‘Blogmas’ day 10 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Beauty Edition (part 2)

‘Blogmas’ day 10 πŸŽ„: Small Business Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 | Beauty Edition (part 2)

Hey Loves, only 2 more posts to go after this and that’s the end of ‘blogmas’. I can’t thank you enough for sticking it out with me. Just a reminder, these posts are NOT SPONSORED. I hope you will connect with some of these small, independent businesses and brands. There is so much hard work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ when starting out on your own and it can be tough carving out your space in the wild world of business, so let’s support and encourage these fantastic services, not only at Christmas but beyond! We are back to beauty today, so enjoy! Days 1-9 of ‘blogmas’ are all below this post.

Naosheas @naosheas– When someone has rocked every hairstyle, length, and colour imaginable (and that’s not an exaggeration) then you gotta know they have hands that will lovingly care for your mane. Naosheas is the loctician with the healing, growing hands your crown has been longing for. Naomi is a highly entrusted and experienced professional who has an innate gift for caring, styling and maintaining locs. You have but to look at her own beautiful locs to see her talent and passion up close. Her clients quickly become ‘family’ because of the love she exudes naturally as a person, and the tenderness she enthuses into your crown. Whether you’re contemplating locs, just starting out, or in need of someone to reinvigorate your existing locs, no-one is gonna help you embrace the journey like Naosheas. And she isn’t keeping all the tricks of the trade to herself, she wants to teach YOU how to look after your crown and/or even start your own loctician business. Don’t you just love that? If you didn’t love her already (like are you ok?) then let me tell you of a true story involving this Queen. When my hair fell out many, many moons ago, and I had to go Halle Berry short (long story) Naomi, cut off all of her beautiful hair to support me. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is… that’s the connecting power of hair. She is my sister from another mister and the best loctician there is. Check out her beautiful gallery of smiling loc’d clients here including a selection of her homemade natural products. Be sure to contact her for more information on her services and products- she’s in huge demand!

Image Credit: @naosheas

Tracey @optimistic_candles21 – Say hello to stunning soy wax, hand poured optimistic candles. Tracey designs and creates beautifully scented candles with wooden wicks for a larger flame that dances to its own crackling sound. Her product range also includes wax melts and soaps made from natural ingredients such as shea butter, oatmeal and coconut. There are made-to order options available, such as ‘mommy-to-be’ gift sets, massage oil candles and more. Let Tracey give life to your candle fantasy crafted with your favourite scents for the holidays or indeed any season. Illuminate your space with alluring designs by Optimistic_Candles21 that will elevate your home decor and fill the space with scented delight. Tracey has the most gentle, kind spirit, as bright as her candles light. Find out more on the links above.

Image Credit: @optimistic_candles21

Dominique @_thebraidedit – Looking for the perfect protective style for your hair? Whether you want braids, extensions, weaves, a super long ponytail or any other style your mind can conjure up then run (don’t walk) to Dominique @_thebraidedit. She has incomparable skill and impeccable finishing quality that will leave everyone with braid/ hair envy. Her clients rave about her neatness, gentle touch, expeditious ability and long-lasting styles that won’t snatch your edges. Those client selfies (with the big grins) speak for themselves. She is as stunning as her styles on the inside too. Dominique is ready to transform your hair into #hairgoals. Find all things @_thebraidedit here.

Image Credit:@_thebraidedit

Christine Conscious Cosmetics with Christine – If you want beauty and cosmetic products sourced ethically, free from animal testing then get in touch with Christine. As a vegan (and even before), this is especially important to me. Conscious Cosmetics with Christine is a private Facebook group committed to helping you with your beauty and skin care needs but in a safe, natural and sustainable way. Product ranges include ‘The Body Shop’ also, so names that you know and trust. Don’t hesitate to contact and support my fellow Brunel peer and friend. She is always happy and willing to help (with the sweetest smile on her face). Click here to join the Facebook group.

Image Credit: (with permission from Christine’s instagram)

I hope you enjoyed the beauty edit (see what I did there) part 2. All of these amazing women are inspiring and blessed. Keep shining y’all. 😊

There will be a special feature on some of my awesome MUA friends in a few days (let’s call it a bonus edition) as they deserve a spotlight of their own. And don’t worry I got something for my international peeps too, New York and Dubai, I’m coming for ya tomorrow.

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo

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