Layering your skin care products!

What goes first? The potion or the lotion?

If you have several products as part of your beauty regime, you may be struggling with layering. What do you put on first? If you put on several products will they be just as effective?

The simple answer is yes… but within reason! I guess one of the keys to layering is not to layer too much. You shouldn’t really be putting on more than 3-4 products at one time if you’re wanting them to really do your skin justice. However, dependent on your skin type and any specific conditions you may want to treat, you could be putting on twice the above amount. At night you may find you have more products to put on as this is the time your skin works hardest!

I have found the process below works best for me. This is generally for day and night. If you work on the premise of using the thinnest products first, working your way to the thicker ones (such as moisturiser) you should find a programme that works best for you!

Clean face! Sounds like the obvious but often something people neglect. Start with a cleansed and toned face!

Those Eyes… I use my eye cream first as the skin is delicate and I have a targeted product for hydrating the skin here. I pat the product gently around my orbital bone. I also try hard to not let the other products I use on my face, ‘interfere’ with my eye cream.

Serums/ Concentrates or treatment medicine. These are normally thinner than moisturisers. I sometimes use Witch Hazel if I have a breakout at this stage. I use a serum at night.

My final product is my moisturiser. This tends to seal the deal! It is the heaviest product (even if it is a light one) and is designed to rehydrate, keep the skin protected and nourished.

A side note- or two! Don’t forget to condition your lips. They need attention like everywhere else! Also give each product a couple minutes or longer to get into the skin.

As mentioned earlier, you may have additional products such as wrinkle solutions, different serums and more. Look at content and consistency and what they do. Some products may cause a reaction when put with other products. Seek advice if unsure and always seek medical assistance if you get a rash or other allergic reaction.

Hope you find this useful. Do you has a layering regime that works for you? Let me know!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


2 responses to “Layering your skin care products!”

  1. Great post. I’ve experimented so many times with layering, not sure if I have it perfected yet but I did pick up a great trick for natural skincare. Put your moisuriser on first, them pat on a small amount of rose hip oil to seal in the moisture. When I read it I thought, of course! Oil never really mixed well, and this is a way to make it work. I do it every now and again when I feel like it and it does the job 🙂

    1. Wonderful tip! Will certainly be trying that! Thanks sweetie! 🙂 xo

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