Straight…No Chaser! Clarins Double Serum Review!

Greetings and Salutations! This blog post is long overdue as I have mentioned this product in previous blogs a couple of times now and it deserves its own review! As always this comes from my own mouth, tried and tested on my own skin and purchased with my own money. Opinions are genuine and honest and have not been influenced by anyone other than me.

It’s like a Genie in a Bottle and I have been excited about it from day one. Clarins Double Serum is something to be excited about. In fact, you can get ‘Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch’ excited. It is that good! I have always followed very easy regimes when it comes to skin care. This is not to say that I don’t take it seriously but more so to say, I stick to the 3 steps of cleanse, tone and moisturise. Throwing in a serum was a little out of my comfort zone previously as I really couldn’t see the benefit of putting loads of products on my face. With this Serum, I see no harm in adding one more product to my still very simple regime.

So what exactly is a serum? Do you really need one? Is my moisturiser not enough? Hopefully by the end of this review you will be able to answer those questions and more. I know I have said it before but it really is down to preference what you put on your skin. You always need to think about what your skin really needs to be able to decide what is best for you.

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Let’s start with the basics!

A serum is a formula or concentrate (more often than not liquid/ gel) that goes deeper into the layers of the skin to nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate and even prevent ageing. There are several types of serums on the market. You would normally use a serum after you cleanse and tone and before you moisturise.

Whether you need one or not is down to you. Please don’t go rushing off to the nearest department store to go find any serum you can. I would try to avoid the temptation to order one online so that you have it in time for your bedtime facial tomorrow. If your moisturiser or current skin care products are doing what you need them to, there is no need to add a serum. If you feel that your skin could seriously benefit from a product that tackles a specific issue such as hydration, for example, then maybe it is something to consider. All in all, start with a trial size serum where possible and see how your skin reacts. Moisturisers do not break down as much as serums do and most do not provide the nutrients of a serum. Science part over!

This is what Clarins say about it. “Double Serum is the only age- control treatment to revitalise the 5 vital functions crucial to youthfully radiant skin. Hydration, Protection, Regeneration, Oxygenation and Nutrition. Using Lipidic and Hydric formulas to replicate the model of the skins hydrolipidic film and dual oil-water nature of the skins cells.”

Find out more about Clarins and their values and philosophy here.

Why I love this Serum!

I have dry skin and my face in particular seems to crave more than my moisturiser gives. I have tried a couple serums in the past that have just made my face shine on the surface like I have used a whole tub of vaseline on it. Others appeared to have no real effect on my skin apart from making it sting or dry out even more. I watched a couple of video reviews about others who had tried the Double Serum and I tried a sample. Instantly my skin looked vibrant and fresh. It felt like I had nothing on my face. It was light and refreshing and you could tell it was not ‘sitting’ on the skin.

During my visit to my local Debenhams, Kirsty the Skin Care Specialist (who is now my Clarins Skin Care everything) took time to look at my skin in detail and discuss the pros of this product. There was no hard sell or push to buy it or any product but instead an opportunity to try it and decide for myself. That is one of the reasons I am so impressed by Clarins. I love when the product knowledge is there and when you are left to make a decision and it is not rammed down your throat. That was back at the beginning of February and I have been using it ever since.

Beauty Holder Roundup!

Price: 3.5/ 5

At £55.00 in the UK it is the pretty pricey. It is a huge stretch even for my beauty budget- yes, I have one! Do I think it is worth it? Yes. I would happily forgo buying some foundations for this product. With what it has done for my skin so far- I don’t need the foundation. A little does go a very long way as I will tell you below. For that reason it gets a decent score. Clarins is also synonymous with premier skin care and a high end brand so I knew it would be a pretty penny!

Packaging: 4.5/ 5

Plastic bottle like container that should be fully recyclable. That always gets a thumbs up. The clear bottle allows you to see the 2 separate chambers of the ‘lipidic‘ and ‘hydric‘ formula. Pump applicator that dispenses equal parts of both that you mix together to activate before applying to face. It contains 30ml or 1FL OZ so handbag and travel friendly. I was able to use to the last pump but could see some at the bottom that I could not get. This is my only gripe with the packaging. There is very little left over- talking a drop if that. I may wrestle with the bottle next time.

Product: 5/5:

You only need to have read up to this point to know I really love this serum. As serums go this one does everything it says it can. All skin types will benefit from this product. It smells delicious and as with all Clarins products it is plant based and natural. Non-greasy and light, it is not sticky and does not irritate the skin. The natural nutrients the Double Serum is putting inside my skin show on the outside. The effects on my skin are not just noticable by me but others. Any fine lines due to dehydration have disappeared and I appreciate they were very fine lines to begin with. There is a natural glow to the skin that lasts throughout the day whereas previously with only my moisturiser, my skin would not appear as supple halfway through the day. I am getting older now and so the skin needs a little more love and magic! It is not so much about the youthful look of the skin that this product gives but the nourishment, the prevention and of course the hydration.

I would honest say that you only need between one to 2 pumps (or 1 1/2) in the morning at night. Anything more than that is a waste. I only use one and that is enough for my face and neck. This serum has given my skin what it was lacking and means that I do not loads of different products for different issues but one that can do it all. My skin care regime is just as easy breezy as before, my skin just has a new ally- Double Serum!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this post was useful to you in some way. Get in touch and let me know if you use a serum or if you have tried this one. You may not need one at all- remember that is down to you to decide!

Until next time!


TBH! xoxo


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