Arabic Inspired Make-up Look!

Arabic Inspired look

I love to challenge myself. When those voices inside tell me I can’t, I practically shout back at them and say I can. Creating this look was one of those times. I tend to shy away from doing bold eye looks on myself as I never really feel they come out right. I have hooded lids. This means that I have a very limited lid space to play around with. Those voices then try and convince me that there is no point doing certain looks because they will not come out right. Wrong! No matter the size of my lid or eye, I am gonna try and do every look I can and adapt it to my eye shape.

Hooded lids never meant anything to me before I got into Make-up. I had no idea about lid space and creases or different eye shapes. Check out my previous post on hooded lids. So as I learn to love my eye shape more, I want to try and push myself to come up with different looks that typically I would not do on myself. I took the shadows quite high as I really wanted to see the look past my small lids.

I receive loads of requests to create colourful looks. I wanted to combine that with an Arabic inspired look. Very dramatic and bold. This is the first of many strong looks to come on my blog which will feature some tutorials on how to recreate the looks should you want to.

For this look, I used gold, teal, white, silver and black eyeshadows. Gel liner and nude lipstick and gloss! Full on flutter with the lashes too for all that drama!

Closed eye Closed eye head on

 Side eye closer   Side and front

My heart bling earrings are from New Look (approx 2 years ago). Statement collar/ necklace from New Look as is the Silver and diamonte hair slide.

As I am wearing white (no cheeky comments please) it had me thinking would I wear this for a wedding. Hmmm? I know my answer. What’s yours? Do you think this look is too dramatic for a Bride?

Hope you enjoyed this look! If you recreate it or do a similar look, I would love to see it! Let me know how you think I did. 🙂


TBH! xoxo



4 responses to “Arabic Inspired Make-up Look!”

  1. Wow, that look is amaze-balls!! You should try a Giesha inspired look next…xo

    1. Ok Doll! I’m on it! xoxo

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! x

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