#CopMyCloset | Birthday Chic (for cheap)! £$€

Hey Everyone!

Hope this blog meets you all in the best of health and happiness. I know it’s been a while. Got a couple of posts out this week to hopefully make up for it!

My #CopMyCloset posts have been getting a great response. Thank you! For reading them, for sharing them and even more so just for taking the time to embrace this feature.

I am still currently on a lifestyle change working on my fitness and much more. Some of that struggle means having to get clothes that fit. That can be expensive and I have some tips on that in a future blog! It seems like I am always out celebrating a birthday and this outfit is from another such happy occasion. This was on a budget though and I was pretty pleased with my finds!

I asked earlier on my Facebook page if anyone could guess the cost of this look (without the shoes). It was under £20 and the breakdown below.

                                           full length DM  Lizzy and DM

BodySuit: PrettyLittleThing £7 | Wide Leg Striped Pants: Primark £7 | Shoes: River Island (about 8 years old) £45 approx | Lace Bralet: Boux Avenue £26

Both the PLT and Primark items were sale bargains… LOVE! The bodysuits come up big so I would suggest getting a smaller size than your normal. It is a wrap bodysuit with no clasps or hooks so be mindful of this when ordering. Shucks, be mindful when wearing as those toilet breaks are no joke! It also is very revealing in the front so I chose a bralet as opposed to just a bra for the right amount of sexy that I could manage (covers eyes).  I purchased this when I was a fuller size. Due to the wide leg of the pant you may want to try smaller. There is a slight stretch but this is very slight and Primark trousers are known to run smaller.

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Elizabeth! We hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise. It was a great night and loads of fun. Shouts to Lils, Ray Ray Milz, Delrose and Amanda! What happens in Camden… stays there!

                                        Birthday Girl and DM 20150613_194549

                                                 ALL THE LADIES

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m sorry they are few and far between but I am working on getting back to regular posting soon!

Have a lovely week loves!

Besos 💋

TBH! xoxo


4 responses to “#CopMyCloset | Birthday Chic (for cheap)! £$€”

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Appreciate it hun! xoxo

  1. i love the price and the look. keep this up!

    1. Thank you hun! You know you gotta look for a bargain when you can! Lol xoxo

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