Pennies vs. Pounds! Gel Eyeliner Review!

It has been a minute since I did one of my comparison reviews. My last one was on concealer palettes which you can check out here. Although it may not seem like it from my last haul post, I am genuinely trying to budget when it comes to make-up. I do not tend to rush out and buy the newest product on the market and focus on replenishing stock in my kit and testing out samples before making the decision to purchase. 

At the moment I have a slight obsession with eyeliner- gel liners especially. It can have such a striking effect on any eyeshape and colour whether I am going for a simple look or something a little more drama filled. Many of the looks I do for clients needs to be long-lasting, taking them from AM to PM. The eyes especially have it and come rain, snow, tears of joy or laughter, gel liner needs to stay put. 

My eyes are particularly watery and I could not wear eyeliner in the waterline for the longest time without it irritating me. It has certainly improved since using the products that are battling it out in this edition of Pennies vs. Pounds

In one corner is MAYBELLINE (New York) Eyestudio Lasting DramaGel Eyeliner vs. INGLOT AMC (ADVANCED MAKEUP CONCEPTS) Eyeliner Gel 

Note: I promise the New York after Maybelline does not make me biased at all 🙂 As with all my reviews they will be honest and my opinion based on what I genuinely think and feel about the product and what it can do. 

Background: I always used pencil liners but found that although many said they were waterproof they didn’t really do what they said. Most were not pigmented enough and the black would be flat. I had another high end gel liner in my kit that I simply did not use for mainly the same reasons above so.  I do have a love for Maybelline lipsticks and shadows and so I thought why not try the gel liner. At the same time a friend recommended INGLOT liners and as with Maybelline I am a fan of their foundations, shadows and lippies so I figured why not. 



                                            Maybelline Inglot

Beauty Holder Roundup! Maybelline (M) INGLOT (I)

Price: Maybelline £7.99 / Inglot £10.00 ( £8.00 with my Pro Discount)

5/5 (M) and 4.75/5 (I)  Winner: MAYBELLINE

When both products cost you the same price- especially when one is from a specialist Make-up store I am not gonna argue with that. Even without the pro discount at INGLOT paying £10 for a gel liner is pretty good. Maybelline were smart, they provided an eyeliner brush at no extra cost. A pretty good brush at that. 

Packaging: 3.75/ 5 (M) and 5/5 (I) Winner: INGLOT

Inglot wins because the packaging is hard wearing, recyclable plastic. The container is clear so you can see the colour of the product and more to the point it is simple. Clean, simple packaging that doesn’t look cheap. A black screw on lid that keeps the liner air tight when closed correctly. You get 5.5g or 19 US OZ for your money and you can get every last drop with the large open design of the product.

The Maybelline packaging is pretty. If you go for looks over function and practicality then you are more than likely going to chose this. It comes in a frosted glass jar with a silver screw cap. Because the jar is frosted it makes it a little difficult to see the colours they come in. It also chips when dropped. It has not broken yet and I hope to not jinx it now. I didn’t keep the paper backing so cannot remember the size. It is also not on the jar. It is approx 11 US OZ. The design of the jar will make it a little tricky to scoop out all the product but that being said it will be minimum waste. 

Maybelline openInglot open

Product: 4/5 (M) and 4.75/ 5 (I) Winner: INGLOT

They are both good products. What makes INGLOT’s version great? The pigmentation and the finish. It doesn’t appear dry and has a matt finish that is so rich. It is easy to smudge and blends really well also. It does not claim to be waterproof but is pretty resistant to my eye water and believe me these eyes can tear up at the drop of a hat. 

Maybelline boasts 24h wear and I can’t lie to you, I am not trying to wake up and go 24 hours at this stage to test it out. The longest I have done is 14 hours and after 10 the colour intensity started to fade. Inglot on the other hand seemed to be full of the energiser bunny juice and stayed bold and strong for the same amount of time. I did notice the waterline seemed to fade when I did not smudge it with black shadow but that was after 12 hours. My eyes were a little red cleaning the Maybelline product from the waterline but that could be for a number of reasons. I appreciate how sensitive the eyes are with any product. I have been using the brush that comes with Maybelline as a lip bush.

Smokey looks are always going to be popular. When I have worked with dark looks most liners have not stood up to the test. The Inglot liner did even with a black smokey eye. It stood out and gave the look a bit more va va voom. Both can be removed with eye make-up remover or cleanser and even olive oil. 

Without flash  With flash

Inglot with no flash Maybelline no flash

The Winner: INGLOT

Inglot delivers some great products at amazing value for money.  This eyeliner is one of them and although the price difference is a couple of pounds, on this occasion, I would happily spend the extra even without my discount. That is how much I love the product.

They may not be as well know as Maybelline or indeed some of the other high-end brands but they are building quite a name for themselves. You cannot find them in drug stores and they are branching out to more and more countries all over the world. To find out more about INLOT, click here. The link will take you to the UK site where you can search for the nearest one to you. 

Hope you enjoyed this review. 

Until next time… which may be sooner than you think! 


TBH! xoxo



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