#CopMyCloset : Trending in Olive and Denim! 💚💙

Hey Everyone! My weekend movements found me on trend with not one but two fashion currents, denim and olive. Knowing the fashionista I am NOT this was a moment. I actually feel we need to take a moment to consider this! Ok, moment has passed.

Friday Night: Dinner Date with my ❤s

Headband and Hoops

Outfit Details!

Gold Cardigan: Primark (about 8-9 years old)/ Black crop top: MissGuided/ Olive Pants: Primark/ Baby Pink Pumps with Gold Chain: New Look/ Infinity Symbol Necklace: H&M/ Floral Headband: Primark/ Gold Sparkle Hoops: River Island Short ‘Monica’ wig: Juliet’s Let me say that with my beautiful Son came stretch marks 12 years ago that have changed with weight gain and loss. I was strangely confident enough to rock the crop top as they didn’t show that much but hey…they are my reminder of my proudest moment…Motherhood. necklace and Ny outfit with Tal my loves Shoutout to Talitha, Nyomi, Amalia for being amazing dinner dates and making me laugh uncontrollably. If you see them, ask them to name 2 places in the UK beginning with B! Love y’all! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Saturday Lunchtime 🎉🎁 Birthday Celebrations! 

My dearest friend Jade, celebrated her birthday last week. She arranged a gorgeous lunch with her friends on Saturday. Jade is one of my oldest and most special friends from College and she is also my Son’s GodMother so I am blessed beyond belief. She is truly one of my loves. It was great having a day out with the family and spending time with friends and loved ones. seated olive and denim posing Denim and Olive

Outfit Details!

Olive Knit Cardigan: New Look/ Denim Jumpsuit: New Look (about 3 years old)/ Brown Brogue Style Shoes: H&M I am still jumpsuit obsessed and will be when they are not on trend. They are comfy and fun! A little throwback of Jade and DM…then FullSizeRender-8 Jade and DM then Beautiful Jade now… Jade nowThank you Jade for a great time. So very blessed to see you celebrate another year as you continue to grow more beautiful both inside and out.  Shoutout to Ebi, Heather, Jess and Ify! The latter the original Stanmore College crew with J and I! Love y’all! Are you rocking any fashion trends? Get at me and let me know what you like! Coming up tomorrow…my Natural Hair Update… finally! Besos 💋 TBH! xoxo


3 responses to “#CopMyCloset : Trending in Olive and Denim! 💚💙”

  1. I love the trousers, I don’t think everyone can get away with that style of trousers but it looks real good on you.

    1. Thank you very much and even more so for taking the time to comment. I think the material is not to everyones liking but in saying that they were so comfortable! xoxo

      1. No problemo! I will be checking out what else you post for sure. Xx

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