Liquorice and Orange! A bold eye and lip look…

I was discussing a smokey eye look with a client recently. She told me she stayed away from black eye looks as it made her eyes appear smaller or like a ‘Panda in drag’. When we started to discuss a bright orange lip she found reference in ‘ladies of the night who frequent the streets’. Got me thinking these looks are like Liquorice and Oranges you either like them or you don’t. I can honestly say I have yet to meet someone who does not like oranges. Liquorice- not so much.

We know I have not been in the make-up game long but it is always interesting to me when people shy a way from a look without trying it first. That look may not have best suited your sister’s best friend’s cousin when you saw her last that doesn’t mean it will not suit you. Besides the bold look may very well have suited her but because we have these make-up rules’ in our head we saw a fault that probably was not there.

True, black eyeshadow can make your eyes appear smaller but there are tricks and tips to give off the opposite illusion. Below are some Beauty Holder Beauty Tips to rocking dark shadows and a bold lip!

  • If you have small eyes or hooded lids run black pencil liner/ black shadow into the lash line. Don’t line the entire lash but at least from the outer corner to two-thirds of the way. Your lashes will look thicker. Leave the inner corner free clear.
  • Line your bottom lash line (also you water line which is the inner rim of your eye ) with a white or flesh tone colour. Flesh tone colours flatter darker skin beauties.
  • Use a bright white/ champagne/ cream or nude colour on the inner corner or the eye (top and bottom) as this really draws light to the eye.
  • If you feel black is too harsh try brown, grey, purple or even blue. You can use any colour in a smokey eye, it does not have to be black. Smokey is the effect it gives when blended well.
  • You can blend your shadow as high or low as you want. If you are afraid of the Panda look (no offence to the Panda population) then don’t go under the eye. If you do stay close to the lash line and conceal any darkness. Why must Panda’s get all the shine? You this smokey look is favoured by Supermodels the world over! So you are in excellent company. If you are called Panda or Raccoon say thanks and keep it moving!
  • Using warm, neutral colours to blend out the black brings dimension to the look and doesn’t make it seem so harsh.
  • Corner, half or accent lashes at are great for opening up the eye on dramatic looks.
  • Curling your lashes before applying mascara lifts them at the roots and opens your eyes more.
  • When choosing a bold lip colour try several tones of the colour. A coral colour may suit an olive toned skin where as a tangerine shade will make a darker tone glow. You will know it is the right shade for you when your whole face lights up.
  • Lipsticks are not your only source for stand out lips. There are great lip stains and glosses that will give you that colour and WOW effect.
  • Stop referring to your lips as big. You are the only one who sees it that way. You have FULL, SEXY lips that many would love to have. Stop hiding behind them and pop some colour on them!
  • Be comfortable with your look. I personally love a bold eye and lip at times and don’t think I look anything like the women I described in the first paragraph. (No insult intended to those ladies).
  • Make sure your base is flawless. If you are rocking a bold look, make your skin command attention. If you are wearing foundation make sure it is blended well and is a perfect match for you. If you are not, then your skin should be well moisturised and naturally glowing.

Here is my take on a black smokey eye with a bright orange lip. If you look closely enough, you will see I used a pink/ purple shade to blend out the black on the top of my lid. I am still quite tanned from the gorgeous weather we have been having and so I went for the brightest lip colour in my collection.

Black and Orange With the glasses on

Hope this inspired you to try to be a little more adventurous with some of the make-up in your kit. Let me know what you try!

Lipstick is from Inglot and Black eyeshadow is from Too Faced Smokey Eyes Palette (Smokin’ Hot). Pink/ Purple blending colour is from BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette. Brow highlight is MAC Concealer. No Foundation, just concealer where needed and MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Powder in Dark Deep. Blush is Restores Dazzles.

Coming up tomorrow… 2 blogs for the price of one!

What colours best suit your eye colour?

My favourite brow products- powders!


TBH! xoxo

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2 responses to “Liquorice and Orange! A bold eye and lip look…”

  1. I really need coaching… I can’t thank you enough for your tips and hint and i can’t wait for your videos (hint hint)…

    Fab looks as usual xx

    1. There is not a kind comment you haven’t said about my blog. Thank you so very much for all your support and kind words. xoxo

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