at as a chore or something for the female members of the family. Take pride in your skin and make sure you cleanse and moisturise. Go easy on the skin around your eyes and don’t forget to exfoliate.

Flirty Thirties!

Most people dread their 30’s. It’s a real ‘grown-up’ stage although you can probably get away with saying you are in your late 20’s. There is likely to be more definition in your features. Some fine lines and wrinkles may appear (if they haven’t already). You’ll start to panic and buy every ‘wonder/ miracle cream’ on the market as you start to feel older. Stop now!


Your make-up routine is down to a fine art and probably takes less than 5 minutes by now. Well blended seductive eyes and bold lips are that simple nod to old school glamour of yesteryear. Soft lips and a warm eye shadow are a great day look. Flawless foundation looks great at any age but especially now. Spend some time to find the right one for you. If you haven’t already, try airbrushed make-up for a flawless, even finish. Use a primer to make your make-up last but equally to help fill out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin is in…

Think about exploring some of the many anti-ageing products and step up your skin care a notch. Think serums, hydrating creams, moisturisers and formulas with firming agents. Ever had a facial? No? Now is a good time to have one. They are so many options for different budgets and are a great excuse for someone else to look after your face for an hour. They will map out products, give advice and help monitor progress if you go regularly.


Don’t be put off by all the lotions and potions out there. Think on a personal level if you want to combat wrinkles or if you would rather they show out with pride. There are many skin care systems for you that work with a Man’s skin. There is something with your name on it. Some of the men I have spoken to opt for doing facial exercises rather than the creams. This is perfectly fine. It really is all about your comfort levels and what works best for you. Keep up the regime of cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating. You can just increase the intensity of the products as you get older, if you wish.

Fabulous Forties…

You are a refined beauty who wants to ‘glow’ gracefully. The signs of ageing are more defined in your 40’s. Wrinkles are still beautiful and so are you.


Light-reflecting, cream products will highlight and give off a youthful glow. Colours palettes are complimentary and softer versions of the ones you may have previously worn. Brows frame the face and can be done with powder for a gentle look. Outline your lips and fill them in with your favourite neutral lip colour. For more formal or dramatic looks go up a couple of shades in your palettes with burgundy, browns, plums, pinks or your shade of red.

Skin is in…

For a touch of radiance look for creams with light-reflecting elements as you did above with make-up. Richer moisturisers and ones that continue to hydrate the skin are important. Your eye cream should be extremely hydrating as the area around the eyes needs this more and more. You will continue to exfoliate and ensure you rid your skin of the dead cells. Make sure what you are using is not to harsh and that it does not ‘scratch’ your skin.


The steps you followed in your 30s will be continued here into the 40s and beyond. You may want to use a richer moisturiser and any other additional products such as hydrating creams or masks.

Fantastic 50s, 60s, 70s (and all ages after that)!

Fine, deep lines, wrinkles, dark pigmentation and dull skin are more prevalent now more than ever. You will no doubt accept this as proof of the happiness, sadness, trials, tribulations of life. They will not hold you back from your most beautiful years ahead.


The sophistication carried from your 20s and 30s and beyond is a great statement with neutral and warm colours. We have used neutral colours a lot and this is spectacular. It is easy, gorgeous and has a air of grace and elegance. If you are using any powder products, try and use ones that are milled very finely. They won’t emphasise you lines as much. Water based foundations or mousse are lighter on the skin. If you can, avoid high shimmer and glitter products that may show up as severe. Light- reflection products are great for you too. Try balms, butters, or your favourite lipstick diluted with vaseline or non-sticky gloss.

Skin is in…

Your skin may change as you go through the ‘change’. Skin that was previously oily may now become dry. If you notice it is different, switch up your products to suit this. Drink more water (any age) and hydrate your skin on the outside. Let your skin breathe, pamper yourself with a facial or two.


See tips from your 40s.

Final thoughts!

I regard my Daddy as the most handsome man I know. He doesn’t follow a regime but has the most perfect skin of any man his age and younger. He is not letting me put any cream on him. EVER! Stands to reason that my Mom and Sister are the most beautiful women to me. They follow their own regimes as I guess women have been more trained to do so. Whether you do or you don’t, it is important to look after your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Again, this is my most humbled opinion and may be useful to you.

Stay beautiful as it is something that is manifested from the inside, out!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


The Leibster Award! Someone nominated lil’ ole me!

The ever so sweet Kaye from Beautiful Kayekie, nominated me for The Leibster Award. It is an award given to new blogs, with less than 200 followers.  You are nominated/ awarded  by fellow bloggers. To say I am flattered that Kaye has not only read my blog, but commented and nominated me for this award is an understatement. It is my first award since I started blogging last month!

I am truly honoured…

With such an award comes great responsibility and there are rules. The general premise is to share the love by nominating other worthy recipients. They in turn will continue to share the love through the award.

  1. Nominate 5 blogs who you feel are worthy of this award (with less than 200 followers). Add a link to their blog.
  2. Let them know they have been nominated- through comment in one of their posts.

My nominations are (in no order of preference):

I am still really new to this and am finding so many blogs I like. I am sure there will be loads more to come.

Huge hugs and kisses to Beautiful Kayekie again! Maybe through reading this post, we have inspired someone else to start a blog!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


Lip Locking! Affordable lipstick haul (with swatches)!

Lana Turner once said Love awaits you, so put on your lipstick. 

My Sister will agree with the next sentence (or 3). I have an unhealthy obsession with lipstick, lip gloss, lip stains and any other product that is meant for the lips. That obsession extends to the colour pink in particular. The brighter the better! I think this is one of the places you can really accessorise with colour and believe me, I do. 

At the moment, one of my practices is to focus on one area and try lots of different products and colours. It has been all about the eyes for some time but I have fallen in love with the lips again. I am not sure if I read it somewhere or was told this by someone but the ‘right lipstick will look like you have on a full face of make-up’. When I am not in the mood to go all out on a face routine, I do my brows, mascara and lips. This  makes me feel (and look) like I have been in front of the make-up table for hours, perfecting the perfect look. 

My collection of lip products includes everything from free samples to ones over £20.00. The most I am sure I have spent on one lipstick is about £23.00. I haven’t found anything yet that will warrant me spending more than that. 

I recently took a trip to Superdrug (UK Drugstore) and purchased a couple of lipsticks. All were under £10.00 each and they were having a 2 for 3 promotion. Needless to say I purchased 9 from 3 different brands. None of the products are that new to the market and should be available in your country or to purchase on line.

A mini/ basic review is below. I have also included pictures. None of me wearing the lipstick, however, as I have yet to perfect my pout. That will be soon, I am working on it as I type…

They are in no particular order!

  • Sleek Pout Paint £4.99


Richly pigmented lip stain. You need the smallest amount as it does ‘stain’ the lip. The description states you need only apply the tiniest drop of pout paint to your lip brush for complete coverage…a little goes a very long way! 

As the name suggests, it makes me want to pout. I don’t know why. I could just be strange. The colours are gorgeous and intense. You can tone them down with lipgloss, vaseline or another colour. You can make your own colours by mixing them with others from the collection.

I purchased, 159 Port, 154 Mauve Over and 160 Pinkini (see above swatch).

As it is a stain, you will have to put in a little extra work to remove the product at the end of the day. 

Price: 5/5.

For a stain that is so rich in colour and for the amount needed this will last you a long time. Value for money!

Packaging: 3/5. 

Standard squeezy tube. At least you can squeeze to the last drop. 

Product: 5/5.

I love it and then love it some more. The biggest pro is the intensity of the colours. Some of them are quite unique and when mixed are pretty awesome. I haven’t tried OCC Lip Tars yet and wonder if this is a cheap alternative?

  • Revlon Lip Butter £7.99


Super excited for these as they took a while to hit the UK. We don’t have all the same colours as the US does and indeed other parts of the world. That is the same with many other make-up products but that is another blog for another time.

As smooth as butter. I don’t know anyone who puts butter on their lips but if they did, it would feel like this. Actually, I am sure this feels better. 

I purchased 010 Raspberry Pie, 035 Candy Apple and 075 Lollipop (swatch above).

Really soft and creamy ( I promise to stop with the butter talk) but not a huge colour pay off-especially the more neutral or nude colours. The pinks and reds are not a bad pigmentation. Smell is nondescript. Wipes away easily and you may find you have to reapply often especially after food, kissing and so on.

Price: 4/5. 

You’re paying for the Revlon name. Reasonable as under £10.00 and similar pricing for most of their lipsticks.

Packaging: 5/5.

Super cute. The case matches the colour of the product and it has a clear top so you can see the shade clearly. 

Product: 4/5.

I love Revlon lipsticks. This is no different. I am a huge fan of their Colourburst and Super Lustrous ranges. I will be adding to this Lip Butter collection very soon. 

Last but not least…

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate (Moss) Lipstick £5.49


Second cheapest set of the bunch and that is not a bad thing. They don’t have names that I could see but numbers instead. I have a couple of Rimmel lipsticks and glosses and I love the consistency and lasting effect. This is no different. Kate’s name had no bearing on me buying the product and I just loved the colours.

Wonderful colour return on the lips. Not as creamy as some of the other Rimmel lip products but soft all the same. Normal lipstick smell and long-lasting. 

I purchased 01, 02 and 08. My best description would be red, hot pink and dusty rose pink. 

Price: 5/5.

Need I really say more. 

Packaging: 3/5.

Plain black durable case with Kate Moss signature. Colour sticker at bottom with number. 

Product: 4/5.

I am wondering what would it take to give this full scores. I think maybe the packaging and also if it were a little more hydrating. I score hard but then again 4/5 is a great score. 

The above is very much my humble opinion. The colours purchased compliment my skin tone and that of many others. They were a great price and do what you would expect any other lipstick to. I like experimenting with lip products and often don’t just wear on their own. I will be back soon with more from my collection (new and old) all different brands and prices.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Kiss! Kiss!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


Man Up! Male grooming tips!

Not wanting to alienate and leave out the men, this short blog is just for you!

I am no expert on male grooming but know that it is important. It seems that many men out there agree, as they are spending hard earned cash on products that many women would envy! Men like the ‘youthful’ glow just as much as the ladies and take real pride in looking after themselves.

If you spend more time in the bathroom than your partner (or longer) then you probably have some tips you could share. If not and you don’t have a regime yet, this blogs for you!

I will say some words like foundation and concealer! Do not be alarmed! I repeat, do not be alarmed! Men have blemishes too and uneven complexions and they want/ need and feel comfortable using the above products- when needed!

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise!

Yes! I said it. Washing your face with just water or a little soap is not enough. Most soaps can be drying and if you’re not putting any moisture back into the skin, you are not doing yourself justice!

Find a system suited to your skin type (oily, combination, dry etc). A cleanser, exfoliation product- shouldn’t be too harsh- and a moisturiser. If you’re outside a lot, get a moisturiser with sun protectant.

You can take it one step further and get a night cream or moisturiser. No pressure… but a good option, nonetheless! Worried about wrinkles? This helps keep them at bay.

2. Hands and Feet!

They put in the work. They need looking after. Simple. Ensure they are moisturised and cared for. Have a manicure and pedicure. Soak your hands and feet at the end of the week.

A quick and easy foot mask? Olive oil, cucumber juice/ oil and some lemon juice in a blender. Put the mixture in a plastic bag and leave your feet to soak for 10 mins. Once finished, feet should be softer.

If the above is a bit much and it is not too hot, lather feet with lotion and put socks on. This is great for hands too. Do this at night time.

3. Make-up!

There are men who feel very comfortable wearing make-up. It doesn’t have to be a full face but instead a little concealer on a spot or discoloured area or some powder. Whatever makes you comfortable.

To learn more, speak to a female friend or family member who uses make-up. You can also speak to a beauty consultant. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s more common than you think!

Want to know more, you can contact me for advice and help.

4. Lips don’t lie!

Moisturise your lips as often as needed. They can easily become dry. Doing the LL Cool J ‘lip lick‘ dries them out more. Chap stick and Vaseline are fine. There are more expensive products out there if you want something more up market.

There are many more tips such as getting your 8 (eight) hours of sleep, drink lots of water. Looking after your skin after you shave and lots more.

In my humble opinion, there’s not much difference in a regime for men as there is for women. Products are saturating the market for both sexes and it just takes some patience, time and trials to find ones that do what you want and need them to.

I will be dedicating some more blogs to you to answer your questions and give more advice- just for men!

Let me know how you get on! Share your tips!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


Layering your skin care products!

What goes first? The potion or the lotion?

If you have several products as part of your beauty regime, you may be struggling with layering. What do you put on first? If you put on several products will they be just as effective?

The simple answer is yes… but within reason! I guess one of the keys to layering is not to layer too much. You shouldn’t really be putting on more than 3-4 products at one time if you’re wanting them to really do your skin justice. However, dependent on your skin type and any specific conditions you may want to treat, you could be putting on twice the above amount. At night you may find you have more products to put on as this is the time your skin works hardest!

I have found the process below works best for me. This is generally for day and night. If you work on the premise of using the thinnest products first, working your way to the thicker ones (such as moisturiser) you should find a programme that works best for you!

Clean face! Sounds like the obvious but often something people neglect. Start with a cleansed and toned face!

Those Eyes… I use my eye cream first as the skin is delicate and I have a targeted product for hydrating the skin here. I pat the product gently around my orbital bone. I also try hard to not let the other products I use on my face, ‘interfere’ with my eye cream.

Serums/ Concentrates or treatment medicine. These are normally thinner than moisturisers. I sometimes use Witch Hazel if I have a breakout at this stage. I use a serum at night.

My final product is my moisturiser. This tends to seal the deal! It is the heaviest product (even if it is a light one) and is designed to rehydrate, keep the skin protected and nourished.

A side note- or two! Don’t forget to condition your lips. They need attention like everywhere else! Also give each product a couple minutes or longer to get into the skin.

As mentioned earlier, you may have additional products such as wrinkle solutions, different serums and more. Look at content and consistency and what they do. Some products may cause a reaction when put with other products. Seek advice if unsure and always seek medical assistance if you get a rash or other allergic reaction.

Hope you find this useful. Do you has a layering regime that works for you? Let me know!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


My Make-up Story: Finding myself through Make-up!

I was recently asked how I got into beauty and make-up. Most people will say they have always had a passion for it. I can’t say that is true of my journey as my passion came after…after make-up helped me rediscover ME!

Apologies in advance as this is likely to be one of the deepest posts I have made to date (yes, in my 5 post career) but I am hopeful that the content will inspire someone. Even if it is one person.

I was never that girl in High School that wore make-up. I did lip gloss and maybe lipstick (with black liner) but not full make-up. I guess I just wasn’t into it. I didn’t really give it much thought either beyond putting witch hazel or aloe on my face if I had an occasional breakout. I used to think that if I missed the ‘make-up train’ in school then why has it come and steamrolled into my life now. Many years later.

I started to lose my confidence through changes in my life, my beautiful Son’s diagnosis of Autism, stresses at work and home and my weight gain. They all had profound effects on my life and with them my confident, strong disposition started to go. For many people it’s the physical changes (i.e weight gain, severe acne, facial disfigurement etc) that makes you want to run and hide from the world. Such was my fate, putting on weight and not being that confident girl who would have been strong enough to believe she was pretty regardless, led me to make-up. Make-up became my mask from the world and I was able to become anyone but me. I pulled away from family and friends and those close to me. Make-up became my friend.

The mysterious woman with a smokey eye. The coy and funny one with barely there make-up.. The vixen with a flawless face of red lips and smouldering dark shadow (but not the body to match) were some of the many persona’s I adopted. Through make-up it was all possible. At least so I thought. You see, there are many reasons why people do what they do, act they way they do and say what they say. Without really knowing what is inside a person’s mind or heart means you only know what they show.

It didn’t matter how many times people would say ‘you’ve got gorgeous skin’ or ‘you’re really pretty’ I never felt it. Make-up was the only thing that made me feel it. The trouble was it made me feel it on the outside but the inside didn’t match. The artistry was there but the passion was not behind it- YET!

How did it change?

I started to get compliments on my make-up and requests to show people how to do a certain look. Friends asked for beauty tips and for me to do their make-up for nights out etc. It began to give me a confidence boost of different kind. I started to take off my make-up ‘mask’ and figured that what I wore on my face, was a conversation starter but Donna-Marie the person is what kept that conversation going. The creativety that made me transform my face on the outside was helping me rediscover my confidence on the inside. My passion started to grow. It is still growing.

This is the condensed version of the story as I it may end up being a book rather than a short blog post! That being said, I found a different direction to channel my anxiety and low self-esteem and eventually found a way to tackle the issues that were causing the problems in the first place. I was very fortunate to have people who stuck with me during dark days.

I have had quite a few people who have told me their make-up journey- and other journeys- began as a ‘mask’ also. A mask to hide bullying, illness, relationship breakdowns, disability, abuse, weight gain, weight loss and so much more. When the mask comes off and you deal and confront the issues, the passion shines through. When you find the confidence inside, the passion shines through. When you stop apologising for being you and that is the YOU that you want to be (not the one everyone else wants) the passion shines through.

I love make-up and beauty and what it represents for me. It is not defined by a dictionary or a ‘guru’ but instead what you feel inside. My journey now has seen me become strong enough to leave a stable career in Customer Service Management for a path in coaching and inspiring others to find their natural, organic internal beauty. Whether with a face full of make-up or not!

‘Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul’. Saint Augustine.

Thank you for reading my make-up story. What’s your story of how you found your passion?

The Beauty Holder! xoxo