The Leibster Award! Someone nominated lil’ ole me!

The ever so sweet Kaye from Beautiful Kayekie, nominated me for The Leibster Award. It is an award given to new blogs, with less than 200 followers.  You are nominated/ awarded  by fellow bloggers. To say I am flattered that Kaye has not only read my blog, but commented and nominated me for this award is an understatement. It is my first award since I started blogging last month!

I am truly honoured…

With such an award comes great responsibility and there are rules. The general premise is to share the love by nominating other worthy recipients. They in turn will continue to share the love through the award.

  1. Nominate 5 blogs who you feel are worthy of this award (with less than 200 followers). Add a link to their blog.
  2. Let them know they have been nominated- through comment in one of their posts.

My nominations are (in no order of preference):

I am still really new to this and am finding so many blogs I like. I am sure there will be loads more to come.

Huge hugs and kisses to Beautiful Kayekie again! Maybe through reading this post, we have inspired someone else to start a blog!

The Beauty Holder! xoxo


4 responses to “The Leibster Award! Someone nominated lil’ ole me!”

  1. You deserve it and your very welcome, keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Anthony Tactics Avatar
    Anthony Tactics


    1. Thanks Tactics! You’re too kind! x

  3. Aww.. congrats hun!! Well done xo

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