Holding back the years…beauty that can age you!

I remember at 16 wanting to look 18 or maybe even 21. I was clueless about make-up back then but had some friends who with the swipe of a make-up brush or lipstick managed to achieve the coveted ‘grown and sexy’ look. You only have to look around nowadays to see young girls wearing a full face of make-up to realise not much has changed.

There is an art to looking older without looking aged. No matter what age you are some of your beauty habits/ regimes may be adding years on you. Here are a few Beauty Holder, Beauty TipsĀ to help you stay age-gorgeous!

  1. Cake is not for your face! One of the most common ageing make-up mistakes is wearing too much! Whether it is foundation, concealer (more on that in a sec) blush and more. Plastering your face will make you look older and not necessarily in the best and most flattering way. Letting your skin shine through and breathe is important. Consider using a light to medium coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser. If you feel you must have full coverage make-up try and sheer it out with a touch of foundation or use a buffing brush to make sure it is blended into the skin properly.
  2. To conceal or not conceal?Ā Dark circles, spots blemishes are the bane of many of our lives. Instant reaction is to run and hide or cover them like your life depends on it. This only takes us back to point number one. The more concealer you apply will only enhance the issue. It is important to try and correctĀ or counteractĀ the issue before adding concealer. Example: Use an orange/ salmon colour corrector to cancel the darkness under the eyes and then use a concealer. This is especially good if the darkness is blue like or purple in colour. Ā Ensure the concealer is well blended as the more you apply the more it will settle into any fine lines or wrinkles. Also set with a fine translucent powder.
  3. Powder baby! Do you really need to powder your whole face 10 times? If you have dry skin, you should refrain from setting powder unless you really need it. Applying various layers of powder is a no-no. See point number 1. For my oily skin beauties, try working with a primer to mattify the skin first and set with a thin layer of powder. Oil blotting sheets are also a very good investment.
  4. One dimension! Monotone or flat looks can make you look washed out which also make you look older. Wake up those beautiful features with some colour. Whether on your eyes, cheeks or lips. Feeling adventurous? Contour your cheekbones and add a highlight. Creating shadows (contouring) and highlighting (high points of the face) allow more depth to your overall look!
  5. Look after your skin! I know I preach this a lot. You only have to look back at several of my posts to see skin care is important. If your skin is not looked after it will start to dehydrate and lack the natural moisture and elastin it needs to look refreshed. Any make-up you add on top of that will then get sucked up by the skin and age you. Haven’t started a regime yet? Check out my previous post on some tips to help you begin. Cleanse! Tone! Moisturise! Let’s shout it together.
  6. Wear colours that compliment your natural tone. Making sure that your foundation is the right match (even if you have to blend more than one shade) is important. It is just as important as wearing the right tone of red lipstick. Try out shades and tones to find the right ones for you.

I’m tempted to go against all of the advice above and take photographic evidence for you so you can see what I mean, I then thought you wouldn’t want me to do that to myself….right? šŸ™‚

How about one with me following all the advice above?

Besos! xoxo

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TBH! xoxo

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