Straight…No Chaser! Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette Review! 📝

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I have some great reviews coming up for you in the next couple of weeks/ months. If you are new, you can find two different reviews on my blog. Straight…No Chaser! is a more in-depth review of a product. Everything from price, packaging to the product itself. Loves and Loathes are the basic, need to know info of a product I either, love or loathe. Just before Christmas I was in Boots (UK Drugstore) and noticed this Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette. I thought to myself I had to give it a try! Was it the right decision? Read below to find out!

Sleek Highlighting Palette Front Sleek Highlighting Palette (back)

Before I begin, I know I say this in every review and in all types of ways but all opinions are my own. I have not been paid or endorsed to write about this product. If a product is sent to me for review, I will always let you know and it will still ALWAYS be MY HONEST OPINION! So without the drumroll, Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals.

What I like about Sleek!

Quite simply, they make quality, affordable makeup. They have a great range of products from fair skin to brown. Gorgeously pigmented eyeshadows and lipsticks that I obsessed over with every shade. They cover everything from brows to foundation with even more in between. They were one of the first drugstore ranges that I knew about that catered to black women. Some products of theirs I have been hit and miss with such as the foundations but all in all as a brand…I like them! Did I like this product? Read on to find out!

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 5/5

There is no way I could give this any other score. The price point is amazing. You get 4 highlighting powders for different areas of your face for £10.00. For just one highlighting powder you can pay that price or more so the fact you get a palette and a mini brush means this is an option if you don’t have bank to buy some of the more popular celebrity endorsed ones.

Packaging: 4/5

Palette comes in a box with a pic of the product on front with Sleek’s logo etc. On the back it has directions for use as well as the ingredients. The palette itself comes in a toughened plastic grey mirrored type case (gotta love my descriptions lool). Inside has the 4 (four) shades as well as a mirror and brush. Names of the shades on a plastic sheet inside. It does feel a little cheap and I personally wish the logo wasn’t so large on the front but hey ho… it’s no big deal. Small and compact for your purse or makeup bag. Beats having to carry a couple different products around all for the sole purpose of highlighting.

Sleek palette Back Sleek palettewith name insertwithout insert

Product:  3.25/5

There are 3 creamy shades and one powder. I warn you now, it has shimmer and shine and a lot of it. I love the powder but the creamier shades are a tad bright for my skin if not fully blended in. Platinum (the iridescent white shade) is for the brow bone and to be honest, I would use one of the other shades such as Renaissance Gold there. With such a creamy formula it feels like I could be shining brighter than a diamond and not necessarily in a good way. Royal Gold on my nose just looked like a stripe of glitter down my nose and I was not feeling that. I would happily use them a eye shadow bases. Important to note when taking pictures that flashback is present. It doesn’t have a lot of staying power and can smudge easily as so creamy. On a whole I don’t mind this product. For my fairer clients and even medium to olive tone it is certainly workable. For myself and my tone I would have to use it in conjunction with other products so the score reflects that. At the moment this is the only shade the highlighting palette comes in and I am hoping that they will be bringing out more. I am not writing it off and am gonna play with it a little more and see how it goes.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567

I know that highlighting is very popular. What should be noted though is that it goes hand in hand with contouring. One does not have the same effect without the other. I applaud Sleek for putting together a multipurpose product. It is something that is affordable and to be honest will be suitable for many. Pigments are strong and if you want your highlight to be seen then I am sure this is something that may be up your street. It says that it compliments all skin tones. I can’t say that I agree with that especially if I use it exactly the way they said to. But one of the joys of being a Make-up Artist is being creative and I will certainly use this palette…just not exclusively for highlighting.

Have you got this palette? What do you think? Have you been looking for a highlighting palette or product? Do you highlight? Let me know! For more about Sleek, just type the name into your search engine.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Don’t forget you can let me know if there is anything you want to know more about or anything you wanna know in general that is beauty, skin or hair related, men that includes you!

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3 responses to “Straight…No Chaser! Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette Review! 📝”

  1. I have not seen this palette before but it looks so good! I love Sleek MakeUp for their affordable prices, however I can only get them online since I live in Australia. I must agree, the names on the shade on a plastic sheet is cheap. Like the Too Faced Chocolate Palette, I threw mine out so now I will never know what the shade names are!

    Nhi | Miss Blushaholic

    1. I can imagine the shipping and customs charges (if any) also! I find that with some products I want from the US! It js a nice little palette just not right for my skin tone! Thanks for checking out my blog doll! Really appreciate it! Hope you liked what you saw! ☺️ xoxo

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