Beauty tips through the ages…

I’ve spoken about starting a skin care or beauty regime in previous posts. The importance of looking after your skin is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

No matter your age, colour or skin type, you can experiment, explore and express yourself. Skin care is the foundation that allows you to build on this. Make-up can be the flair you add to it!

This post will talk about beauty for men, women, teenagers and is split into make-up and skincare.

Colourful Teens!


Get crazy-creative! You can really go as wild as you want. Dare I say that in your teens you can basically get away with any and everything. If not, blame it on your youth and curiosity. I wish I did! Use bright colours, blush as lipstick and vice versa. Turquoise mascara, purple blush, the possibilities truly are endless.Those freebies that you get from the magazines will be the start of your collection. Raid Mom’s or your Sister’s collections. Don’t worry about brushes and expensive tools, use you fingers. Practice on your friends to see what looks good. Just go crazy…it will have a different meaning as you get older!

Skin is in…

Now is a good time to start fully cleansing your skin and using a moisturiser at least twice a day. Gently exfoliate at least once a week. At this stage, prevention is certainly better than cure.

Teen Boys!

The above applies to you also. Don’t just use your body soap to wash your face. Try a cleanser to get at the dirt and oils. If you’re outdoors a lot or play sports and exercise, exfoliation will do good to remove the dead layers and recharge the skin. It is also very important to use products with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to absorb or reflect some of the sun’s UV rays. The number you use will depend on skin type and colour. Even if you don’t see it, we all need protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

In your teens, Acne starts to become an all too familiar visitor. Adult acne is becoming more common too. Treatments should be according to skin type and severity. Seek guidance if you want to start a treatment. Most people think alcohol-based products are great. Take care as they can be very drying and can be too harsh for the skin, which could lead to scarring.

Tip-Top Twenties!

You will probably want to be referred to as a ‘young woman’ or ‘gentleman’ at this time in your life. Your ‘grown and sexy’ time is now and you want the world to know it.


Natural looking make-up that oozes sophistication is your brief. Soft colours on the eyes with a neutral flow by day. Daring, smokey eyes with bright gloss or bold lips for the night. Ideally dependent on what you do for work, you may switch this around accordingly. Confidence with colours that reflect personality and compliment your complexion are your ‘go to’ looks. Someone in your family is a ‘beauty inspiration’, get some tips from them that you can make your own!

Skin is in…

If you started a regime early on in life, those good habits should continue now. Tone, cleanse and moisturise in the morning and at night. Exfoliate twice a week. If you’ve had a late night and feel too tired to do all of the above, at least remember to take your make-up off and free your skin (all ages). Wipes that cleanse and tone are a 2 in 1 bargain. Investing in a good eye cream is a welcome addition at this stage. It is one of the first places that shows signs of ageing.

Young men or Gentlemen…

Looking after your skin in your twenties should not be looked at as a chore or something for the female members of the family. Take pride in your skin and make sure you cleanse and moisturise. Go easy on the skin around your eyes and don’t forget to exfoliate.

Flirty Thirties!

Most people dread their 30’s. It’s a real ‘grown-up’ stage although you can probably get away with saying you are in your late 20’s. There is likely to be more definition in your features. Some fine lines and wrinkles may appear (if they haven’t already). You’ll start to panic and buy every ‘wonder/ miracle cream’ on the market as you start to feel older. Stop now!


Your make-up routine is down to a fine art and probably takes less than 5 minutes by now. Well blended seductive eyes and bold lips are that simple nod to old school glamour of yesteryear. Soft lips and a warm eye shadow are a great day look. Flawless foundation looks great at any age but especially now. Spend some time to find the right one for you. If you haven’t already, try airbrushed make-up for a flawless, even finish. Use a primer to make your make-up last but equally to help fill out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin is in…

Think about exploring some of the many anti-ageing products and step up your skin care a notch. Think serums, hydrating creams, moisturisers and formulas with firming agents. Ever had a facial? No? Now is a good time to have one. They are so many options for different budgets and are a great excuse for someone else to look after your face for an hour. They will map out products, give advice and help monitor progress if you go regularly.


Don’t be put off by all the lotions and potions out there. Think on a personal level if you want to combat wrinkles or if you would rather they show out with pride. There are many skin care systems for you that work with a Man’s skin. There is something with your name on it. Some of the men I have spoken to opt for doing facial exercises rather than the creams. This is perfectly fine. It really is all about your comfort levels and what works best for you. Keep up the regime of cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating. You can just increase the intensity of the products as you get older, if you wish.

Fabulous Forties…

You are a refined beauty who wants to ‘glow’ gracefully. The signs of ageing are more defined in your 40’s. Wrinkles are still beautiful and so are you.


Light-reflecting, cream products will highlight and give off a youthful glow. Colours palettes are complimentary and softer versions of the ones you may have previously worn. Brows frame the face and can be done with powder for a gentle look. Outline your lips and fill them in with your favourite neutral lip colour. For more formal or dramatic looks go up a couple of shades in your palettes with burgundy, browns, plums, pinks or your shade of red.

Skin is in…

For a touch of radiance look for creams with light-reflecting elements as you did above with make-up. Richer moisturisers and ones that continue to hydrate the skin are important. Your eye cream should be extremely hydrating as the area around the eyes needs this more and more. You will continue to exfoliate and ensure you rid your skin of the dead cells. Make sure what you are using is not to harsh and that it does not ‘scratch’ your skin.


The steps you followed in your 30s will be continued here into the 40s and beyond. You may want to use a richer moisturiser and any other additional products such as hydrating creams or masks.

Fantastic 50s, 60s, 70s (and all ages after that)!

Fine, deep lines, wrinkles, dark pigmentation and dull skin are more prevalent now more than ever. You will no doubt accept this as proof of the happiness, sadness, trials, tribulations of life. They will not hold you back from your most beautiful years ahead.


The sophistication carried from your 20s and 30s and beyond is a great statement with neutral and warm colours. We have used neutral colours a lot and this is spectacular. It is easy, gorgeous and has a air of grace and elegance. If you are using any powder products, try and use ones that are milled very finely. They won’t emphasise you lines as much. Water based foundations or mousse are lighter on the skin. If you can, avoid high shimmer and glitter products that may show up as severe. Light- reflection products are great for you too. Try balms, butters, or your favourite lipstick diluted with vaseline or non-sticky gloss.

Skin is in…

Your skin may change as you go through the ‘change’. Skin that was previously oily may now become dry. If you notice it is different, switch up your products to suit this. Drink more water (any age) and hydrate your skin on the outside. Let your skin breathe, pamper yourself with a facial or two.


See tips from your 40s.

Final thoughts!

I regard my Daddy as the most handsome man I know. He doesn’t follow a regime but has the most perfect skin of any man his age and younger. He is not letting me put any cream on him. EVER! Stands to reason that my Mom and Sister are the most beautiful women to me. They follow their own regimes as I guess women have been more trained to do so. Whether you do or you don’t, it is important to look after your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Again, this is my most humbled opinion and may be useful to you.

Stay beautiful as it is something that is manifested from the inside, out!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


3 responses to “Beauty tips through the ages…”

  1. Anthony Tactics Avatar
    Anthony Tactics

    how often should a man exfoliate?

    1. Hey Tactics! At the very least once a week, no more than 3! xoxo

  2. Yeah Dad ain’t letting you anywhere near his face!!! LOL And thank you for the compliment, the feeling is mutual.

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