Details. Primary Bedroom Refresh 🪴!

Hey Loves! Details. This is a mini-home series detailing some of the recent home refresh/ revamp/ renovations en mi casa over the past year. At the start of the pandemic last year (2020), most of us found ourselves in varying states of 'lockdown'. Here in the UK, that first lockdown began in March to June/July … Continue reading Details. Primary Bedroom Refresh 🪴!

It’s a Good Friday 🙏🏾 for Autism Awareness💙 !

Hey Loves, I want to wish you a blessed Good Friday. The Easter season is truly special in many ways, even if you are not a Christian or believe in God. For me, someone who has been taking the time to renew my faith and relationship with the Lord, I am reminded that Jesus paid … Continue reading It’s a Good Friday 🙏🏾 for Autism Awareness💙 !