You Are So Beautiful! Naomi and Sabrina (Reader Request)!

Hey everyone! Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend!

So let me tell you I am so nervous when I do make-up for my friends. Doing my own make-up is one thing and even doing it for strangers does not seem to phase me. People who know me that is another story. Especially those who know me well. I don’t know if it because I am so new to this and they know 24 months ago I was not that make-up girl.

I am learning to channel the nervousness into positive energy. Besides my friends love me, right? 🙂

Ok, so one of my oldest friends, Naomi requested a simple but stunning look for wedding she was attending this week. I mentioned Ni in a previous blog. This was the friend who after I lost my hair due to bad judgement and chemicals, cut off all her hair the very next day. She runs her own successful Natural Skin and Hair Care business, Naoshea’s and is a fabulous mobile Loctician. A link to her site is above with more information.

Naomi’s skin is flawless. She uses Shea Butter on her face and that is it. Her makeover request was to play up her eyes and make her look beautiful. Seems easy? How do you make the already beautiful, beautiful?

Here is her before look…

1.  Ni before 2. After- Gold smokey eye with green eyeliner definition... 3. Beautiful Smile... Beautiful Queen

1. Naomi before/ 2. Ni with a gold eye look with dramatic winged liner/ 3. Coral lip with green bottom liner definition. 

Naomi’s super cute cousin, Sabrina also allowed me to do her make-up look.

4. Sabrina before 5. Sabrina after with a bronze look and pink lip 6. Naomi and Sabrina

4. Sabrina before/ 5. Sabrina with an easy brown look and pink lip/ 6. Naomi and Sabrina

Ni and SabrinaNi and Sab

Make-overs do not have to completely change the way someone looks. They can be subtle changes that enhance what is already there. The natural inside beauty is what makes them both gorgeous!

Special thanks to Ni and Sabrina for allowing me to do what I do! I had a ball! Don’t forget to check out Naoshea’s for all your natural hair and skin care!


TBH! xoxo


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