Bajan Beauty with an Indian Twist!

If you know me personally you will know I am a Daddy’s girl. My Daddy is the most amazing man in the world to me! I could so go on and on and on. He was born and raised in Barbados and whilst today most people know it for Rihanna, there is so much more to this Caribbean Gem!

Click here to find out more about beautiful Barbados!

Carnival time is days away here in the UK and I chose to do a look with the colours of the Bajan flag. Well, almost. The yellow was not as pigmented as I would have liked so I chose a gold colour. My gorgeous Tika is a nod to the Indian roots on my Mother’s side. Special thank you to my friend Pria for the loan.

Blue, gold and Black...

For a lot of my readers who are new to make-up, this look was created with 4 colours (there can be load more). Blue, Black, gold and Cream.  If you want to try it out, here is how I did it.

  1. Fill in eyebrows with powder or pencil.
  2. Conceal under brows and down blend down to lid (over the whole eye)
  3. Use matt cream colour under the brow bone and blend down.
  4. Pack blue eyeshadow on lid. Leave the inner corner free for the gold shadow.
  5. Add gold shadow in corner and fade into the blue.
  6. Blend out the edges with a fluffy brush.
  7. Run black shadow along lash line.
  8. Add mascara and false lashes (optional).
  9. Complete the rest of your make-up. Add foundation, concealer,  blush…

As I have said before. I have hooded lashes and so I have a very small lid space to work with. Work with your eye shape to create a similar look that looks amazing. I have received so many requests to video these looks and others as it can get a little lost in written translation. I am super shy but I have some willing models who have agreed to help out so stay tuned for them coming soon!

The brand of products I used do not really matter. You do not have to use the exact same ones I did. For reference though, the shadows were MAC and WetnWild. Liner is Jordana Fabuliner. Lips are courtesy of WetnWild and Inglot.

Bajan Flag inspired...

I wanted to do the lip with a dark shade as most of my friends tell me they cannot find a dark shade for women of colour. There are so many shades I cannot even begin to tell you. Purples, Reds, Plums and the like are so flattering and are just asking to be tried.

For all my bold, bright and fabulous ladies who like it hot, here is the same look with an orange lip!

Orange lip

Which is your favourite?

Hope you enjoyed and I hope you try out some colour in your next look. Send me pics if you do.

Shout out to all the Carnival massive.


TBH! xoxo


3 responses to “Bajan Beauty with an Indian Twist!”

  1. 😉 X

  2. I absolutely love this look. You look gorgeous!!
    I prefer the dark lip over the orange, but, I would rock both 🙂

    1. Thanks babe! I prefer the dark lip too as I don’t rock it enough! xoxo

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