Better to Give(away) than receive…

Hey everyone!

If you are new to my blog…HEY (although it is in capitals, it is a friendly, loud greeting) and welcome! Glad you came by. Hope you enjoy and come again. If you are one of my wonderful followers, thanks for stopping by. It truly is a pleasure to have you!

Sharing is caring and it is my time to share. I remember starting out on this Make-up Artistry journey last year and being completely unaware of how much products cost and what I needed. It can be easy to get caught up in this expensive world of beauty and so I wanted to host a giveaway to share some of what I have been blessed with. It remains a way to say thank you for the support that you give me and a reason to giveaway so products I hope that you will enjoy.

Last giveaway was hosted on here and this one is a little different. This is an INSTAGRAM giveaway and so hosted by that account. All rules and details will be found on my insta page (@TheBeautyHolder).

Full list of the prizes are listed below:

1st Prize:

*NARS Melusine double eyeshadow / Sleek Beauty Balm (BB) in Medium / Sleek Beauty Balm (BB) in Dark/ Mac Eyeshadow Amber Lights (one of my faves) / BH Cosmetics 28 Colour Smoky Eyes Edition Palette / Mac Metalica Eye Shadow palette (limited edition).

1st prize


*Urban Decay OZ The Great and Powerful Eyeshadow Palette with Lip colour and eyeliner / NYX Blush in Copper and eyeshadow in Africa / EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet (another one of my can’t live withouts)!

2nd Prize!

Hope you enter! Good Luck!





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