Homemade Eye Cream…that is not just for the eyes!

I am just as passionate about skin care as I am about make-up! I try to look after my skin without using products full of chemicals or preservatives. We automatically focus on the areas of the skin that are most visible such as the face, hands and legs and this post is dedicated to the skin around and under the eyes (but extends to the whole face).

In almost all of my blog posts, I think I have mentioned my dark circles which are getting much better down to this treatment. I have had them as long as I remember as well as a couple of fine lines in the same area. One of the main causes for this is my incessant rubbing of my eyes. When I wake up or when am tired, I rub and rub. The area under the eyes is so thin and delicate that any rubbing or pulling causes it to stretch and lose the little elasticity it already has. Fine lines and wrinkles start to form and we can also cause broken blood vessels under the skin. There are other factors that contribute to dark circles such as deficiency in iron or  simply being tired and more.

The area around our eyes needs a little bit more care and attention. If you start before you notice any fine lines or darkness, the prevention is always going to stave off the need for a ‘cure’. If you already have them like I do and you start treating them you will hopefully not only see a significant change but also prevent some new ones arriving sooner than necessary.

I am all for homemade treatments and as above, don’t like all the unnecessary ingredients in things I put on my skin. Not only is this better for my skin, it also saves me money. I like to save money. With all the stuff in the make-up I wear and the pollution in the environment if I can treat my skin kinder along the way, I know it will return the favour-which it is already doing. I am very humbled by the kind comments I receive about my skin.

I have 2 (two) home-made eye solutions. All you will need is the following:

  • Vitamin E oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil /Cod Liver oil
  • Small container to store cream

Under eye solution 1:

Dot Vitamin E oil on the orbital bone under the eye twice a day. Do not rub it but pat it in gently. Also do not place it directly under the eye, on the bone it will move towards the eye organically.

Under eye solution 2:

Carefully open about 6-8 Evening Primrose oil capsules into your container. Mix an equal amount of the Vitamin E oil into the container with the Evening Primrose. Apply using the method above. Apply morning and night.

I have switched between Evening Primrose and Cod Liver oil as they both have hydrating properties which helps give the skin what it needs to remain supple, youthful and fresh. It isn’t adding any toxins to the skin and body and should help keep the skin glowing. They both help with breakouts also. I guess you can see that I don’t just limit this cream to my under eye area but anywhere with fine lines and wrinkles, dark scarring and breakouts.

Special Mention!

Sleep and water. Yes, they are our friends! They want to help your skin look it’s best at all times. Water replenishes from the inside out and flushes out those toxins, making sure any skin that is refreshed. Sleep is something I always cosign on and is self-explanatory.

If you are running low or almost out of your current brand of eye/ face cream, then maybe try the above. You will find  that I am not the first to discover how well these natural treatments work! As always, this is something that works for me…you may not have the same results. There are some great articles, books etc out there if you want to find out more about home-made lotions and potions!

P.s I refrain from rubbing my eyes now.

Good Luck!

TBH! xoxo




4 responses to “Homemade Eye Cream…that is not just for the eyes!”

  1. Wow! Thank you Teresa and I was just talking about our dark circles. Im going to try this and keep u posted.

    1. Hey Tia! Glad you enjoyed it! It is really simple as works as long as you stick to it. Even when tired try and do it at least twice a day! If you’re putting make-up on after give it time to sink into the skin and then put make-up on. Good luck! Let me know how it all goes! xoxo

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award as I think your blog is great!! 😉 Check out my blog for more information!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your nomination and am completely flattered! As humbled as I am I am very grateful! I certainly will be checking out your blog! Thanks so much!


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