You Are So Beautiful! Reader Request!

Hey everyone!

I absolutely love interacting with my readers, subscribers, followers, etc. Whether you comment or email, call or text, you make me love what I do even more!

This section is dedicated to you! It is all about you! A new addition to my blog, where I will either respond to a specific issue or request you have and if possible post details of your makeover by me. Whilst I am mainly based in the UK, the sky is the limit- so Kate (from Kate’s Beauty Blog) when I get to Canada I am coming to do your make-up as requested! 🙂

My first ‘You Are So Beautiful’ is dedicated to Elle. I met Elle through my friend, Ny (spectacular Singer/ Songwriter) and her Pledge Music campaign. I was honoured to do Elle’s make-up for Prom and she recently got in touch wanting to know how to do a ‘dark smokey eye look’ on herself.

Elle is strikingly beautiful. I am convinced she should model. She will say otherwise because like all of us, she has areas she is not happy with. She is suffering with Acne at the moment, which has flared up even more since she returned from vacation. Not only did Elle bare her skin for this make-over and allow me to take pictures, she has agreed to be my model for my YouTube videos coming soon.

Open eyes and lips

Acne affects children, young people and adults alike. According to statistics from December 2012, around 80% of 11 to 30 year olds are affected by Acne. Statistics from Acne Treatment show that 99% of acne in all cases develops on the face. It can start with a couple of spots or can be more severe. No matter what type it is, it can affect your confidence in the worst way. There are new and effective advances for Acne. From Chinese herbal supplements to medication from your doctor, you do not have to accept it and give up. I can appreciate and understand comments from people who may say that I do not know what it is like as I have not suffered from Acne. Whilst this is true, I have close friends and family who do and I have seen the anguish it causes. My mantra holds true. What defines us as beautiful is on the inside!

Elle’s make-over request was simple. A dark, dramatic, intense smokey look using greys and blacks. We agreed that her skin needed to breathe and so the foundation would provide a medium coverage and not mask her gorgeousness. The focus was all about the eyes. We didn’t take pics with a high resolution or add a filter. The pics are real time from my iPhone and Elle’s.

We opted for a sharp defined eye look. Elle, like me, has hooded lids and whilst we could have followed the ‘rules’ and used light colours on the lid to open the eyes more, we did not, as this was not what she wanted. We also took it really high as Elle wanted to see what that would look like. There is no mascara or lashes in the look and it simple as it is dramatic in terms of skill. There is no contouring or full blush. We will do a full make-up look in the video.

I have been very fortunate with my readers and subbies and have not received any unkind comments on my blog thus far. It goes without saying that I do not expect with this or other posts involving other people, who are so gracious to be part of my blog.  Such comments will be reported and blocked. Thank you.

      1.      Elle before2. Eyes and Foundation

1. Bare face

2. Eyes and Foundation base

  3. Closed eyes and lips 4. Side profile

3. Closed eyes

4. Side profile

5. Elle and I 6. All smiles

5. Elle and I

6. All smiles!

I will be posting some tips for acne prone skin in a separate blog post!

A huge THANK YOU to Elle for being part of this blog post! For being an example of true inner beauty and light! You are a sweetheart! xoxo

If you would like to be part in my Reader Requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have a special one coming up soon from one of my subscribers who is suffering with Cancer.


TBH! xoxo


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  1. I love the smokey eye and I do agree she is gorgeous!!

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