Hey Loves,

I have been very transparent with the fact that I have struggled with depression in the past. As the proud Mother of a Son and Nephew with autism, mental health awareness, empathy and understanding is something that means more than words can say.

I’ve also said that it can be a very lonely place as the topic is often shunned or ignored. I have felt the stigma in the past of feeling like ‘I’m crazy’ or ‘silly for feeling a certain way’. Truth is I found my strength when I opened up about how I was feeling.

The conversation not only needs to be continued but shared and never overlooked. Whether it is reaching out to someone to ask how they are really doing or offering a hand to hold, shoulder to lean on- allowing a voice to extend beyond the walls of the mind that hold it captive, can just save a life.

Don’t ever feel like you’re a burden or that you can’t cry. Don’t think your feelings are not valid or that you’re not important. YOU MATTER! EVERYTHING about YOU MATTERS! Whether it be challenges at home or work, friend or relationship woes, anxiety, depression, stress or more. We don’t often ignore our physical health and the mental is equally if not more important. Give it a voice!

If you are 1 (one) of the 6 (six) people experiencing a mental health problem each week [Stats: Mind.co.uk] you are not alone. You may think it to be a common issue but it is an issue and important so please don’t ignore it!

I’ve been blessed to have people reach out to me and check on me because of my past anxieties. When life can be a lot to beat, those insecurities of depression and doubt can creep back in but I know how to fight them now and so can you!

You are BEAUTIFUL! You are STRONG! You are LOVED! Don’t ever forget that!

If you want to know more about Mental Health you can check out the following links:


Mental Health Foundation

I hope this post will reach someone who needs it. Be blessed!


This post is dedicated to my amazing friends and family who are there for me always … especially those that have struggled with their own challenges. I love you!

Besos πŸ’‹

TBH xoxo

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