Beauty Basics! Things I wish I knew back then…

You know one of the many things I am starting to discover about beauty? There are so-called rules… but there are also exceptions and they can both be broken! The way I figure it, you have to be comfortable in your own skin. Why? Cause it’s your skin and no one else’s!

You CAN wear a bright pink lip with baby blue eye shadow, if you choose the shades and tones that compliment your complexion!

You CAN wear more than one colour foundation on your face at the same time… you just gotta know how to make it work.

How do you begin to know where to start? How about at the beginning! With some beauty basics!

1. Know your skin type!

This will require it’s own blog to explain but lets start with oily, dry, sensitive and combination.

Once you know what type you are, you’ll know how best to manage and look after your skin. There are many products designed with your type in mind!

2. Know your face shape!

Are you oval or long? Heart shaped or square?

Not only a useful thing to know when deciding on hairstyles but also because it gives you more makeup options! That means more chances to be creative!

You may want to use your makeup as a softener for a more prominent jaw or nose or to define and open small eyes!

Knowing your eye shape gets a special mention.

3. Know how to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise!

Water and soap are great as a starting point, when you’re 5! Honestly, you are never too young to start a skin care regime! Ok, I lie! You are too young if you are 12 or under. That is not a rule but an opinion. It is never too late to start one though!

Check out my skin care blog for a lot more on this topic. It shares tips for layering skin care products and starting your own beauty regimes!

4. Know (and understand) your skintone!

Are you cool, warm or neutral? Have you ever chosen a foundation that looked great on your hand but washed out on your face? One that doesn’t quite blend in and look natural? Are you always a couple shades out?

Historically the above has always been an issue for Black, Indian or Asian women. I see it as an issue for all women as unless there is a factory out there churning out makeup in [insert your name here] unique shade 101, then any woman at some point has had trouble finding their unique shade (according to their skin tone).

This was many wrong shades ago. There are some great foundations on the market that are as near to perfect as perfect can be.

Those women that you see with the wrong shade foundation just need some guidance. It would also help to test foundation in natural light. Testing 3 shades you think are right in a streak/ swatch/ stripe on the side of your face (cheek to jaw) is one of the most tried and tested methods.

What this blog is saying in the most roundabout way is that sometimes all we need is a little help. A little signposting in the right direction. Some beauty basics to set us on the path to beauty perfection!

The Beauty Holder! xo


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