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Hey Loves,

This week we are talking fashion! Maybe not so much of the talking but rather me answering your fashion-related questions. I for sure agree that the emphasis on my blog for the past year (maybe a little longer) has been clothes and my style. Let’s jump straight into why that is and other such fun!


So why all the fashion posts? You started out as a beauty blog!

Make-up and beauty was my initial escape from a lot of things and my entry into the blogosphere. I did not necessarily think of where my blog was going in the future as when I started it was all about living in the moment. I have always had my own sense of style and fashion and love clothes! Can we say LOVE clothes.ย 

This was no different when I was more fuller-figured, although I didn’t express it in the written form as I wish I had done. I did not have the confidence as I had alot of other things going on. The comfortability change came with my lifestyle change and moreso the weight loss, which will be discussed next week.ย 

My focus now is just enjoying fashion and creating my own unique sense of style that holds no bars and is unapologetic.

How do you feel about fashion in your 40s?

Pretty much the same way I felt about it in my 30s and 20s. I wear what I like, how I like, when and where I like. I DO NOT feel that clothing should be defined by your time of life. I detest when people say ‘you’re a Mom, you can’t wearย that’, errrrrrrr says who? I could wear a lot worse probably and I just might. This body is my body and I am the best person to dress it accordingly. If that means I have legs on show and my back out, then I guess I’ve got my legs on show and my back out. I refuse to let social construction determine how I should dress. I think I am smart enough to figure it out all on my own.ย 

There has been somewhat of a phoenix arising from the ashes with my fashion where I keep pushing my own boundaries. I was never ok with showing my legs before and this summer it was short shorts and shorter still. When I was in the corporate world *covers eyes and screams why* I was all suits and heels, now its all graphic tees, rompers and floral dresses, nightwear as daywear and the like. There is nothing like an off the shoulder sweater and jeans, ugh, it is everything. It is not something everyone understands or appreciates and that is ok. It is my body after all.

Describe your style?

Crazy, Sexy, Cool! TLC did it for me. My choices are often questionable but that is what makes me go for it. I was in my comfort zone for far too long. I love maxi dresses, tailored blazers, bodycon dresses and jumpsuits. I LOVE a jumpsuit. How can you not love a jumpsuit.ย 


Who is your style inspiration?

I honestly can’t say there is just one person. I am more of an era kind of chick. I love some of the style of the reckless 90s as well as the daring 70s. I loved Aaliyah’s (RIP Baby Girl) tomboy but girly style but also loved Donna Summer (namesake) and Farah Fawcett’s body-hugging flare. If it fits and accentuates then I’m down.ย I am not necessarily a fan of her antics, but I do appreciate much of the clothes Kim Kardashian West wears, especially the fitted midi dresses she is known for. She was not the first to wear such styles but the media’s obsession with her means it had a spotlight and front page attention.ย 

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

My homies who know me, know that I was the original bag lady. There was not a bag (with the matching wallet) that I did not own. I still love them to this day but my favourite is a vintage 70s maxi dress from Marks and Spencers (below). I have two of them and I practically act like I’ve stepped out of a sitcom with Ashton Kutcher which coincidentally had a character called Donna in it. Can you name that show? *** Warning | I was like 24/ 25 in this pic ๐Ÿ™ˆย ๐Ÿ˜ซย Shoutout to my sweetheart Roche next to me. *****


Actually, can I include my wigs and hair pieces in this narrative. No horses have been harmed- I make sure I am all over that. The industry is getting tougher on hair companies who exploit women across the world for their hair, which is then sold for me to purchase so I look into this very carefully and know and trust where my hair is coming from. This may change in the coming months for some of the reason to the question below.ย 

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Vegan fashion?

I look at labels more now and have tried to make more of a conscious effort to ensure I am not buying leather or products that have harmed/ killed etc animals to make them. Equally, I look at where things are made and the conditions under which workers and labourers are treated and paid. This I cannot always control but I do try really hard and have much to learn. Things that I have purchased or were gifted before I became vegan don’t get worn as much or have been given away. It is a fine line that I tread carefully much like the make-up.ย 

Favourite clothing stores?

This changes quite often, although I am sucker for a thrift/ vintage store. House of CB (aka Celeb Boutique) have some banging pieces but not at my favourite prices, I love that they have vegan ‘leather’. They get the fit right and hold the curvy girl in high regard. Fashion Nova (which I have done a couple of hauls for), Zara, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo are much the same and often have the same things. They are instafashion so everyone is wearing them, all the time. I have found some cute boutiques in the city (London Town) and when I am in the US, which don’t knock them, you can get some beautiful clothes that not everyone has. Much like my make-up, however, even if I am sent clothes for review, I ALWAYS give my honest opinion. I will never stand with a company if I don’t agree with their ethos.ย 

Online is easy but it is not always what you see is what you get. Buyer beware. My advice is to always check reviews, refund policies and shipping info. For those in the UK a lot of the sites that seem really cheap are so for a reason and there is the customs and tax to consider also. Due diligence is important before you part with your coins honey.ย 

Jewellery/ Jewellry?

Yes, both the UK and US spelling. My style for jewels, ice, rocks is minimalist. As long as I have gold hoops then I ain’t got no worries. The bigger the better, it’s a New York thing baby, it’s what we do!

If my hoops aren’t bigger than my head or I am not wearing any, that is not me! Get help immediately. It is not safe. I repeat it is not safe!

My fashion advice?

Just do you! Wear you and what you like, love, and believe in. Wear things that make you feel pretty, handsome, sexy, fly, dope, comfortable. Wear happiness!

Fashion Blogger?

What I love about fashion blogging is the opportunity it provides for my style voice to be heard. I can talk and share body confidence in different ways and there is nothing like it. None of us are cookie-cutter, carbon copies of each other. Our style is as unique as our body and we shouldn’t shy away from that. We can embrace and share it and more importantly LOVE it. So if I decide to wear vertical stripes that someone feels makes me look top heavy (I wish) with rainbow polka-dot cullotes then I can and I will and can’t no-one stop me. Not even the fashion police because despite what e! entertainment says, they don’t exist! Go forth and share you fashion footstep with the world, what have you got to lose?

So there will be much more fashion posts, hauls and all that to come. You can always keep up with my movements on Instagram. Link at the top of the page or to the right. I can’t wait to look back at this post in years to come and think, wow… YOU GO GIRL!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the final instalment next week on lifestyle! Thanks for rocking with me so far! You are appreciated!

Besos ๐Ÿ’‹

TBH! xoxo


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