I’m going Natural… (Introductory Hair blog post)!

I am on a hair journey. I don’t know the frequency of these posts at the moment it is all new and I am doing my research!

Going natural in the simplest of terms means I have stopped applying a relaxer to straighten/ perm my hair. The part that has been chemically processed will remain straight and any new growth will be curly, wavy or even kinky according to my natural pattern. I am already in a transition stage of not using a relaxer and have been ‘relaxer-free’ for over a year.

My award winning celebrity stylist and friend Korell Williams (@cut2williams) of Zig Zag Salon in Oxford Street is supporting me with this change. The first question I normally get is why? Some quick answers below!

  1. I decided to go natural because I love colour more than the straight texture. I did not want to damage my hair any further through relaxing and colouring. I also am championing a lifestyle change for myself. Healthy hair, skin, lifestyle…
  2. Tired of the damage and breakage to hairline and nape- actually all my hair due to chemical treatments, constant heat and more.
  3. I will not be doing the ‘big chop’ at this stage. That is where you cut your hair to the new growth only getting rid of the perm processed hair. I did a mini chop  a couple weeks ago where we took off a few inches. I went from bust level hair to bob length- just on my shoulders. (It was emotional- I think I cried- a little)!
  4. When I refer to perm- that is not the curly perm. It is another term for relaxer.
  5. I can achieve length and thickness with my own hair and not only with extensions, wigs or weaves. That being said- I will still be rocking them for different looks and during this transition.

Natural hair me- I am loving buns at the moment!

Natural hair...

I have to shout out my dear friend Naomi Clarke on this post. Years and years ago when we were partners in crime my hair fell out after I coloured and dyed it within a 24 hour period. I had a short afro (really short) from shoulder length hair. Naomi being the ace that she is cut off all her hair to support me as I was devastated. That is what you call friendship! Naomi is a Skin Care, Natural Hair care specialist and Loctitian. For more information go to www.naosheas.co.uk  | Look out for a guest blog spotlight on Naomi and Korell in the coming months.

That my friends is it in a nutshell. More to come.



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4 responses to “I’m going Natural… (Introductory Hair blog post)!”

  1. Good luck Hun, will you be writing about how you look after going natural and products to aid you in your hair journey ?

    1. Yes babe I will! I have! The journey started a while ago so I will be posting more info! Thanks for checking it out doll! xoxo

  2. Look forward to your future posts. I love your high bun, it looks great on you,

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! So appreciative! Can’t wait to continue this journey…

      Look forward to checking out your blog this weekend! xoxo

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