Look into my eyes… Makeup tips for hooded eyes!

So you wanna try and recreate a Rihanna smokey eye but it’s not coming out right? What about a Beyonce eye catching look or maybe one of looks Adrianna Lima wore in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? You followed the pictures to the letter even using the exact same colours but it didn’t come out right? Hopefully this blog post will help because unless you have the exact same eye shape as your favourite celebrity then your attempts to recreate the look may be in vain. Let me explain!

Before becoming a Make-up artist, I would watch videos on YouTube and think I can’t wait to do a look like that. I knew that everyone has different eye shapes but not in as much detail. When I studied make-up artistry and took a closer look at my eyes… things became a little clearer.

Look into a mirror and stare at your eyes. Really stare into them. Do you have a lot of lid space? Does the lid fold over the eyes down to your lash line? Do they appear droopy at the corners? You could have hooded eyes- like me, Iman and Blake Lively (not to mention countless other celebrities). You could have wide set eyes, close set eyes, monolid eyes, almond shaped eyes and more. Make-up can be used to enhance the eyes and no matter what eye shape you have you can adapt your makeup to make the most of that shape. I will do a feature on various different shapes in the future but as a start, I am working on hooded lids as that is what I have.

Here is a look at different eye shapes from bycelina.com

eyeshape-makeup bycelina.com

It is super important to note that no matter what your eye shape, you are still fabulously gorgeous. Your eyes are unique to you and that always makes you spectacular in my eyes.

Hooded lids are when there is a small amount of ‘lid space’ as skin hangs over the socket line. There is often a large space between the eye brow area and lid. This can happen with age or you may be born with it. For me my eyes have always been this way. If I am honest I don’t think I have ever looked at anyone else’s eyes that closely to have known there was a major difference- until now. Some of the most common eye make-up looks (e.g winged cat eyes) are challenging with a hooded eye but not impossible.

Not all hooded eyes are the same and the reason I want you to look at your eyes is because you need to see how best to use make-up to bring out the best in your eyes. I think I have said before that you don’t have to follow any rules when it comes to makeup and the same can be said now. Sometimes I go with the above advice for my eye shape, other times I do what I want and what I like.

Beauty Holder Beauty Tips (for hooded eyes):

  1. Simple techniques of highlighting and contouring will be useful to you.
  2. Using light colours with shimmer to reflect light will draw attention to what you want to be seen.
  3. Using darker matt colours will give the illusions of shadows and create depth to areas that you want to hide or appear smaller.
  4. Concentrate on the lash line and lashes! This is the area that is seen the most.Use a pencil liner over the lash line or underneath the inside of your eyes (known as tightlining on the top lashes- takes a little getting used to. Don’t force it).
  5. Lash curlers are not the enemy. Even if you have short lashes! Try and curl the tips the most. Curling the lashes really opens the eyes. Which is what you want.
  6. Don’t be afraid of false lashes. Ones that are slightly longer in the middle are great for lifting and opening the eyes.
  7. If you want to create a winged liner look. Start with pencil to create the shape on the outside corner of the eye. Keep your eye open so you can see where the wing looks best. It may be a small wing but it is one none the same. You can always go over it with gel or liquid liner once you have the look.
  8. Get adventurous with colour. Yep! I said it! You can certainly work with colour with hooded eyes. Especially on the lower lash line. The lower lash line is your colour playground.
  9. If like my eyes, yours slightly droop at the end, keep the shape up and always work upwards. Create a cat eye shape with the shadows/ make-up you use. Use your concealer or foundation or moisturiser to keep the shapes clean and sharp upwards.
  10. Remember your brows. A strong defined brow will draw attention upwards.
  11. Highlight that brow bone. Please don’t leave out this important step.
  12. Keep your eyes OPEN when doing your eyes. Sounds difficult but this is really the most important step. If you are not looking at what you’re doing you may be wasting your time on work that won’t be seen because it is hidden by the hooded lid. The only time it needs to be closed is when placing colour on the lid. All in all if you have your eyes open you can create any look you want that is specific to your eye shape.

Now you can adapt that Rihanna look you tried before to your eye shape. It is all about knowing what to do with what you have. What you have is beautiful. Don’t forget that!

There are some great videos on YouTube to inspire you and some of them that I love for hooded eyes below.

Lisa Eldridge

Emily Quak

Emmy Vargas

Loads more out there. Just type in makeup for hooded lids.

Here are some pics of looks I have done with the above tips in mind and just going with the flow *shameless*. If you look at me straight on you will see that my right eye is more hooded and appears smaller than the other one. I tend to always pose at an angle.

Simple Cat Eye and mascara... Closed Cat eye Simple neutral makeup Playing with colour!Heavy Purple smokey eye...


Hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps! If you want any more advice or need any specific help with your makeup needs please let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog! All you need is an email address (and a smile). You can also find me on Twitter @thebeautyholder and Instagram: TheBeautyHolder

Thanks for stopping by!


TBH! xoxo



4 responses to “Look into my eyes… Makeup tips for hooded eyes!”

  1. Such a great post!! I just started following you on instagram! x

    1. Thank you sweetie! I always love your looks and try and adapt them to my eye shape! 🙂 | Super excited to find you on Instagram also! Yay! xoxo

  2. great tips x

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